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When it Rains, it Pours


A low rumble of thunder may be your only warning. If you're quick, you might catch the deep gray voluminous clouds gliding across the sky like a curtain being drawn across a window. Perhaps you notice the strong wind that suddenly whips through the forest canopy, pulling at leaves and branches as it passes. In a moment the oppressive heat from the mid-day Borneo sun vanishes and you find yourself shuddering from the temperature drop. 



These changes can only mean one thing- rainy season in Kalimantan!

One or two minutes is all it takes for rain clouds to darken a spotless, sunny day in Pasir Panjang where OFI's Care Center is located. If you blink, you'll miss it (and be stuck running for cover in a tropical downpour). 


After Central Kalimantan experienced a particularly damaging dry season, it felt like the fires would never stop. OFI staff worked tirelessly last year to put out fires that destroyed much habitable orangutan forest. When the rain finally did arrive in early December, it felt as if the land breathed a sigh of relief!  

Generally, orangutan reactions to rain are similar to human reactions, in that they prefer to remain dry! You can often spot adult orangutans using large leaves as make-shift umbrellas while they wait for the rain to pass. 

However, for the Care Center's younger orangutans, rainy season is the best season! They just can't resist splashing around on the flooded forest floor. 


Tommy is notorious for his puddle play-times. When he is on release in the forest just after a rain, everyone knows to steer clear of this muddy boy if they want to stay dry. 


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A New Home for Gulu Gulu


The Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine (OCCQ) houses hundreds of wild born ex-captive orangutans but did you know that we also house a cassowary?

Standing at almost 4 feet tall, and weighing around 80 lbs, this magnificent jewel-colored land bird is about as far from an orangutan as you can get. But our cassowary, Gulu Gulu, is as much a part of OFI now as the many red apes under our care. 

Before he came to our care, Gulu Gulu lived at a zoo in Pangkalan Bun. Because of inhumane living conditions for the animals, Dr. Galdikas purchased the zoo for OFI and thus acquired all of its animal residents. A few animals were released almost immediately while the gibbon was sent to a gibbon rehabilitation center. The rest of the animals were relocated to the OCCQ. 


OFI's mission is to offer freedom to any individual animal capable of returning to the wild but for some animals that have lived their entire lives in captivity, rehabilitation is no longer an option. Cassowaries are found only in New Guinea, Australia, and a few nearby islands. Releasing a cassowary into the wild in Borneo did not seem appropriate or ecologically correct. 


Instead, the OCCQ provides a permanent home for Gulu Gulu.

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