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Announcing New Partnership with CapNexus  
to Bring Project Financing to Network Members


Are you looking for sources of capital for a new development? Are you searching for gap financing or a longer term development loan? Are you needing an investor for a LIHTC project? The Network announces a new partnership with Partners for the Common Good so that our members may efficiently identify competitive financing options offered by lending institutions across the country through CapNexus


CapNexus is a loan matching platform that connects you to lenders and investors who can provide capital and partnership opportunities to help finance your deals and accomplish your community development goals. CapNexus provides a database of mission-aligned loans and lenders, helping those lenders and investors buy, sell, or participate in community development financing. The platform is comprised of local and national CDFIs, big banks, regional banks, credit unions, foundations, and institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance companies with a community development mission. And now, CapNexus allows approved Network members to search for lenders and post project-based requests for financing. Currently, CapNexus is offering the entire service for free to Network members as it pilots expanding services to borrowers.  


How to get started?

Peruse the CapNexus website. Then e-mail Wes Melville at Partners for the Common Good with basic information on your financing needs: melvillew@pcgloanfund.org. Wes can answer any questions you have and will help you join and post on CapNexus.


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