Happy Holidays! The season to make merry is here and I certainly hope that each of you takes the time to celebrate with your family and friends and make it a great occasion. In keeping with the struggles companies can sometimes face with gift giving I'm going to share some information with you that just might make it a little easier.

One of my best clients is struggling at this very moment because they cannot reach agreement on what gift to give. Well, here is a great solution. You determine how much money you want to allocate for individual gifts and then let each person make their own selection. Preposterous? No, actually pretty cool and very easy.

We offer 18 gift levels from $20 per gift to $5,000 per gift. Each level is filled with exciting, brand name products which are arranged by popular lifestyle categories such as: electronics, housewares, sporting goods, hardware and jewelry. 

You choose a dollar amount that fits your budget and your recipient selects their own gift from our brand name rewards. Your recipients never see prices and regardless of which gift they choose, shipping is free within the contiguous 48 states. Plus, we take care of any customer service issues, including return shipping to our warehouse, should the gift not be perfect...no questions asked!

Option 1. Celebrate with Gift Booklets - Choose between six themed insert letters ("Congratulations," "Safety," "Thank You," "Holiday Greetings," "A Gift for You," and "Years of Service") which can be printed with your company name, logo, and/or message. A Gift Booklet also includes a redemption card (redeemable online or by mail for one gift choice), specially designed folder, and a seal that matches your program theme. A white mailing envelope completes the package.

Option 2. Celebrate with Gift Cards - Whether you provide the art or we create it for you, plastic gift cards are printed in full color and include instructions for redeeming your gift online. Custom card carriers are also available and offer a more complete presentation. Card carriers fit into a business envelope and can be customized with a message from your organization.



Option 3. Celebrate Online - GO GREEN by delivering your Gift of Choice through the web. We provide you with a spreadsheet of unique redemption numbers. You email one number to each of your program recipients. Then, the recipients use their redemption number to choose a gift from an online collection of brand name rewards.


100% Guarantee - All collections include shipping and handling to any location in the contiguous 48 states. We are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of your participants and each person must be 100% satisfied upon receipt of their merchandise award. Every detail is handled with the utmost attention and care. Our policy is to treat every participant as the most important person in your business life. We guarantee it!

For a brief three minute video simply click this link 


Of course the holidays are not just about gift giving, far from it.  However we do know corporate gifting can be a challenge so we wanted to provide you with a great alternative to more traditional approaches.  In my humble opinion the greatest gift is the one we've already been given; the real reason for the season. In our family we strive to remember this and celebrate that special gift as we gather with family and friends. I know many of you do as well. May the spirit of that first Christmas fill your hearts and lives with joy. Out of the abundance we have been blessed with may we bless others as well.

Merry Christmas! 


Bill Strobridge