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February 18, 2014



Warmer temperatures are expected to cause significant thawing of snow and ice.  A mid-winter thaw can produce meltwater which may not be able to drain away because of still frozen ground and blocked drainageways.  
Meltwater runoff from snow and ice will naturally flow to low-lying areas.  Residents and businesses should clear any storm-water drains that may be blocked by ice or debris.  Consider "adopting" drains nearest your home to keep property as flood-free as possible.


Dangerous conditions from "Black Ice" are especially common during mid-winter thaws when meltwater turns to ice overnight as temperatures drop.  Be on the lookout for Black Ice conditions and use extreme caution in the morning when walking and driving. 


When rains combine with snow and ice melt the risk of flooding increases dramatically.  Here are some additional things that you can do to better prepare for what nature can throw our way:   

1.   Review your current homeowner's insurance policy and become familiar with what is and is not covered, as damage due to flooding is typically not covered.

2.  Learn the facts about flood insurance and what you can do to make sure you, your family, and home are protected.  Call your insurance agent to purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program.

3.  Make a flood plan and plan evacuation routes.

4.  Itemize and take pictures of possessions.

5.  Make sure your sump pump is in good working condition and that you have a battery backup.

6.  Keep valuable items and family heirlooms on the upper floors of your home.

Flood insurance is available to help residents recover from flooding events, which are the most common type of natural disaster in the United States.  Please consider this a good time to purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program, of which the Village of Kildeer is a participating member. 

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