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eyes in the forest


Mothers and Babies of Camp Leakey 
A Trip to the Past and a Look at Our Future

A Photo Essay 

By Susanne Kassube
OFI Communications Volunteer

CLICK HERE to transport yourself to Camp Leakey!


And a mutual, reassuring, soft touch that says, 
"Yup, I'm still here...and I love you!" 
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More News from the Field


A Day of Forest Fire-fighting Teaches 
Lessons for a Lifetime

By Rachel Arbaugh 

OFI Field Intern

A smoky haze blankets the landscape for miles before we reach

Rawa Kuno Forest. Off in the distance, great plumes of smoke can be seen emanating from the horizon. At the base of each plume, orange flames reach up and produce the smoke that is being carried off into the sky. Once the sun goes down, an orange glow fills the air in the direction of each fire, creating an eerily apocalyptic scene. It's a glimpse into the end of the world, seen from a place that was once untouched by humankind, but is now bleeding and scarred.


Fighting fires here is a logistical nightmare, but the ingenuity and perseverance of OFI staff is remarkable to behold. We don't have dozens of helicopters to rain fire suppression from above, or teams of smoke jumpers and tanker trucks that we can parachute in. We have pumps, hoses, and human bodies, and that's it...


Click here to read Rachel's full story. 




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  • News from the Field: A Day of Intense Forest Fire-fighting
  • Conservation Partners: Greenville Zoo Quarters for Conservation Program

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Orangutan of the Month: Cory Marder

Staff at the OFI Care Center most often describe Cory Marder as "cantik" and "pintar"--pretty and smart! 
to follow Cory Marder's story. 

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Conservation Partners


A generous grant from the Greenville Zoo's Quarters for Conservation Program is helping orangutans return to the wild. Grant funds supported OFI's work to expand and enhance orangutan sleeping enclosures, purchase a variety of enrichment materials and medical supplies, and support staff at its Care Center and Quarantine facility in Pasir Panjang. The beneficiaries of Greenville Zoo's generosity? OFI's 330 orangutans who will grow up big and strong and smart--ensuring their successful return to the rainforest, wild and free once again.Thank you, Greenville Zoo! 


(Click here for more photos of some of the many new enclosures and enrichment materials built by OFI in the past 18 months with funding provided in part by the Greenville Zoo).


If you'd like more information on ways you or your company can support OFI's conservation work, please contact Hollis Burbank-Hammarlund, Director of Development, at [email protected]


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