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APRIL 2016
Feature story
by Morgan Pettersson
". . .When the day arrives that an orangutan is ready to be released back into the wild, it is always a joyous occasion for OFI staff and caregivers. The release represents the culmination of years of strenuous work preparing the orangutans for life in the forest. For the orangutans, it means that they will now get their second chance to live in the wild as they were born to do. Once orangutans are released, OFI field staff based at the release site monitor the orangutans and send back news to the OCCQ about how the newly released orangutans are doing. OCCQ caregivers are always delighted to learn that a released male has grown cheek pads. They are particularly pleased to hear that one of the released ex-captive female orangutans has become a mother.

Happily, there has been a bit of a baby boom recently at one of OFI's forest release sites which sits on the edge of Tanjung Puting National Park with untouched rainforest - much of it peat swamp - spreading out behind. Female orangutans Claire, Lidya, Jade, Nanda, Noni, Ruby, and Septi, all of whom were rehabilitated at the OCCQ and released in 2013, have matured into adulthood and now have offspring of their own! Most of the newborns are males. They cling on tight as their mothers climb through the forest. OFI field staff love watching the mothers with their babies.

The long-term staff members who have been with OFI for decades fondly remember the new mothers as infant orangutans living at the OCCQ. OFI's Deputy Manager, Ibu Sumi, worked for OFI as a teenager while in high school. She remembers when Noni arrived as a tiny infant, orphaned, listless, and sick. Ibu Sumi slept with Noni every night and after dedicated attention and care, Noni soon began to thrive. Ibu Sumi is very proud that Noni is now back in the wild with an infant of her own. Other staff recall Lidya as a very quiet infant and Jade as wild and untrusting of humans when she first arrived at the OCCQ. Any staff member who has been with OFI for a decade or more remembers the released females and all say they celebrated on the day when each orangutan was released back into the wild, and then again with the news that these orangutans had successfully birthed their own infants. . ." 
News from the Field
by Morgan Pettersson
". . . These tiny babies are often malnourished and sick and suffering from the trauma of losing their mothers. The love and care of a mother can never be replaced but OFI caregivers provide as much support as they can as surrogate mothers to the orangutan orphans. These infants require the most extensive and specialized care that OFI can provide. With the generous support of donors, OFI was recently able to open a brand new infant care facility just for these tiny orangutans. At the new facility - named Pondok Danielle - the infants are able to adjust to their new surroundings in a secluded area of the OCCQ. . ."
Events & Outreach

Thanks to our sponsors and fundraisers, Philly Run Wild 2016 was able to raise over $22K this year to support OFI's work in orangutan conservation and habitat protection. A special thanks to our top fundraisers and individual sponsors:

Individual Sponsors: Rebecca Reader, Shannon Lynch

Top Fundraisers: Chandani Flinn, Team Frank (the Ade Family), Mary Kate Cochran, Hannah Brown, Katie Clark

We also want to extend a big thank you to Shannon Lynch, Kailyn Woyak, and the Woyak family. Without their dedication and time, Philly Run Wild would not have happened. Thank you!

Thank you to S.A.V.E.S. Club Inc. for organizing the 3rd Annual Philly Run Wild 2016 5K.

Events & Outreach
Mexico City, Mexico - April 20, 2016
"Dr. Galdikas, OFI President and Founder, gave a presentation at the Segundo Congreso La Bioética y los Animales (Second Congress of Bioethics and Animals) on her over 40 years' experience studying the Bornean orangutan. 

. . . . Dr. Galdikas spoke for two hours to a packed auditorium that included students, professors, and the general public. Her presentation included a history of orangutan study and conservation and OFI's work in Indonesia, rehabilitating orangutans for re-release and protecting orangutan habitat. She also discussed the threats facing wild orangutan populations and the rehabilitated individuals in Indonesia, the main threat being palm oil production."
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2016 is the 30th Anniversary of Orangutan Foundation International
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