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Joyce S. Kaye
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Joyce S. Kaye, MSW,
The Computer Spirit (known as The Computer Therapist in a prior lifetime), is a computer geek and people-person who understands business and computer applications and thrives on the challenge of communicating that understanding clearly. Specializing in Constant Contact e-newsletters and "living" WordPress websites, Joyce brings her creativity, love of people and Spirit*, and computer expertise together to empower individuals and assure them they are not alone. 
sidebargodword * Read a little bit more about Joyce's meaning around such words as Spirit, God, The Presence.
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"Give a person a fish
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Teach a person to fish
and they eat for a lifetime."
- Old Chinese Proverb
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Inspiration and Contemplation
Inspiration & Contemplation
"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."
- Oprah Winfrey
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Vol. 2, Issue 5  |  May 2013
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During this month of May, besides the usual birthdays, anniversaries, and school graduations, there is much to celebrate that Life has poured forth for those in my circle. A book published... awesome software developed to connect with others in a powerful and fun way... a client passing the Florida Massage Therapy State Board exam... a friend celebrating the return to doing what she does best - jazz music!

In my own personal life, the journey has now officially brought me back to being a single woman, returning with a whole lot more wisdom to show for the adventure, and a great deal more self-knowledge, understanding, and appreciation.  


With joy, freedom, and peace, I celebrate and am most grateful for those who enrich my life with their caring, love, honesty, and wisdom. We all have our own path to follow, and I appreciate the adventures and learning garnered throughout my relationship with Rog. And, most of all, I'm grateful for and celebrate having a conscious relationship with Spirit, which makes doing this thing of human life on Planet Earth a lot easier, joyful, and meaningful.   


Thanks for being on the journey with me! 



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"Wisdom to Go"

Graduation Speaking of graduation, Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat of Spirituality & Practice, have written a college graduation speech they'd like to give. In it, they note that the moment the graduate steps out the gates of their campus, they'll encounter strange and unfamiliar sources of wisdom. So, to help them navigate the options, the Brussats offer some tools for self-growth that are short, deep (they can take you on an inward journey), and playful (they'll draw out one's creative soul). It's "wisdom to go" in the form of proverbs, pith sayings, 12 Step advice and aphorisms, worthwhile for us all.

For instance, they draw upon the Tibetan Buddhist sages..."We are all Buddhas; we only have to recognize that fact." That is, we spend far too much time and energy trying to prove ourselves to others when we already possess the miracle of Buddha's natural mind.

No matter what generation you fall into, read the entertaining and valuable wisdom contained in The Graduation Speech We'd Like to Give.
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General Computer
What's a One-sheet?

Especially if you're an author or a speaker, you need a one-sheet. What's a one-sheet, you ask?

One-sheet The concept of a one-sheet originated in the entertainment industry - it's a single-page document designed to provide a burst of information about a product for the purpose of sales or advertising. It's like a flyer or brochure, but meatier.

Your book could be the product, your speech, or your event, like a workshop. Actually, your entire organization could be the subject of a one-sheet!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's an example of a one-sheet I recently created. Edna Lawrence, a Holistic Health Educator and Wellness Coach, recently published her e-book, with the help of Paul McNeese, entitled "My Journey to Vibrant Health... and how you can get there, too." She wanted a hand-out to give to people she meets, especially when she gives talks.

On a more personal note, I just love creating one-sheets. It's a terrific opportunity to pack a lot in a small space, which takes skill and creativity simultaneously - a challenge that I welcome and a hallmark of my work.

Don't forget to read a free sample of Edna's book on Smashwords or Amazon!
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Coming for the Water

Water bottle - 5 gallon Many a stranger does not sign up for your newsletter because they want to get to know you better...

"They come for the water (i.e., useful information and/or a solution to their problems). But along the way, and if all goes well, a funny thing happens: They get attached to you as an individual. "

Read more about this phenomenon in Michael Katz's Water World post. Michael is an award-winning humorist, entrepreneur, and former corporate marketer. I just love his writing, which provides valuable information in a humorous style.
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Website Development/WordPress
10th Anniversary of WordPress

 The WordPress Foundation has designated May 27 as the day for WordPress Meetup groups worldwide to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first WordPress release in 2003.

So what exactly is WordPress anyway? WordPress started as a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as a full content management system and so much more through thousands of plugins, widgWordPress 10th birthdayets, and themes. WordPress is completely customizable and can be used for almost anything. There is also a service called WordPress.com which lets you get started with a new and free WordPress-based blog in seconds, but varies in several ways and is less flexible than the WordPress you download and install yourself and is self-hosted.

There's so much more to learn about WordPress... you can continue here.

Back to the celebration. You can join WordPress enthusiasts and their families for a birthday bash for WordPress at locations around the world. If you're located in Northern Arizona or Phoenix Metropolitan area, you can join in the fun at Gangplank in Chandler, in the East Valley of Phoenix, AZ. To learn more, check with Arizona WordPress Meetup.

Happy Birthday, WordPress - I, for one, am sure grateful you were born!
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Newsletter - Dance Drop Shadow Image
Daisy I trust you are finding much to celebrate in your life at this time... perhaps simply just being alive.

Yours in Spirit, 
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Joyce S. Kaye
(AKA The Computer Spirit)
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bottomgodwordJoyce "came to believe" in a Higher Power about 23 years ago.  Thanks to hearing the novel idea that one could choose their own concept of God, and the workings of synchronicity, Joyce embarked on a new way of thinking, a new way of living, a new way of being in the world and with others.  Since that time of commencing her conscious spiritual journey, she has endeavored to remember The Presence in all that is, all whom she meets, and all that she does - including working with others and their computer projects!

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