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From the Legal Director: 

Han Tak Lee is Coming Home! 



In 1989 Han Tak Lee's daughter tragically died in a fire in Monroe County at a religious retreat where she and
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(from Magistgrate Judge Carlson's Recommendation to free Han Tak Lee) 
her father were staying. Mr. Lee was convicted of intentionally setting the fire and sentenced to life in prison. Horribly, as renowned fire dynamics expert John Lentini said, "there was never any evidence this fire was intentionally set." In other words, Mr. Lee has been in prison for nearly a quarter-century where no crime occurred!
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Represented for the past 12 years by Pennsylvania Innocence Project Advisory Board member Peter Goldberger, Mr. Lee finally gained his freedom when a federal judge vacated his conviction due to the "invalid" fire testimony at his trial.

The Pennsylvania Innocence Project is proud to have filed a friend of the court brief and provided strategic support  for Mr. Lee as he fought for his freedom.
This Friday, Mr. Lee will walk out of the State Correctional Institute at Houtzdale. His supporters will bring him to the federal courthouse in Harrisburg, where he will be released after 24 years in prison.

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The Pennsylvania Innocence Project works to exonerate those convicted of crimes they did not commit and to prevent innocent people from being convicted. 

August 2014
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