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Joyce S. Kaye, The Computer Spirit
Joyce S. Kaye
The Computer Spirit
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Joyce S. Kaye, MSW,
The Computer Spirit (known as The Computer Therapist in a prior lifetime), is a computer geek and people-person who understands business and computer applications and thrives on the challenge of communicating that understanding clearly. Specializing in Constant Contact e-newsletters and "living" WordPress websites, Joyce brings her creativity, love of people and Spirit*, and computer expertise together to empower individuals and assure them they are not alone. 
sidebargodword * Read a little bit more about Joyce's meaning around such words as Spirit, God, The Presence.
My Philosophy
"Give a person a fish
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Teach a person to fish
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- Old Chinese Proverb
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Inspiration and Contemplation
quoteInspiration & Contemplation
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
- Martin Luther King, Jr. 
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Vol. 3, Issue 2 | February 2014
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February is the month of love. For me, the concept of Valentine's Day is similar to my idea of Christmas: celebrating friendship and love - people! And even though Valentine's Day is now past, love is always here and eternal.

"Perhaps Love" was written by John Denver, one of my favorite songwriters. I read in one place that John, in writing this song, was addressing his wife, Annie, when they were separated and headed towards a divorce. Another account is that he was holding his mother in his heart when he wrote it, and still another story was that he wrote it about Paramahamsa Muktananda. Perhaps all the accounts are true. I love the music, and its lyrics surely cause one to reflect upon what love is. See what you think...

It begins like this:

Perhaps love is like a resting place, a shelter from the storm.
It exists to give you comfort, it is there to keep you warm.
And in those times of trouble when you are most alone,
The memory of love will bring you home.

Read the complete lyrics and listen to the first recording of it in 1981 as John sings it with Placido Domingo.

As always, I'd love to hear your comments...


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They Chose Love


I was hesitant to even read this story about the Newtown school shootings, but I'm glad I did as it was ultimately a story about love, choosing love after a tragic event. As we are reminded in "A Course in Miracles," we can always choose once again.

And, it seemed Spirit was telling me to include it in this e-newsletter because I'd already inserted the Dr. King quote referred to in this story as the monthly inspirational quote on the sidebar. You may recall that I do not believe in coincidences, but I surely do believe in synchronicity and connection within the Universe.

The day of the Newtown shootings began like any other. I was out the door by 6:45 a.m., before my wife, Julie, and our two young children were even awake, on my way to my job for a small manufacturing firm three miles away.

Around 10:00 a.m. the phone rang.

"I got an automated call from the school," said Julie. "There's been a shooting at Sandy Hook."

Our children, Katie, a fourth grader, and Eli, in second, attended a different Newtown school. They were safe, as far as I knew. But we had friends with children at Sandy Hook.

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General Computer
The End of Windows XP Support

If you're a Windows XP user, it should come as no surprise to you that effective April 8th, technical assistance for Windows XP will no longer be available, including automatic updates that help protect your PC.

If you continue to use Windows XP after support ends, your computer will still work but it might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. Also, as more software and hardware manufacturers continue to optimize for more recent versions of Windows, you can expect to encounter greater numbers of apps and devices that do not work with Windows XP. Learn more at Microsoft's website.

I certainly have my opinion about this... When I had to buy a new laptop about 2 years ago, I was 'forced' to move from Windows XP to Windows 7 and did so kicking and screaming - but in the nick of time so as to not have to jump to Windows 8!

All that aside, you do need to have a plan in place for what to do when Windows XP support ends. Here's an article providing suggestions about dealing with the end of life of Windows XP.

Oh my - I just realized that my old laptop is my spare, so I too will need a plan!
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Can I Attach Docs to My e-Newsletter?

Files cannot be added as attachments in email sent through Constant Contact, but they can be hosted online and then linked to your email. This allows your contacts, who may not  have compatible software, to read it and also keeps a large file size from making your email undeliverable.

You have a few options for hosting your files online:
  • Constant Contact - Upload any PDF, Word document, Excel file or PowerPoint presentation to MyLibrary.
  • Your Own Website - Upload your file to the web and host it on your own website, or ask your webmaster to do it for you.
  • Third Party Service - Upload your file to the Internet with a third party file hosting service, such as Digioh or Google Drive.
Once your document is hosted, you can insert its URL into your email.
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Website Development/WordPress
Category Order Plugin    

WordPress automatically orders categories alphabetically by name. For example:
  • Case Studies
  • Detox
  • Energy Medicine
  • Events
  • Hands-on Healing
  • Testimonials
However, alphabetical order may not make sense for you - you may want them listed in order of priority on your site. The Category Order plugin allows you to easily reorder your categories the way you want, using the drag and drop method. Using the plugin, I can easily get the above list to appear as so:

The Category Order plugin is one of the simplest, no-nonsense plugins I've used, and quite useful.
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Newsletter - Dance Drop Shadow Image
heart As we move from the month of love into the month of renewal, it comes to mind that love easily fosters renewal.

I look toward to the next month with joy and wondrous anticipation as to what Spirit and the Universe have in store for each of us in this exciting Year of the Horse!

Yours in Spirit, 
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Joyce S. Kaye
(AKA The Computer Spirit)
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bottomgodwordJoyce "came to believe" in a Higher Power about 23 years ago. Thanks to hearing the novel idea that one could choose their own concept of God - and name too - and the workings of synchronicity, Joyce embarked on a new way of thinking, a new way of living, a new way of being in the world and with others. Since that time of commencing her conscious spiritual journey, she has endeavored to remember The Presence in all that is, all whom she meets, and all that she does - including working with others and their computer projects!

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