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August 17, 2016
Kildeer Police and Make a Wish

Yano, Super Hero!
Yano Pournaras was diagnosed with neuroblastoma-cancer on his 3rd birthday and had a life-long wish to be a super hero.  On Saturday, August 13th, his wish came true thanks to the dymanic duo of Kildeer Police Chief Steve Balinski and the Make-A-Wish foundation.  Yano (also known by his super hero name "Moon Pool") was sworn in as an honorary Kildeer Police Officer and Super Hero with much pomp and circumstance!  

Over 25 different law enforcement and fire agencies came together to grant Yano's wish. Yano was welcomed to Kildeer's Village Hall by a line of first responders and emergency vehicles with their sirens and lights blazing to cheer on this special hero.  Click below to view the special news report by Chicago's WGN TV.
Every super hero needs a super costume and "Costumers with a Cause" came to the rescue. They furnished Moon Pool with his very own custom-made super hero outfit complete with super weapons, a mask to hide his true identity and an action-figure as a keepsake of the event.  Chief Balinski, presented to Yano an Honorary "Kildeer Village Police Badge" as well as a model Kildeer squad car  with Yano's name on the license plates. 
Kildeer's Chick-fil-A catered the event with delicious salads, chicken sandwiches, iced tea and dessert which fed and gave energy to Yano, his friends, family and all of the wonderful people who donated their time to celebrate with Yano.  "Thank you! This is the best day of my life!" exclaimed Yano with a gigantic grin.

Our super hero was welcomed to Village Hall with whirling lights, sirens and a line-up of over 25 first responders from different local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies.  

Thank you to all the real life Super Heros that donated their time to celebrate this special event with Yano.
Yano and his Super Friends!

Yano's Wish Comes True.

Yano's Wish Comes True



Super Mom, Renee Pournaras, says  "Yano's seven-year battle with neuroblastoma-cancer-makes him the best superhero of all."  "There are  no words to describe it," she said. "None. He's living and we're celebrating his life today."

More pictures and video from this event will be posted on the Kildeer Village website within the next few days.
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