Wine Press FINAL 10-14-10

June 30, 2013


             Lots more New York Gold from three different competitions, and other news from New York wine country.



             Jim Trezise

California Loves New York Wines


               There's more New York Gold from two California competitions: the huge San Francisco International with more than 4,500 entries, and Long Beach Grand Cru which was held this weekend. 

              The San Francisco International Wine Competition yielded 6 Double Gold, 8 Gold, 33 Silver, and 40 Bronze medals as well as "Best Red Hybrid Varietal" for Swedish Hill 2012 Marechal Foch.

               Other Double Golds went to Belhurst Estate Winery 2012 Dry Riesling; Dr. Konstantin Frank 2012 Riesling Reserve; Hunt Country Dolce di Moscato; Swedish Hill Spumante Blush; and Wagner Vineyards 2011 Riesling Ice Wine.

               Gold medals were awarded to Belhurst 2012 Pinot Grigio; Coyote Moon 2012 La Crescent; Dr. Frank 2012 Dry Riesling; Goose Watch Golden Spumante; Keuka Spring Crooked Lake White; Swedish Hill 2010 Late Harvest Vignoles; Wagner Vineyards 2011 Select Riesling; and Whitecliff Vineyard 2012 Traminette.


                The Long Beach Grand Cru event, run by California wine writer Dan Berger, yielded a total of 99 medals for New York wines including 7 Double Gold/Best of Class, 17 Gold, 58 Silver, and 17 Bronze.

                 The 21 Brix Winery Ellatawba won Best Rose of the competition, with six other New York Double Gold/Best of Class wines in the final sweepstakes round: Baldwin Vineyards Strawberry, Coyote Moon 2012 LaCrescent, Dr. Frank 2012 Riesling Reserve, Hazlitt 1852 Vinyards 2012 Vidal Ice Wine, Swedish Hill Blanc de Blanc, and Thirsty Owl 2011 Diamond.

                  Gold medals went to 21 Brix Thirsty Elephant and 2011 Vidal Ice Wine; Baldwin Red Raspberry; Belhurst 2012 Pinot Grigio; Chateau LaFayette Reneau 2012 Late Harvest Riesling and 2011 Dry Riesling; Coyote Moon 2011 Marquette and 2012 Twisted Sister (Frontenac); Dr. Frank 2012 Semi-Dry Riesling; Goose Watch 2011 Viognier; Hazlitt 2011 Dry Riesling; Silver Springs 2012 Riesling Vintners Reserve Straw-Matted; Swedish Hill 2010 Late Harvest Vignoles, Doobie Blues, Blue Waters Chardonnay, and Spumante Blush; and Wagner Vineyards 2012 Ice Vidal Blanc.


                 At yet a third competition, Critics Challenge, New York wines won a Best of Class (Swedish Hill 2011 Dry Riesling), 5 Platinum, 8 Gold, and 13 Silver medals.

                 The Platinum awards went to Dr. Frank 2012 Semi-Dry Riesling and 2012 Riesling Reserve; Macari 2012 Chardonnay, Early Vine; Swedish Hill 2012 Riesling; and Wolffer Estate 2011 Landius Pinot Noir.

                 The Gold medals were awarded to Chateau Frank 2007 Blanc de Blancs; Dr. Frank 2011 Rkatsiteli and 2012 Dry Riesling; Goose Watch 2012 Melody; Macari 2008 Cabernet Franc; Sparkling Pointe Brut; Swedish Hill Spumante Blush; and Wagner Vineyards 2011 Dry Riesling.


                 Meanwhile, Wine & Spirits awarded 91 to Lamoreaux Landing Finger Lakes Block 137 Merlot, and 90 each to Lamoreaux Landing 2010 Finger Lakes T23 Unoaked Cabernet Franc, and Fulkerson 2012 Finger Lakes Riesling Iced Wine.



Free Run... 


                    Glenora Wine Cellars on the west side of Seneca Lake is the latest New York winery to receive the 2013 TripAdvisor Certificate of Exellence for providing great visitor experience.  Glenora is truly an iconic winery in the Finger Lakes and New York State, with a long string of "firsts" over the past decades.  When I came to the region 30 years ago, Glenora was a nondescript cement block building on Route 14. Today is is a beautiful winery surrounded by a luxury inn and fine restaurant as well as a music pavillion, all with a sweeping view of vineyards high above Seneca Lake.  It's well worth a visit.


                    Women for New York State Wines is a great organization which, since its creation in 1981, has been promoting New York wines in all kinds of venues from New York Farm Day in Washington to the top of the ski jump at the Lake Placid Olympic Ski Area.  These volunteers are not only well versed in every wine they offer, but passionate about promoting the industry and its products.  This week it was a pleasure to join them for lunch at Glenora, which hosted it as a show of appreciation.


                     Taste NY program created earlier this year by Governor Andrew Cuomo is off to a roaring start, with a number of high profile events already on the horizon and more to come.  Under the Taste NY banner, more than 100 artisanal New York food producers will be participating at the upcoming Fancy Food Show in New York City, followed by a Taste NY Expo tent at the world-class PGA Championship in Rochester in August.

  "Drink wine, and you will sleep well.  Sleep, and you will not sin. Avoid sin, and you will be saved.  Ergo, drink wine and be saved.
                                                             -- Medieval German Saying  
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