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About Joyce
Joyce S. Kaye, MSW,
The Computer Spirit (known as The Computer Therapist in a prior lifetime), is a computer geek and people-person who understands business and computer applications and thrives on the challenge of communicating that understanding clearly. Specializing in Constant Contact e-newsletters and "living" WordPress websites - along with Microsoft Office training - , Joyce brings her creativity, love of people and Spirit*, and computer expertise together to empower individuals and assure them they are not alone. 
sidebargodword * Read a little bit more about Joyce's meaning around such words as Spirit, God, The Presence.
My Philosophy
"Give a person a fish
and they will eat for a day.
Teach a person to fish
and they will eat for a lifetime."
- Old Chinese Proverb
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I'm here to empower you - not just get a website or e-newsletter done.
I work with clients one-to-one, host computer labs where learners can work interactively on computer projects, teach workshops, and facilitate project teams.
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Interactive, hands-on workshops to empower you to create and control your own WordPress website.  
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Inspiration and Contemplation
quoteInspiration & Contemplation

"It doesn't matter if a million people tell you what you can't do, or if ten million tell you no. If you get one yes from God that's all you need." 
- Tyler Perry
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Vol. 4, Issue 1 | January 2015 
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Happy New Year!


This month I'm adding another article block to my newsletter about people helping people, a subject I find uplifting, full of hope and Spirit.  


Without realizing it, my opening greeting in last month's newsletter was about just that: two videos, one about people receiving financial help from folks they'd least expect it from; and, the other about emotional upliftment during the holiday season. Often a person may not even know how they've been helpful or touched another's heart, possibly changing their entire life...


Feel free to send in any stories you'd like me to share, and, as always, I welcome your input and just hearing from you in general to connect. Email me. 




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The Strong Ones


A brother asked Abba Matoes: What shall I do? My tongue causes me trouble and whenever I am among people, I cannot control it and I condemn them in all their good deeds and contradict them. What, therefore, shall I do?


The old man answered him: If you cannot control yourself, go away from people and live alone. For this is a weakness - Those who live together with others ought not to be square, but round, in order to turn toward all.


Further, the old man said: I live alone not because of my virtue, but rather because of my weakness. You see, those who live among people are the strong ones.


- From the sayings of the Desert Fathers, from 

Stories of the Spirit, Stories of the Heart: Parables of the Spiritual Path from Around the World

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People Helping People
At the Local Coffee Shop...


Every morning at my local coffee shop I got a boost from Chelsea, my favorite barista. Her sweet and patient attitude made me want to be more like her.


One morning an inspirational speaker on the radio advised listeners not to get bogged down with material possessions. I thought of my ring, a gift from my ex-husband. Now we were divorced, I felt like holding on to it was holding me back.


I should give this to Chelsea. The next day, when she handed me my coffee, I said, "I know this is weird, but I've had a heavy heart lately, and you've touched me." I put the ring in her hand. "Please take this as a token of my appreciation."


I've moved away, but when I visit, Chelsea takes a break and we talk. Letting go of the past and gaining a friend? That's meaningful!


- Dana Hall

"Guideposts" magazine, August 2014 issue

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General Computer
Start Enjoying Meetings Again


Join me... Join.me is a simple online meeting and screen sharing service from LogMeIn. It is used by millions of people and hundreds of thousands of businesses for everything from online meetings, to ad hoc show-and-tell collaboration.


There are two versions, a free edition and a pro package. The pro version gives you additional functionality, for example, the ability to choose the window being shared, to swap presenters for tag-team meetings, and to personalize their online meeting space. Mobile and desktop apps are also available to let people get together quickly and easily, wherever they are.


Check out join.me for more info and to see if this online tool might be a solution for your meeting and screen sharing needs.
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Websites and Coffee header

With the holiday distractions behind us and folks back to focusing on their business or other organization, I've ramped up the number of WordPress workshops being offered in February. Space is limited to just 4 persons per workshop, so don't delay in registering.

My intent is always to help empower you to take control of your marketing tools to foster relationships, thereby growing your business/organization... be it with training in Microsoft Office, developing a WordPress site, publishing a Constant Contact e-newsletter, or some other means to help you to better connect with people - clients, staff, volunteers, and colleagues.

For more information and to register for a WordPress workshop, visit Websites and Coffee.
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Whitelist or Add Email Addresses to Your Safe Sender List in Your Security Software or Email Client


You can allow mail from specific email addresses to safely come into your inbox without it being placed in your junk or spam folder by whitelisting email addresses within your email client or Internet security software, and adding email addresses to a safe senders list.

Each program has different steps in order to do this. To learn more about specific programs, i.e., AOL, EarthLink, Gmail, Verizon, AVG, McAfee, and many more, visit this support site. There you'll find a link for the software you have, with step-by-step instructions to follow. 
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Website Development/WordPress
A Visual Editor Widget for WordPress               
The default, 'plain vanilla' WordPress text widget sorely lacks functionalities and requires HTML knowledge if you want to do anything beyond the barest functionality it provides - even like changing a font color!


I found the Black Studio TinyMCE Widget early on in my WordPress career - and what a find it is! This plugin adds a Visual Editor widget that allows you to insert rich text and media objects in your sidebars with no hassle and no need to know code. With Black Studio TinyMCE Widget you will be able to edit in a WYSIWYG manner using the native WordPress TinyMCE editor, just like you do in posts and pages. And, if you are a developer, you can still switch back and forth from Visual to Text (HTML) mode.  



To learn more, visit the Black Studio TinyMCE Widget write-up on wordpress.org.

Newsletter - Dance Drop Shadow Image
Newsletter - Dance Drop Shadow Image
Well, the new year is upon us. As we come to the end of the first twelfth of it, I can honestly say that it's already been a rich year, in learning, in growing, in gaining more awareness. I'm excited to see how it unfolds - hope you are too!


Yours in Spirit, 
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Joyce S. Kaye
(AKA The Computer Spirit)
[email protected]
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bottomgodwordJoyce "came to believe" in a Power greater than herself about 25 years ago. Thanks to hearing the novel idea that one could choose their own concept of God - and name too - and the workings of synchronicity, Joyce embarked on a new way of thinking, a new way of living, a new way of being in the world and with others. Since that time of commencing her conscious spiritual journey, she has endeavored to remember The Presence in all that is, all whom she meets, and all that she does - including working with others and
helping to empower them as she provides solutions for their computer projects and marketing needs.

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