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42-Year Old Injustice Clears

First Hurdle

In January,1973, 20 year-old college student Letitia "Teri" Smallwood was sentenced to life in prison, convicted of setting fire to an apartment building and killing two people. The lack of any direct evidence did not prevent court upon court from upholding her conviction. Teri worked for all that time to get someone to hear her cry that she was innocent. 
"Fire science has undergone a revolution since 1973."
Cumberland County Court of Common Pleas Judge Edward Guido

Represented by the Pennsylvania Innocence Project, Ms. Smallwood became one of the first arson defendants in Pennsylvania to be able to present evidence showing her conviction is based upon faulty and outdated testimony. 

Letitia Smallwood is one of the first Pennsylvania defendants to be able to present evidence on the changes in arson science in state court to assert her innocence.
Pa IP staff attorney Nilam Sanghvi and pro bono counsel Josh Snyder of Boni & Zack LLC will present the expert testimony of Dr. Jason Sutula in March to attempt to earn Teri a new trial. 

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Eyewitness Identification Experts in Pennsylvania

This past year, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court announced that Pennsylvania courts would no longer lag behind 47 of our sister states in allowing experts in eyewitness identification matters to testify to juries. That decision, Commonwealth v. Benjamin Walker, says that trial courts now have the discretion to allow expert in appropriate cases. 

This reform has been touted by organizations from the International Association of Chiefs of Police to the National Academy of Science as necessary to give juries the tools they need to assess eyewitness testimony. Finally, Pennsylvania is joining the 21st Century!
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Mission of Pennsylvania Innocence Project

The Pennsylvania Innocence Project works to exonerate those convicted of crimes they did not commit and to prevent innocent people from being convicted. 

December 2014
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Eyewitness Experts in Pennsylvania
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