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Orangutan Awareness Week (OAW) was first established by OFI in 1996 to honor the establishment of Camp Leakey during the first week of November in 1971. What began as a memorial to honor Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas' research and orangutan conservation in Tanjung Puting National Park has become a world-wide celebration to spread awareness about the plight of orangutans and their diminishing rainforest habitat and encourage action to save orangutans! 

Over the years, OFI supporters have celebrated Orangutan Awareness Week in a number of different ways! School and youth groups have hosted bake sales and penny drives. Other supporters have made donations, boycotted palm oil, fostered Care Center orangutans, and hosted "Born to be Wild" viewing parties. Last year we celebrated OAW with our "Wear Orange" social media campaign, in which participants wore orange (orangutans' favorite color, of course!) and shared their pictures on Facebook and Twitter. It was great to see everyone showing their love for orangutans! 

OFI has also received countless paintings, drawings, collages, quilts, and more to celebrate orangutans and the rainforest. Whether made by school children or by professional artists, each and every piece of art sent to us by passionate and dedicated supporters has warmed our hearts. We would like to share a few of these beautiful pieces that have inspired us. 

This year, we would like to showcase the creativity and talent of all our amazing supporters with an Orangutan Awareness Week Art Contest

Show your love and support of orangutans and their habitat by sharing your best artwork with the #OFIOrangutanArt. You can visit our Flickr page and check out all of our photos for inspiration. Get creative, share a drawing of your favorite orangutan, create a "Palm Oil Free" poster, or paint a lush landscape of the rainforest! 

However you choose to celebrate Orangutan Awareness Week - alone or with friends, with art or with a message, by teaching others or by learning more yourself - we hope you keep OFI in mind! 

NOTE REGARDING THE DATES: OFI celebrates Orangutan Awareness Week during the first week of November to honor the historical establishment of Camp Leakey by Dr. Galdikas in early November 1971. Many organizations have chosen to celebrate OAW during the second week of November, which simply means that there will be people celebrating and bringing awareness for two weeks instead of just one. Remember, there is no wrong time to celebrate orangutans! 

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Orangutan Awareness Week!
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Thank You to the 2015 OFI Construction Teams!

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News from the Field 
By Ruth Linsky  
Construction Team 1
Construction Team 2

Every year courageous men and women seeking adventure and a challenge in the name of helping orangutans sign up for Orangutan Foundation International's (OFI) three-week construction volunteer program. These eager men and women assist in maintaining and constructing vital structures at OFIs field camps in Kalimantan Tengah, Central Borneo, Indonesia.

This year OFI was fortunate enough to have two construction teams travel to Indonesia to assist with maintenance and construction work to support our field operations. Both teams arrived in Central Kalimantan this year not knowing exactly where they would be based during their three-week volunteer period.

We at OFI, however, knew that this year both teams were in for a great surprise!  They would be helping us rebuild the research staff team housing at Camp Leakey. The excitement was palpable when the teams found out where they were going to be based during their three week volunteer period. They found out only after they arrived in Kalimantan.

Construction volunteers on Team 1 working hard on one of the staff houses
Any time spent in Camp Leakey is always treasured. It had been several years since there was a group of volunteers living at Camp Leakey. The volunteer's first job was to fix up their "own" building called the "Team House" where they would be staying. This building has been the home to many researchers, volunteers, and even orangutans over the years. It required extensive patch work to make it orangutan proof. Team One enjoyed the job of finding new parts to fix each day. As some of the Team were doing this, the rest started on a new building intended just for student researchers. This important housing will facilitate OFI's hosting of local Indonesian students and researchers who will investigate the incredible biodiversity of the forests of Tanjung Puting National Park.

Team Two arrived just in time to start the rebuilding of one of the current staff buildings. Before starting the construction of the new staff house, Team Two had to demolish the old building. This took a number of days.

The team went on to construct over 170 footings made from ironwood for the new house. Ironwood is incredibly strong and thus, this work was very laborious. At the same time other members of the team and staff also completed the roof that Team One had begun on the new staff house. The team installed over 5,000 ironwood shingles!
Orangutans need you!

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