Imaging Inspirations - Friday, July 5, 2013
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Please join me, weekly, for a quick "Imaging Inspirations" email showing off an "After Image" and "Before Photo," typically from a contractor's computer imaging project.  Shares will switch between hardscape/pavers, decorative concrete, landscape and both 2D & 3D imaging projects. 
(In addition, once a month, I will start sending out again an "Imaging TIPS" newsletter to contractors who have already purchased the Depiction Software Hardscape Imaging or Decorative Concrete Imaging Software.)
Westwood Pool - After
2D Westwood Pool - After Image
Westwood Pool - Before
2D Westwood Pool - Before Photo
About... 2D Hardscape/Landscape Imaging Project...
Go Pavers LOGO This Westwood Pool 2D computer imaging project was created for Go Pavers, a Los Angeles area hardscape contractor.  The homeowner not only wanted to see what a new pool, raised spa, and pergola would look like -- all paved with Belgard Catalina pavers -- but they really wanted to see a viable privacy solution for all those neighbor windows staring into their backyard!
(All that glass is enough to make anyone uneasy.)
"The secret is about taking the right picture.  The killer image starts with taking the right photo base to work with.  Make sure your camera is leveled with the object you are shooting. It's better to spend 1 minute moving a chair, or water pipe, than spending 10 minutes in touch ups."
"Use a tall lattice and thick vines to hide whatever needs masking.  And don't forget to add plenty of shadow for both plants and structures to accent shaded areas." 
"The power of imagination makes us infinite."
  -- John Muir 

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