eNewsletterWinter 2016
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Product Spotlight
Our CryoLC® and CryoHC® products are your fast and cost-effective solution to preparing your in-house microbial isolates for use in compendial testing.
* No advance planning. Ready in minutes. Simply thaw, mix and dispense.
* Eliminates the time and resources needed to prepare your organisms.
* Lowest cost and lead time in the industry.
* Straightforward published pricing.  No hidden or non-refundable fees.
* Eliminates your risk of regulatory non-compliance.  
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Consider this:
"Which is more appropriate: inclusion in compendial testing of a firm's own in-house isolates with "wild-type" characteristics that are specific to that firm's site, or inclusion of organisms isolated many decades ago from a North Carolina blueberry (Aspergillus brasiliensis [niger] ATCC 16404) or from an outer ear infection (Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 9027) and subcultured innumerable times since?"

"The Role of In-House Microbial Isolates in Contamination Control"

Robert Westney, Director of Quality and Operations, Cryologics, Inc.

Parenteral Drug Association, June 2013

From your colleagues at Cryologics, we wish you a very Happy New Year!  Welcome to our first eNewsletter of 2016.  In this issue, we spotlight the results of a straw poll taken at last fall's PDA Global Conference on Microbiology.  We also present our 2015 turnaround times, demonstrating once again that they are the fastest in the industry.
PDA's 10th Annual Global Conference on Microbiology
"Does your lab use environmental monitoring in-house isolates while performing Growth Promotion test on prepared media?"  This question was posed to attendees at last October's Conference (see photograph below).   The results of this straw poll were telling...  Nearly two-thirds of respondents answered in the affirmative.  While these individuals clearly understand the regulatory requirement, nearly one-third answered in the negative.  This latter group of individuals risks regulatory scrutiny and enforcement.  We have compiled an extensive bibliography including regulatory, compendial and industry references on the topic.

If you prepare your organisms in your laboratory but find it time-consuming and labor-intensive, or if you find it too difficult to comply with the regulatory requirement, we can help!  Our turnaround times and pricing are the lowest in the industry.  Visit our website for more information.
2015 Product Turnaround Times

We are very pleased to present our metrics for average turnaround times for a variety of organisms for both our CryoLC® and our CryoHC® products. We have demonstrated that we can deliver organisms in the format required for compendial tests in less than three weeks on average!  This turnaround time is a small fraction of our competitors', who require several months to complete the process.  We invite you to contact us for assistance with achieving your compliance goals.