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Avoiding A Summer Slump

The stock market is doing its best - helped by a dovish Federal Reserve - to avoid a summer slump. It has already made those who "sold in May and went away" regret it.

How about you? We all know that summer is a slow time in the financial services industry; clients are away, colleagues are away and three-day weekends scream for our attention.

We can't stop our clients from going away - as much as we would like to sometimes - but we can make our time as productive as possible by doing some of the things that we claim we don't have the time to do the rest of the year.

Why not revisit your competitive positioning strategy, including your value proposition and other tools that help differentiate you from the competition? Can a few revisions make you even more competitive moving forward?

We have a lot of great resources on our website, and below we highlight our White Paper on articulating your value proposition.

By the way - I'm here for the summer - so let me know if I can help! Have a great (and productive) summer. 

Andy Klausner
Founder & Principal

Can You Articulate Your Value Proposition?

This question assumes that you have a value proposition. Perhaps it's better to ask: Do you know why clients choose to work with you over the competition? And if so, can you articulate this competitive advantage and use it as a tool to help you grow your business? This White Paper will help you answer both questions by outlining what a value proposition is, why they are important, how to create one and how to utilize it in your marketing efforts.


What is a Value Proposition?


In its simplest terms, a value proposition is a statement that tells prospective clients why they should hire or work with you instead of someone else. It clearly articulates what differentiates you from the competition and answers the questions we are all so often asked: What do you do? and, by extension, Why should I hire you over someone else? It also defines why you are uniquely qualified for a specific set of potential clients (your target market). A value proposition should:

  • Articulate what makes you unique
  • Describe who you are, what you offer and how it works
  • Define why you are uniquely qualified to deliver these services
Click here to download the entire White Paper.


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