Way To Go First Christian Family!
Thank you to an amazing church family who welcomed, gave, prayed and served in an amazing week through First Christian in Florissant. Many children clearly heard and experienced the message of God's love. We celebrated 2 Baptisms and seeds were planted for many more. Jesus said, "Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me." -Matthew 18:5 
Through a well led ministry of Vacation Bible School, more than 500 were welcomed or shared in that welcome. It was well worth the work. Well done church!
Summer Wednesday Worship
Starts Wednesday, July 1, 7-8 pm
As part of celebrating your summer season, Wednesday nights can be a great time to join Christian friends in community! If travel takes you away from Sundays at church, know you have a great option mid-week in July. Expect a creative hour of worship and preaching and expect good surprises with fun after events as simple as homemade ice cream, hot dogs, or a movie on the back lawn. Childcare and student programming will not be available to allow our volunteers a small break and to encourage us to spend time connecting with our family. We hope you will join us this summer as we mix worship and family fun each Wednesday night.

Special Guest Preacher
Sunday, June 28, during each service
Our first guest preacher of the summer is Ben Cachiaras. He is the senior pastor of Mountain Christian Church, which is being used greatly by God to serve the community of Baltimore, Maryland. Pastor Cachiaras is a widely respected Christian leader who has also served as a past president of the North American Christian Convention. We are very excited for the word he will bring. 
Join Together in Prayer
Thursday, June 18, 7 pm in Worship Center
Our Elders invite you to join together for a prayer service. A simple prayer guide will be provided and we will take the opportunity to pray for our unity in the victories that God has for us as a church family moving forward. 

Thursday, June 25, 7 pm in Guest Point

Need prayer? This is a great opportunity to gather with other believers and exercise the power of prayer to change your life and others. 
Celebrate Father's Day
Sunday, June 21
Celebrate Father's Day by first honoring your Father in Heaven. This Sunday, all dads will be celebrated with a couple of special gifts and a message from God's Word to honor and encourage! 
Support High Hill Christian Camp
Each year we make a donation to High Hill Christian Camp to support their ministry and student outreach. This year, they need 3-5 workers to help prepare meals on June 23 and July 1. The drive is less than an hour and you can help at 9 am, 4 pm or all day. Sign up on your Connect Card this Sunday if you are interested. 

Also, our goal is to donate 500 rolls of toilet tissue for summer campers. Please bring your rolls within the next two weeks and stack them up in the foyer. Thanks for your support.


April 19, 2015
I'm ALL IN Giving: $32,661
Decisions for Christ: Gail Green, Felicia Jackson, Goldie Lakins, and Gloria Elaine Nugent
*Baptized into Christ
April 26, 2015
I'm ALL IN Giving: $20,728
Decisions for Christ: 
*Baptized into Christ
May 3, 2015
I'm ALL IN Giving: $36,497
Decisions for Christ: Cathy Arras, Shana Bendawald, Marcel Hickman*, Jessica Kuhlengel*, Ashlee Stollhans-Zykan*
*Baptized into Christ
May 10, 2015
I'm ALL IN Giving: $29,039
Decisions for Christ: Jamie Bennett, James Brockman, Donna Christensen, and Jenette Graf*
*Baptized into Christ
May 17, 2015I'm ALL IN Giving: $33,055Decisions for Christ: Grace Geiler*, Troy Holbrook*, Sidney King* and Brennan Stewart*
*Baptized into Christ
May 24, 2015I'm ALL IN Giving: $21,464Decisions for Christ: 
*Baptized into Christ