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November 2012
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Marshall Hale Fights for Justice


At Marshall Hale's trial in 1987, although the 14 year-old rape victim positively and surely identified Marshall as the man who raped her, the physical evidence collected proved otherwise. Technicians from the Philadelphia Police Department testified that the blood type of semen in the rape kit could not be determined. However, 

the girl's panties and blouse were stained with blood and semen from the attack. Blood typing tests results showed those samples were type "B."  The victim was Type "O." Marshall's blood Type is "A."  Even after hearing that testimony, the jury found Marshall guilty within 3 hours. 


Since that day, Marshall has fought for his freedom. Police and prosecutors believe that the evidence which could identify the true perpetrator through DNA testing no longer exists. But Marshall is not giving up. Today, the Pennsylvania Innocence Project asked Judge Genece Brinkley to hold a hearing to force police and evidence handlers to explain whether the evidence can be found and if not, why not.  


If the evidence truly has been discarded, Marshall will still fight, and ask the Court to dismiss the charges because the evidence of the blood typing so clearly shows he is innocent. Check our web site for updates on this and other cases we are litigating. 
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Announcing PIP Open Houses

Do you want to see how the Pennsylvania Innocence Project works? Do you have questions for the staff or student volunteers about the cases we take, or how we litigate for the convicted innocent? Then join us for an Open House, held quarterly at our offices. 

The Open Houses let our supporters see how the Project operates, and ask questions you may have. We will also have the chance for our supporters to help our efforts to change the criminal justice system by writing targeted letters to legislators, public figures, newspapers, and other media outlets. 

So come see our offices, talk to the staff, and help bring change to Pennsylvania! Our Open Houses will start in January, 2013. Watch the web site for the exact date and time.
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Mission of Pennsylvania Innocence Project

The Pennsylvania Innocence Project works to exonerate those convicted of crimes they did not commit and to prevent innocent people from being convicted. 

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Marshall Hale Fights for Justice
Announcing PIP Open Houses.
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Law Review Symposium Great Success!

Last week, the Pennsylvania Innocence Project co-sponsored a symposium with the Temple Law Review,
False Confessions: Intersecting Science, Ethics, and the Law

The capacity crowd heard from national experts in the field of false confessions and about policy changes being made to prevent them from happening.
The Pennsylvania Innocence Project supports recording all suspect interrogations to prevent the innocent from confessing to crimes they did not commit!
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Richard C. Glazer
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Innocence Project
Marissa Bluestine
Legal Director
Pennsylvania Innocence Project

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