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Entering 2015 On A High Note

2014 was a good year for investors, as the stock market, underpinned by corporate earnings and a moderately strong economy, continued its upward trajectory.

Interest rates fell unexpectedly, and the continued moderate stance of the Fed has increased confidence that when interest rates are raised, probably in mid-2015, it will be orderly and moderate.

(Historically, while interest rate increases have had an immediate negative effect on stocks, turnarounds are usually seen quickly.)

The situation in the rest of the world, however, is not so good. Greece is imploding, the Russian economy is in ruins and many of the developing countries are being negatively impacted by the large fall in oil prices.

As a result of this geopolitical uncertainty, expect to see more volatility in 2015. We witnessed some in late 2014 - for example in October with the Ebola outbreak.

Increased volatility usually is accompanied by knee-jerk reactions by investors. Your job is to prevent such reactions and keep clients comfortable and in the market.

We have updated one of our most popular White Papers - Protecting Clients From Themselves. Now is the perfect time to share it with clients to reassure them that you can't time the market, and that patience is rewarded in the long-term.

Have a great start to the year!

Andy Klausner
Founder & Principal

Protecting Clients From Themselves

After an unexpectedly strong showing in 2014, the bull market in stocks continues unabated and without the long-expected 10% - 20% correction. Market watchers are expecting more normal returns this year; flat to slightly higher would probably be a good expectation, and don't be surprised if there is that long- expected correction - which would be a healthy thing.


2015 is also setting up to be a more volatile one, as geopolitical uncertainty remains in Russia and the Middle East, lower oil prices threaten economic growth in Europe and many of the developing economies and the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) is set to raise interest rates at some point during the year.


Amidst all of this uncertainty, many investors are wondering if they should exit the market, or at least reduce their exposure. But what market history has shown us is that individual investors tend to do the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time. They panic when uncertainty increases, selling into down markets, and then reenter too late, only after the market has recovered.

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