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December 4, 2015
L-R Front Row: Oliver Novack (brother of Cub Scout Jack Novack, Derek Haronik, Derek's brother Kyle, James Conway, Quinn Koerner
L-R Back Row: Dane Koerner, Zach Gorny, Jack Novack & Robert Li

Cub Scouts from Pack 92, decorated two trees at Village Hall which were donated by the Home Depot in Lake Zurich.  Cookies and apple cider were donated by The Fresh Market in the Quentin Collection.  The trees look beautiful thanks to the Cub Scouts, their parents and Pack Leader Dan Gorny.

    Thank You 

During the last storm, snow plow operations were hampered by many branches and trees that fell onto streets. The Ela Township Highway Department began clearing debris from the streets and the Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT) was also called out to help.  


CERT volunteers Eric Schildkraut, Robert Wadowski, Jeff Fox, Gayle Fox and Gregg Heineman worked for over two hours removing whole trees and broken branches from the roadways.  The Village of Kildeer and its residents very much appreciate the help that Ela Township and CERT provided!

Kildeer Only Police Patch At this time of the year house break-ins increase because thieves know that presents are often out in the open inside homes.  Be especially alert for "ruse burglars" who pose as utility workers investigating a report of a problem.  The burglars use the element of surprise to distract you just long enough for an accomplice to sneak into your home and steal whatever can be taken in a few seconds.  Do not open your door to strangers, even if they look official, and call 911 immediately to report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood.
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