September 13, 2014


How important can one new series be for you and the life of our church?

We are pulling out all the stops to invest in YOU with a challenge that begins on Sunday, September 21. On this can't-miss Sunday, we will give everyone three tools. Each will be a significant encouragement for you to take a new step of faith:

I'm All In journal
This will be your personal journal for taking notes on what God is teaching you through Sunday messages, small groups, and personal devotions. We've handed out journals before, but this one is our most significant investment ever- an investment in you. It will be free to everyone who comes and wants to grow in faith.

I'm All In "dog tags"
We have a cool necklace that will serve as a prayer reminder. I can't wait for you to see one and put it on as a symbol of your commitment to follow Christ.

Generosity - A four-week daily devotional guide
You will receive a book that will serve as a companion to your
I'm All In journal.

I have been sharing our vision to "reach, win, grow". For our church to experience a rebirth for the future, this vision will become a reality only by each of us taking a new step of faith together. A powerful video shown the next two Sundays will share how I have taken this challenge personally. What would a step of faith look like for you? Let's discover that together.

I'm All In!

Steve Wingfield
Senior Pastor
(314) 837-2269
Calling All Leaders and Volunteers

Join us this Sunday at 6:30PM! Because you SERVE I want to honor you by sharing our VISION for the future, before I share it with the church family. In just one week I will be launching one of the most important teaching series that we've ever had and I want you to be fully on board before we begin. Sunday, September 14 at 6:30PM join me in the worship center for a special worship time. We will begin with a light dinner of sandwiches and toasted ravioli. Then after some worship and a testimony of a changed life, I'll share some of the highlights of our vision and future plans. I have a special gift for you that will be a great prayer reminder. Children of those attending will be entertained in Stage One. Thank you for serving and being excited about what's next in our ministry together.


Congregational Meeting Results
Twenty servant leaders were on a ballot on Sunday September 7 for congregational approval. We praise God for the unity expressed as we have elected all those on the ballot to serve. Our one new elder (Stanley DuBose) and 19 deacons received approval of 98.5%-99.7%.

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