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 What is Clutter?       

What is Clutter?

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This month's topic is clutter - something we all are challenged with.  Enjoy. 
I also want to inform you that I will have a new website that will be launched on April 1st - check it out and let me know what you think.   
What is Clutter?Photo of Doreen
What is your definition of clutter?  Merriam Webster's simple definition is: a large amount of things that are not arranged in a neat or orderly way: a collection of scattered things.   Clutter can be anything that we don't need, want or use.  These things create a state of disorder.  If things are taking over your space and it is stealing your peace of mind, your home space, or your lifestyle - that is clutter. 

Many of my clients will remember me saying that clutter is nothing more than "delayed decisions".  When you pick something up and don't place it in the designated home, you start clutter.  When you bring new items into your home and don't have a true purpose for it, you create clutter.  One delayed decision turns into a pile too fast. 

Understanding what clutter is can be the first step to changing and creating new habits.  The gradual transformation of your home and mindset will amaze you.  You will be surrounded by only the best. 

Why not start today.  If you need help, guidance or coaching, reach out and call me.  You will not only clear your space, but your mind.  

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