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July 2013


Dear EAL Professionals,


Summer is here and there's a lot going on! We have several National Online Conference for EAL/ESL Professionals developments to let you know about. Our Advisory Committee has been assembled and is hard at work already. The Pre-Conference Survey is out, posted, and waiting for your input. And, the Conference blog is now live! Have you checked out our Conference Page yet?
The English Online Summer Course isnetwork_lateral also in full swing. Take a peek at this innovative style of learning, for curiosity's sake, and keep in mind that it's always a good time for you or your students to jump in. Try it for a week or two.
Our webinar series has taken the summer off. We will return in September. In the meantime, our webinar archive is open and free to view.
Additionally, in support of the National Online Conference, we are offering free and personalized Educational Technology support for any EAL/ESL professionals in Canada. Have an EdTech question? Use the email at the bottom of this newsletter, or use the Contact Us page to get in touch.



Upcoming Events
  • Learning Exchange
    • Building Intercultural Understanding Between Immigrant and Indigenous Communities (July 23, 4:00pm PDT) learn about groundbreaking initiatives in Wellington, New Zealand, and Vancouver, Canada, that are bringing new immigrant and indigenous communities together for intercultural learning and meaningful exchange as an essential part of newcomer settlement. Click here to learn more.
  • IATEFL Webinar
    • Yes, but why do we need teachers at all (July 27, 3:00 pm BST) What is the balance of the-teacher-as-motivator and the teacher who knows? Hosted by Jermey Harmer, this session will look at opinions from English language teaching - and from outside the field - to come up with a new way of looking at how we can help our students to be more effective. Click here to learn more.
  • Tutela Webinar
    • Examples of Project-Based Teaching for Literacy Learners (July 30th, 4:00pm EST)The presentation will highlight recent projects. Attendees will see and learn about the creation of a vegetable garden and the tasks which evolved from this project, leading into a discussion of Project-Based teaching and learning theory. Click here to learn more.
Work-Life Balance


Professional Development is a life-long endeavor in today's world, but Summer is also a time to take a break, relax, and re-energize. How can we use the time efficiently, keeping stress at a minimum? How do we maintain that balance?


Summer Reminders


We all need reminders about keeping the balance in our lives. Much of our energy comes from our daily and weekly routines. The habits that we use throughout our day can either provide us with power or make us feel drained. 
Summer is the perfect time to try out new routines and established the ones that work, so that we can hit the school year with these energizing habits already in place.  
  • Set your Basic Needs
  • Set Attainable Goals
  • Focus on Small Pleasures
  • Budget Time for Fun
Work it Into Your Lifestyle 
The best routines are the ones that fit seamlessly into your existing lifestyle. Plan ahead, and double up the use of your time. This can also free up other time for personal use. 
Resources and Information


Teachers shouldn't have to choose between being a great at their job teacher and being a part of a family, or having our own life. There are many lists and other resources online that can offer advice. Skim through a few, and pick the ideas that suit your lifestyle:   


work-life balance list from the Guardian for teachers that explores some of the common problems: Don't over commit to tasks; Don't reinvent the wheel; Have fun. 


Many more useful ideas in this list from Concordia University. Take note of what works for you!


And another list of ideas, mostly in point form, from a website called Teaching Tricks.


Mike Anderson hosts a recorded webinar titled The Well Balanced Teacher in which he presents clear, memorable and well-organized ideas. The layout is at 8:00 of the video, and the section on Confidence at Work (starting at 26:08) includes a useful list of habits and strategies.   


Pay your life. If Zen Narratives speak to you, then check this short story by Marc Lesser. 


Enjoy the Summer's Time!


English Online Team 



Have questions, suggestions or comments?  

Contact Glen at

Social Media for Educators
One challenge this summer is to learn an Online Technology. Here are 3 suggestions to try:
Learnist is an attractive looking, easy way to lean from colleagues. It is similar to Pintrest - you can read the basics here.  
For deeper conversation, explore Edublogs. Set up a place to communicate and collaborate.  


Flickr is a photo sharing website. Browse the Creative Commons search page, and use photos in your class. (For info on Creative Commons Click Here)




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