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January 2013

Dear EAL Professionals,


We hope you all had a good start to the year! We would like to thank all who found time and attended our webinetwork_lateralnar
Fostering Learner Autonomy on December 8th.We thank our presenters -Doreen Cooper(WIS), Iwona Gniadek (English Online), Stephanie Stetefeld (English Online), Joann Chernen (VCC)- for insights into the topic.


If you missed the webinar, click the link below to watch the recording. For more handouts from the webinar, please visit Manitoba EAL Group on Tutela.ca


 View the recording here   


Upcoming Events
  • EO Webinar DIY Professional Development January  26, 2013, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM CST. In this webinar, our presenters will discuss professional growth plans, as well as online resources and Web 2.0 tools that are currently available for teaching and learning. Click here to learn more.
  • Tutela Webinar Teaching ESL Literacy Foundation and Phase 1 February 10, 10 am CST. Join this webinar to learn more about teaching ESL Literacy reading, writing, and numeracy skills. Click here to learn more.

Your Personal Learning Network (PLN) - the Source of Your Self-directed Professional Development


What is PLN?

Personal Learning Network (PLN) embodies people whose professional opinion you trust, your colleagues, mentors, supervisors and friends. These people can answer your questions and recommend useful resources, websites and blogs, refer you to experts, guide your learning, offer support and feedback.

With all the tools available to us online, we can connect with many professionals around the world thus expanding our PLN and growing our knowledge. Your PLN can become the main source of your ongoing professional development.


How to Grow your PLN?

If you are interested in expanding your PLN and taking control of your own professional development, here are some of the best web 2.0 tools and resources for you to explore:


Get Started!

Here are some suggestions on how you can build or grow your PLN and take charge of your professional development:


  1. Identify your professional needs and interests;
  2. Choose one or two tools mentioned above. You can join a social network or learning community (like Tutela.ca) and find a blog with quality posts that supports your learning goals;
  3. Connect with educators and experts with similar interests by participating in relevant discussions, joining groups and attending online events;
  4. Give back and share your knowledge because if you do, you'll not only learn a lot, but you will also contribute to the learning of your peers.

As knowledge changes fast, your PLN provides ample opportunities to stay up-to-date.


Best Wishes!


English Online


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