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Teacher Newsletter July - August 2014

Dear ESL Professionals,


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Recent Events

English Online Webinars
Teacher Happiness
in Today's Blended World

This webinar consisted of two sessions - one on teacher's presence in online part of blended learning courses; and the second one - on what happiness is for teachers and how to maintain healthy relationships with colleagues and students. 

Web Conferencing Tools for E-learning
This webinar discussed free and effective online tools for conducting synchronous sessionsWatch the video and check the resources to find out the features that suit your needs.


REALIZE!  2015 National Online Forum Updates:


REALIZE! 2015 National Online Forum is taking place on January 23 and 24, 2015!

Call for Proposals will be open July 1, 2014. Please visit realize.myenglishonline.ca soon to submit your presentation idea. 

Relax-and-Learn Summer List


Summer is not for working. Summer is for doing everything you wanted to do during your long school year and never had time for it. Probably every teacher has tools, resources and exciting ideas they came across in preparation for their lessons and had to tuck them into a long drawer to catch up later. Summer might be a good time to explore them. And here are some more ideas to add to your relax-and-learn summer list:

  1. Attend TWT webinars - these series focus on effective online tools and ideas for meaningful teaching and learning.
  2. Become a Volunteer e-Tutor to explore online teaching and hone your digital skills.  
  3. Submit your presentation proposal for REALIZE! 2015 Online Forum - call for proposals will be open during summer to collect your teaching practices worth sharing.
  4. Watch the recordings of REALIZE! 2014 sessions. 
  5. You and your students can form a study group and follow up with EO Summer Course - online course on wikis with open resources on summer activities in Manitoba that can be adapted and modified to your own needs.
  6. Register for a free online course from Coursera - plenty of options to choose from.
  7. Attend  an IATEFL Webinar.
  8. Take part in TESL TO & BELTA Web Conference.


Have fun! See you in September!


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