October 3, 2014

Great Questions for This Sunday!
Are you up to answer some great questions? These are the questions we've been asking as a church family:
  • When Jesus invites by saying, "Come follow me," can I say "I'm All In"?
  • What would be a step of faith for me, moving me beyond my fears?
  • Where have I plateaued and what would be a step up in generosity?
  • What would be a financial decision that represents "all in" for giving over the next two years?

Leaders, I want to remind you of an opportunity to lead out in a way that can have an impact on new, young Christians in our church. This Sunday at 6:00 pm, we have our Advance Commitment Event for all key volunteers, leaders, and ministry staff. We will meet in the front of the worship center for an inspiring time of personal stories, worship, and bringing our I'm All In decision cards. We will have great dessert fellowship too. I can't stress enough the value it will be for you as leaders and key volunteers to be there.

For our whole church family, this Sunday is a super-important day of worship and the message is, "You Bet Your Life." We will receive one more item that will help us process what an "I'm All In" commitment will look like for each of us. To realize our vision to reach, win, and grow it will take 100% participation if we are going to celebrate a victory on our Decision Sunday, October 19. Keep wearing that "I'm All In" necklace as a reminder to pray for our church and your own step of faith, and for me to preach God's message clearly.

I'm All In!

Steve Wingfield
Senior Pastor
(314) 837-2269
What is your story?

At First Christian, lives are being changed every week. We don't want to keep these stories a secret! Have you recently come to know Christ as your savior? Had a great time of spiritual growth? Experienced a healed marriage? Found Biblical community? Experienced recovery from addiction? Come through a difficult financial situation? There are a number of scenarios that show how God is touching and changing lives in profound ways. We would love if you would share your story.


Trunk or Treat

Sunday, October 26, 3:00-5:00 pm

We hope to reach over 1,000 children in our community! Please bring a bag or two of wrapped candy to the marked bins in the foyer and come join in the fun on the 26th. 

Special needs:
We are looking for volunteers to decorate their trunks. Prizes will be awarded for various categories, including "Best Movie Theme" and "Best Christian Theme". Donations of baked goods (cake, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, etc) for the cakewalk are needed and can be brought to the church on Saturday, October 25 or Sunday, October 26 before 2:00 pm.



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