Has Spring finally arrived? I certainly hope so. I had been waiting patiently until Palm Sunday, then I decided enough was enough. I really wanted to see some normal Spring temps, and  soon! As you know later that week I got my wish and then some as it reached 62 degrees on Easter Sunday, at least in my neck of the woods anyway. I hope the milder weather is as welcome to you as it is to me.


One of the first items on my agenda is to offer my apology for the tardiness of our April newsletter. Typically we have that out to you within the first few days of the new month. However this month we're a bit behind as we have been regrouping from the recent passing of our office manager, Erica Mills. She is greatly missed and we think about her often, especially with the beginning of baseball season. She was a huge Tigers fan. Again I implore any of you who are so inclined to keep her family and friends in your prayers as they struggle through this challenging time.

I'm not sure exactly how the dots connected in my head but certainly as a result of this event it has caused me to think that perhaps it's time to let you know a little more about the personal side of my coin. I'll try not to make this sound simply like a listing of facts yet still keep it brief and hopefully at least mildly interesting. If it's well received I may very well continue to share a few personal tidbits in the months ahead.


I'm married to a great woman named Karen and have been for well over 20 years. (Can't give you exact dates because I don't know you that well yet!) Still trying to figure out how that happened, amazing! We have two sons; Kevin and Austin and a rescue dog named Lucky. A fitting name my youngest chose because she was rescued on an ASP service trip to Virginia by a friend of ours.


Our 30th Birthday wish for Kevin in Germany

Kevin is our eldest at 30 and is serving his country in the United States Army. He's currently stationed in Germany, however has done tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan as well.


Austin, our youngest, just made his way through the maze of high school last June. Currently he is attending a local community college working on ... well, working on something. None of us are quite sure just what that is yet, including him, but that's okay for now.


Karen is a para professional in a local school district working with children diagnosed with autism. Challenging yet meaningful work for sure. Like many of her female counterparts in this world she loves to shop and get together with girlfriends. And me? Well, you know what I do for a living. I help other people get what they need and want in the world of marketing, print, promotion and decorated apparel. Outside of work I guess you could say I'm a bit of a golf fan. Love to play the game, but often fall asleep watching it on TV. Both of my sons play golf with me, great way to spend time with them. Karen used to play years ago, she vows to take it up again in the years ahead.   


I love spending time outdoors in general and we love to have family and friends over especially in the summertime on the deck, grilling and celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and such. And yes that just might involve a beer or two, a glass of wine and a game of bean bag toss or some other game Karen might come up with. We also love our church family and are committed Christians who know we don't walk alone in this word. We take pleasure in learning more about our faith and serving others.


Well, there's a quick snapshot of our world for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoyed it. Next month we'll get back to our regularly scheduled program.


Thanks for listening,  


Bill Strobridge