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October 2013


Dear EAL Professionals,


We hope you are enjoying the Autumn Season and the beautiful scenery at this time of year. There is a lot going on in the world of language learning and professional development.
Last week, English Online hosted a couple of webnetwork_lateralinars on Pronunciation. Both sets of presenters offered attendees useful, practical ideas for helping students improve pronunciation in the classroom. The recordings will be available shortly in Manitoba EAL group on Tutela and at the webinar archive on our website. Pronunciation can be a difficult subject to approach, and the line between comprehensibility and a 'standard' English is often a thin line. There are more links and information on the subject of Pronunciation below.

But first, an update on the
National Online Conference for EAL/ESL Professionals - REALIZE!
As mentioned previously, our Call for Presentations is now open. Why would you want to present?  
  • Presenting is an incredible learning experience in a subject you are interested in
  • You will network and learn directly from others interested in the same subject
  • Presenting online is a great way to receive training and experience with educational technology
  • Sharing your knowledge with others builds the community you are a part of

Register and submit a proposal individually or with a colleague at our Call for Presentations page.


Upcoming Events
  • English Online Webinar
  • TESOL CALL-IS & IATEFL LTSIG Online Conference
  • Learning Exchange Webinar
    • Strategies for Advancing Welcoming Communities and Regional Growth (October 30, 10:00am EDT)  Click here to learn more. 
Pronunciation Resources


Pronunciation is one of the most popular topics that teachers seem to want to learn about. It is a major concern for students (and parents of younger students) and there is a wealth of information online on the topic of pronunciation. 


A useful introductory piece of writing on pronunciation at TEFLnet. This sets the stage for teaching pronunciation in the classroom, emphasizing some of the contextual barriers that may prevent student learning. 


Here's another useful article at TESOL Connections that explores pronunciation and intelligibility. Also, it provides ways that you can teach your students how to practice pronunciation for themselves.


Some free Pronunciation Worksheets and also a recent Blog Carnival on Pronunciation with links to several websites and resources.


As well, we have a long list of links in our Tutela forum post on pronunciation, most of which were provided by Danny Tan and Johanathan Woodworth.


Enjoy the Sounds of the Season!


English Online Team 



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Pronunciation Videos

  • Dave Sconda publishes videos on basic sounds, good for beginner students.



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