English Online Teacher Newsletter
March 2014


Dear EAL Professionals,


This fiscal year was full of events for our team. We accomplished new projects, made new friends and expanded our community.
Thank you for your active engagement in English Online professional development activities. We hope you had positive online experience with us. We are looking forward to serving EAL community needs in the next year.
Recent events:
  • During our last webinar for EAL /ESL Practitioners, we discussed Current Approaches to Teaching Pronunciation. The participants got a chance to learn new methods and evaluate existing ones. You can find the recording of this webinar along with resources here.

Post-conference updates:
  • 17 video recordings of the conference sessions have been published on the Conference Website. They can be found under Session Details pages. The rest of videos are coming soon.
  • For your convenience, video recordings are also collected in Video Gallery.
  • Certificates of Attendance were emailed to participants at their request. If you have any concerns regarding your Certificate of Participation, please email to .
Upcoming Events
  • English Online Webinar
    • Tools for Teaching and Assessment in EAL Classroom. (March 29, 10:00 am CDT). Get LinkedIn for professional development and classroom practice; learn how to design CLB-aligned formative assessment tools. Click here to learn more.
  • Common European Framework of Reference Web Conference
    • "A two day web conference for language professionals on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages"(March 28 & 29). Click here to learn more. 
  • Tutela Webinar
    • Making Teaching Multilevel Literacy Class Fun. (April 22, 5:00 pm CDT). In this webinar Sangeetha Chandrakanth  will be sharing her experience, strategies, resources and stories on how to meaningfully teach multilevel classes. Click here to learn more.


Useful Resources for Upcoming English Online Webinar
  • LinkedIn's Guide for Teachers - an overview of LinkedIn from educational viewpoint. A teacher and experienced user reflects on beneficial applications of LinkedIn for networking and professional development.
  • 25 LinkedIn Groups for Networking Teachers - a useful collection of links to teacher professional development groups. Groups are categorized under Technology, Teaching, Professional Education, Discipline Specifics and Creativity.

English Online wishes you a joyful spring break and smooth transition into the next fiscal year!

Spring is in the air!


English Online Team 

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