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February 18, 2015


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The Village of Kildeer, in cooperation with the Kemper Lakes Golf Club, is pleased to announce an exclusive offer to the residents of Kildeer for a Dining Membership at the area's most prestigious private club.  It is a wonderful opportunity for residents to enjoy fine dining, social events and golf at special rates.


A Dining Membership entitles you to enjoy the clubhouse food and beverage facilities at the Kemper Lakes Golf Club. Dining Members pay for food, beverages and other incidental charges incurred for using the Club's facilities. Dining Members may access the golf course or golf practice facilities as specified below.


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Kemper Lakes' Clubhouse restaurant with its custom-made maple bar and majestic stone fireplace makes this the perfect rustic setting while dining and overlooking the exquisite garden and Kemper Lakes' signature seventeenth hole.

Initiation Fee: $0 ($500 Dining Membership fee is waived for Kildeer residents0


Monthly Food  Credit:    $100 per month charged to a credit card from March through December 2015.  If more than $100 of food, beverages or services is consumed in a month the Dining Member pays the overage.  


Dining Members Enjoy Exclusive Access to Clubhouse and Outdoor Dining as follows:  

  • Invitation to Social Dining Events offered by the Club
  • Carryout Dining Available
  • Access to the Clubhouse Ballroom for private parties and meetings
  • Dress Code: Casual Attire (denim can be worn in clubhouse but not on the golf course)
  • EZ Pay Charging Privileges
  • Access to golf course or practice areas on days when playing rounds of golf:
    • Dining Members can play up to 5 rounds of golf at a $70 rate from the day the course opens in March or April until May 1 and then again from September 1 until the course closes in late November.
    • Dining Members may invite up to three guests to join them in a foursome; the guest fee of $110 per person applies.

For more information about this special Dining Membership offer to Kildeer residents contact Jessica Trzop, Kemper Lakes Clubhouse Manager, at or (847) 726-5544. 


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