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May 2013

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The NYC Color Run 

July 7, 2013

Held in Brooklyn, NY

Registration begins at 8 am

Show your true colors! Spread the word about The Lexiebean Foundation and have some serious fun at this "run" that is open to all comers.



Woodside Acres Country Club, Muttontown, NY

**RSVP by September 1, and your
pre-paid golfer's fee will be $250!  

Sept 1 - 15, pre-paid golfer's fee is $300***

You can register online, or by mail... flyers will be available shortly, along with registration information, on our website.   

Check back at our website often for more news and events!

Lexie's Corner
Inspiration and Motivation for those touched by cancer  

7 "Summery" Ways to
Help A Family Coping
with Pediatric Cancer


In just a few short weeks, the school year will come to an end and Summer fun will be in full swing. Here are some Summer-inspired ways to enjoy those sunny days AND help some kids who really need you:


1.    When Summer hands you lemons, have your kids make lemonade. A lemonade stand is always a fun way to get your kids to raise a little money AND get involved.


2.    Are your kids celebrating a Summer birthday? This year, instead of giving out goodie bags filled with erasers and candy your kids DON'T need, why not donate the money you would've spent to us - and we will make sure our pediatric cancer patients and their families get what they DO need.


3.    Are you celebrating a Summer birthday? Next time someone asks you what you want for your birthday (and you don't want another tie or cookbook), ask for a donation to be made to us instead.


4.    Do you know a child who is spending time in the hospital? Decorate their room with homemade paper chains that have starfish, surfboards, bicycles, shovels and pails, mermaids, or anything else fun that you can hang up in their room. Hand your kids some paint or markers, and go!


5.    If you're planning a day at the beach, invite the siblings of a pediatric cancer patient along. A day of sun and fun would be a great change of pace for a brother or sister who might not get to go otherwise.


6.    Bring a picnic basket filled with Summer goodies like fried chicken, watermelon or ice cream to the home of a child with cancer. Include a picnic blanket, a deck of cards, or even a bottle of bubbles so they can have an impromptu picnic with their family in their home or backyard.


7.    Drop an email or text to the mom or dad of a child with cancer, and offer to drive their other children back and forth to school for a regular school day or for finals or state-wide tests. It's one less thing their parents will have to coordinate (and it will help the sibling feel less stressed too).

Lexies Legs 

Congratulations to Lexie's Legs runner, Tom McManus, for completing the Long Island Marathon! Kudos to our Lexie's Legs running coordinator Donna Greenstein, and runners Chris, Ross and Ray for completing the Long Island Half-Marathon!   


Would you like to get fit, have fun, and be a part of something truly worthwhile? Join Lexie's Legs and compete in some of our races. You'll get to meet some wonderful people, feel great, and know that you're doing something wonderful for kids with pediatric cancer. 


We're organizing teams for September's Ocean to Sound Relay - so contact dgreenstein@lexiebeanfoundation.org and join our team right now!

TheLexiebeanFoundationNeedsYouMake A Difference in the World
Summer time is coming! Instead of wondering what to do with all that spare time, how about doing something that really matters? Want to get a jump-start on your service hours for next year's religion classes? Want to help out some kids who really need you? Come join The Lexiebean Foundation.


Our volunteers make things happen! Tell us your talents, get involved, and help support the kids and families who need you. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at: jshanahan@lexiebeanfoundation.org.

Dear Friends,


Memorial Day is coming fast, so we thought we'd take this opportunity to remember the children we work so hard for, and the people (like you) who support us and help make everything we do possible.


Pediatric cancer is heartbreaking, and scary, and terrifying. But as we work together to help these children and their families, we hope that our love and support eases the burden. Thank you for being a part of this important work.


If you'd like to know more about some of the kids we've helped, check out our Lexiebean Spotlight. This month's featured child is a little boy named Austin, who we think is pretty amazing. And speaking about amazing, check out Tanner's High Fives to discover the big and small ways that some fabulous people have contributed to our community -- and really made a difference.


With bathing suit season looming, you may want to find a way to lose weight and feel great. So why not run with our Lexie's Legs Team? Check out the Lexie's Legs column for more information about our inspiring runners, and how you can become one of them.


We're looking forward to some wonderful events, including the NYC Color Run in July and our 4th Annual Golf Outing in September. Check out the events sidebar for more information. 


Our Sponsors always give us their support, so please return the favor! Check out the list below that includes a short description of the work some of them do (go to our website to see the complete list). 


Finally, for some Summer-inspired ways to help families dealing with pediatric cancer, check out Lexie's Corner.


Happy Memorial Day! Thanks for always remembering us.


All The Best,


Your friends at The Lexiebean Foundation

Tanner's High Fives

Whenever our young friend Tanner thought people did something really awesome, he'd give them a high five. So, in his memory, we'd like to give Tanner's High Fives and a giant "Thank You" to some truly amazing people:

  • Denise Martell and Twin Park Fitness Center of New Hyde Park for putting together a Spin Fundraiser in memory of her beautiful daughter Jessica, who lost her battle with cancer in 2011. Together they raised over $350 for The Lexiebean Foundation!
  • Lisa Horner for running a toy drive in honor of her daughter Carly Rose, a pediatric cancer survivor and inspiration to us all
  • Vikki and Dennis Maglio for their donation to the Lexiebean Foundation in lieu of favors for their daughter Lily's birthday party
  • Shari Skaling, for helping make a dream come true for one of our Lexiebean children, Austin. Shari was able to get Austin and his family into the new Beast's castle in the Magic Kingdom in DisneyWorld, when reservations are almost impossible to get! Some wish-granting agenices had already denied Austin this dream due to his young age. But did that stop us? No! With our help and advocacy, and with the help of Ed Hebron, Holy Family and St. Ignatius CYO, Austin and his family got to enjoy a much-needed break from chemotherapy and radiation. Learn more about Austin, this month's featured child, in the Lexiebean Spotlight sidebar.  

Thanks for being so awesome!

Lexiebean Spotlight  

We'd like to introduce you to Austin, this month's "Spotlight" child. Austin was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma in July 2012, just before his second birthday. Austin has already had a stem cell transplant and radiation therapy in addition to chemotherapy... and he remains in our prayers. He may be small, but he's a true warrior in every sense of the word!

Austin in Disney  

Meet A Few of Our
Corporate Sponsors

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Click Here to go to our website and see a list of all of our corporate sponsors.

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