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March 2013
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We have a nice selection of articles and news snippets for March 2013. To see all articles, events and news snippets visit our National Senior News and Events web page:
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with links to articles such as ...
... A New Strain of Bacteria Resistant to Antibiotics
... TSA uniform perks more expensive than Marine Corps
... Photo Series on The White House Renovation 1949 - 1952
... Sink Holes are World Wide
... The Dow has a record high and ...
... Can Goggles and a Laptop Detect some Strokes?
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March is ... 
National Nutrition Month 
National Peanut Month 
National Women's History Month 
Social Workers Month  
March 3-10 - National Sleep Awareness Week 2013
March 9-10 - Cape Coral Senior Expo
March 10-16 - National Groundwater Awareness Week
March 13 - Active Senior Expo in the Chicago Area
March 15-17 - Abilities Expo in Los Angeles, California
March 16-17 - Treasure Coast's Senior Expo and Health Fair
April 17 - Active Senior Expo in the Chicago Area
April 27 - Golden Future 50+ Senior Expo
April 29-30 - 29th Pacific Rim International Conf Disability & Diversity
May 31 - June 1 - Life@50+events National Event from AARP
June 28 - 30 - Abilities Expo Chicago
August 24 - Golden Future 50+ Senior Expo
August 28 - Mrs. America Pageant
September 28 - 29 - The Health Living Expo
October 3 - 6 - Southern Women's Show - Birmingham 
October 4-5 - Life@50+events National Event from AARP
November 9 - Golden Future 50+ Senior Expo   
Article Highlights

PHRs and EHRs Are
Not the Same Things
Submitted by Rebecca Sharp Colmer: Eldercare Advocate, Author, Publisher, Speaker. Rebecca can be reached at 800-530-9129.

"A personal health record (PHR) is a health record that is initiated and maintained by an individual. Typically it would provide a complete summary of the health and medical history of a person by gathering data from multiple sources and making this information accessible online to approved individuals ..."
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One Family's End of the Journey
Article submitted by a Son helping his Father in Texas and reprinted with permission. They wanted they story shared.

"Thank you for the awesome assistance you have provided and I've watched all the videos to become better informed. The following is a summary of what happened and of some of the major things I've learned so please pass on to others as you wish."
- an Adult Son in Texas

"Texas - The itemized bill for my dad was $299,056.44. My Dad's PPO paid $23,905.12 and we paid $1,170. I'm amazed that the itemized bill for 6 days was almost $300,000 and that 2 Lipitor Pills cost $102. I know that doctors and others deserve their pay but $300,000 appears too high ..."
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National Do Not Call Registry  
Article provided by Federal Trade Commisson. Visit their website for more information. Website:

"The National Do Not Call Registry gives you an opportunity to limit the telemarketing calls you receive. Once you register your phone number, telemarketers covered by the National Do Not Call Registry have up to 31 days from the date you register ..."
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The Prepared Senior

Just Dial 2-1-1
It can be overwhelming to call around and search for assistance if you are in need of help with rent, food, shelter, clothing or other types of community services. What if you needed to access those services? Would you know how to start?

Call 2-1-1
2-1-1 is a free, multilingual, confidential service that refers callers to programs that can help stabilize individuals and families with basic human services such as food and shelter, and provide access to other community resources. The most common reasons people call 2-1-1 are for rent and utility assistance, shelter information, food assistance and seasonal services.

The national 2-1-1 website is -
Through this website you can enter your zip code or city or state and find the 2-1-1 information and referral service for your area.
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