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Big Decision Day!
Sunday is one of the biggest, can't-miss days in the life of our church. I'm All In decision cards will be on each seat and as part of our expression of worship, we will all be asked to write down a decision about our own personal generosity. As your senior pastor, this is not something I ask without much planning, teaching, prayer, and fasting.
  • You know our vision is to reach others, win souls, and grow deeper as disciples.
  • You know the church offers the only real good news in a bad news world.
  • You know that that we have ministry goals that are only reachable if 100% of our members, not 40%, step forward in faith and step up in generosity.
  • You know that God has been generous and this decision is an opportunity to grow in your generosity. When faced with a really big decision, it is natural to want more time. But the reality is, some doors of opportunity are only open for a short time. Our church has a 56-year legacy with just a handful of similar asks for a decision like this one. This is a rare moment to express that you are "All In" by communicating your decision that will shape your growth in generosity and determine the immediate future of our ministry. 

"But what if I lose my job, lose my health, move away, or die?" Our generosity decision is not an oath, so it can be revised if our circumstances change. But faith should ask, "What if God blesses me at a whole new level?" And if God is for us, who can be against us?! 

This Sunday, I invite you to write down something that reflects your most generous decision for giving to God's Kingdom through First Christian over the next two years. At the close of our time in the worship center, I can't wait to lay down my decision card to the front steps and hope to see you join our whole church family there for that special moment.

Steve Wingfield I'm All In,
Steve Wingfield

Senior Pastor

>> visit imallin.org for an online decision card, personal testimonies and lots of info about I'm All In!

First Christian Garden Clean-Up
Saturday, October 18, 8:00 am
In preparation for the fall/winter season, our gardens need a little maintenance. We will gather at the front of the building for assignments and tools. Even if you are not a gardener, we can use your help. Students needing service hours will be welcome! Free plants will be available as we tear out some of the existing gardens and replace them with grass. Refreshments will also be available. Contact Barb Kruse (314-839-4175, kruse4175@gmail.com) if available.
Quarter-After Lunch

October 19 after 11:00 service

All young adults ages 24-30 at First Christian are invited to come and enjoy lunch in Guest Point. This is a great chance to meet other young adults!


Women's Self Defense Class
Thursday, October 23, 6:00-8:00
This course teaches women how to use their strengths against an assailant's mental and physical weaknesses, solve personal safety concerns related to fear of being attacked, street crimes, dating and domestic violence. Cost: $5, refundable on night of event. 13 years and up. Course is limited to 20. Sign up at Connecting Point on Sunday.
Women's Ministry W.I.S.E. Seminar

Saturday, November 1, 9:00 am - 3:30 pm (registration: 8:30 am)
Enjoy a full day of teaching, fellowship, encouragement, mentoring, writing and creative exercises to help women of all ages to discover who God designed for them to become! We'll look at "Becoming Myself, Embracing God's Dream of You" by Stasi Eldredge. Cost is $15 (lunch included). Reserve your spot at Connecting Point on Sunday.
Trunk or Treat

Sunday, October 26, 3:00-5:00 pm

We hope to reach over 1,000 children in our community! There will be apple cider, popcorn, games, a cakewalk, movie and candy! 

  • We are looking for volunteers to decorate their trunks. Prizes will be awarded for various categories, including "Best Movie Theme" and "Best Christian Theme". 
  • Donations of baked goods (cake, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, etc) for the cakewalk are needed and can be brought to the church on Saturday, October 25 or Sunday, October 26 before 2:00 pm.
  • Lots and lots of bags of wrapped candy is needed. Please drop off in the designated areas around the building by this Sunday, October 19.
September 7, 2014Worship: 1191
Wed. 9/3: 378
Missions Offering: $2,669
Total Offering: $32,428
Decisions for Christ:
Denille Aldridge, Jonathan Aldridge, Chanston Boleyjack, Dennis Gockel, Donitta Gockel, Jessica Lammers, Shalon Ledbetter, Tyrone Ledbetter, Brandon Mills, Jamie Mills, Dwayne Parkinson, Demetrice Pride
*baptized into Christ
September 14, 2014Worship: 1101
Wed. 9/10: 589
Missions Offering: $3,784
Total Offering: $32,509
Decisions for Christ:
Aaliyan Landers*, Alexis Landers, Tabitha Moon*
*Baptized into Christ
September 21, 2014Worship: 1267
Wed. 9/17: 431
Missions Offering: $1,605
Total Offering: $28,446
Decisions for Christ:
Vincent Alfano*, Jeanell Becton, Wiley Duerson, Jane Gockel, Jo Huff, Kathy Kohoutek*, Marcie Tucker*, Debbie Vance, Earl Wooten*
*Baptized into Christ
September 28, 2014Worship: 1084
Wed. 9/24: 399
Missions Offering: $1,276
Total Offering: $25,372
Decisions for Christ: 
Toni Green*, Thomas Kilwin*, Larry Truskoeski*, Dotti Young*, Nichole Young
*Baptized into Christ
October 5, 2014Worship: 1106
Wed. 10/1: 410
Missions Offering: $2,685
Total Offering: $47,813
Decisions for Christ:
Jacqueline Clay, Isaiah Galvan*, Andrew Hardy*, Julie Hardy, Telitha Rogers-Anderson
* Baptized into Christ


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