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Teacher Newsletter - February 2015

Dear ESL/EAL professionals,


Are you tired of the winter scene outside? Longing for spring to come into force, we are sending you our warmest greetings. While waiting, we have prepared some REALIZE updates, teaching tips and resources, as well as a schedule of upcoming professional development events for you to rejuvenate your learning spirit.

Recent Events

National Online Forum for ESL/EAL Practitioners


We thank all of you for your active participation in the Forum. The success of this event is a merged effort of expert presenters, supportive moderators and, most importantly, you, the most engaged online audience.


Post-Forum updates:
  • Find latest REALIZE! 2015 Stats on our Forum Page.
  • Certificates of Attendance are being emailed to those participants who filled out a request form at the end of the Forum. Please note that several emails failed to deliver due to errors in the email address. If you haven't received your certificate by February 27, 2015, please contact Yuliana at ybagan@myenglishonline.ca.
  • The Forum Archive will be published on our website soon. It will include sessions recordings and presentation slides if presenters decided to share them publicly.
  • If you have not completed Participant Feedback Survey yet, please do so here. Your feedback will help us improve the forum experience.
This month we are ...

...learning how to teach Spelling.

No matter how far we go with technology and depend on the comfort of a spellchecker, it cannot replace the human factor. For a fun activity, you can present your students with a poem Spell Checker Dangers by Jerrold Zar, and discuss when and why correct spelling is important.


Spelling is a skill that needs to be practiced in English language since it is not phonetic. Good spelling skills improve reading and writing skills, add to wider range of vocabulary and boost confidence. 
There are useful tips to take into consideration when teaching spelling:
  • teach spelling as an integrated skill
  • teach grammatical spelling rules such as forming plurals, past simple or continuous tense etc 
  • practice short frequent sessions rather than long ones
  • build a routine by engaging students in creating word lists with same spelling patterns
  • encourage students to not only engage their visual or mechanic memory, but to notice morphemes and patterns in words.
If you are interested in learning about the influence of the history of English on its spelling and how this knowledge can help you answering tough learner questions, come to our  upcoming English Online webinar.
...seeking Healthy Food and Nutrition Resources.
While trying to settle in Canada, newcomers often go through stressful periods searching for employment, accommodation and services. Priorities shift and healthy lifestyle is inevitably pushed to the bottom of the list. At the same time, change of environment, daily routine and eating habits impact newcomers' health. Healthy Food and Nutrition is included in adult ESL curriculum to help learners make informed decisions about their health.
For the upcoming English Online webinar, we invited Rosemary Szabadka and Lydia Lee, registered dietitians with Winnipeg Regional Health Authority who developed healthy eating toolkit in partnership with ESL instructors. Join us to learn more about teaching healthy eating to adult learners as well as to get your digital copy of The Healthy Eating Toolkit.

English Online Team
Upcoming Events
IATEFL Webinar
February 28, 2015, 9 am CST

"'Get Them Speaking & Learning with Digital Icebreakers'" with Shelly Sanchez Terrell

Tutela Webinar

March 2, 2015, 5 pm CST

"Informed learning activities in the Adult ESL Literacy context" with Svetlana Lupasco


 March 7, 2015, 10 am CST

  •  Session 1: ""Why is English so weird?" Looking to History to Answer Tough Learner Questionswith Jennifer MacDonald
  • Session 2: "The Unusual Suspects (EAL and Nutrition Partnership)" with Rosemary Szabadka and Lydia Lee.


Tutela Webinar

March 17, 2015, 3 pm CST


Resources on Spelling
Spelling City - this website has various activities and worksheets to practice spelling

Free online spelling course - this free, thirty lesson  spelling course has been made available courtesy of Marie Rackham, author and producer of The Basic Cozy Grammar Course.

Spelling rules

List of Homophones

List of Homographs

List of common English suffixes

Resources on Nutrition

Can Immigrating to Canada Make You Sick? - a CLB 5+ lesson plan by Learning English with CBC 

"Heathy Food" - a CLB 2 lesson plan

Government of Canada Food and Nutrition Information

 Canada's Food Guide

Tech Corner

Spelloween - an app to practice spelling words. A player is able to advance through difficulty levels.

A set of spelling games for ESL students - interactive activities for spelling parts of speech, pattern recognition and choosing correctly spelt words.
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