I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions, how about you? I haven't made one in over ten years and back when I did, I never recall keeping them anyway. So it's pretty much pointless for me. Hopefully you've had better luck with yours if you've ever made any. Let me be quick to say this has nothing to do with a lack of interest in personal growth or improvement. I'm much in favor of those for myself and others. I just find that New Year's Resolutions are not the way to make that happen for me.

Now from a business perspective, on the other hand, this is the time of year when I do set goals and make plans for the year ahead and look back at the last year to see how well we've done. Sound familiar? It's been said that having written goals and keeping them visible throughout the year can help you achieve them. I believe that, I've seen it happen for myself and others. How was your year? Are you able to maintain your current course with relatively small adjustments and improvements or do you have to do an about face and head off in a different direction? Either way I encourage you to take the necessary steps to improve your situation and that of your organization.

From our standpoint it's been a good year. I want to thank each of you for the conversations, referrals, opportunities and business you've shared with us along the way. As we look to the coming year we hope, in some manner large or small, to help improve your situation. As I've said before, our job is to help you do yours...better, and get what you need and want to move forward. I hope you will continue to extend us the opportunity of service and partnership.
What will we focus on in 2013? 
  • Your Needs- tell us about your biggest challenge, maybe we can help 
  • Direct Mail - we will showcase various products & approaches with our own mailings
  • Web To Print - order & manage; marketing collateral, business print & more online  
  • Mobile Marketing - QR Codes have taken a quantum leap, what is the value to you  

Your needs will continue to be our number one focus. Targeted, personalized direct mail is more effective than ever and web to print/online ordering automates ordering and reduces time and cost. Both of these services have proven to be of significant interest and value to many of you. Regarding mobile marketing; one source reports mobile web browsing grew 69% from 2010 to 2012 in North America, another states that 28% of all web browsing now occurs on mobile devices. The stats will vary from source to source however the trend is crystal clear; mobile web browsing is increasing steadily. Are you taking advantage of this growing phenomenon?


Circling back to those new year's resolutions, maybe I should make a personal one and write it down and keep it in front of me just like my business goals. What do you think?


We hope you enjoy our newsletter and we look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks for listening,  


Bill Strobridge