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The Energy Conservatory (TEC) continually reviews its calibration procedures to ensure that you always have the most accurate pressure gauges in the industry. No gauge ever leaves our calibration facility unless each and every reading is within our stated calibration accuracy[1] over the entire range of the instrument. 


We never cut corners on accuracy by using terms like "Average Error"[2] because we believe all of your pressure measurements should be accurate. Precision calibration of TEC instruments means you can trust your gauge to meet the accuracy requirements for all performance testing standards world-wide.


New Two Year Calibration

CalibrationBased on recalibrating tens of thousands of our industry leading DG-700 (and DG-500) pressure gauges, we are extending our recommended calibration interval for these instruments to two years (previously one year). 


Our detailed analysis of calibration performance means you can be assured that your gauge will meet our rigid accuracy specifications for a minimum of 24 months, saving you time and money in calibration related costs.


How to Recalibrate Your Gauge

  1. Most of our customers choose to send their gauge to TEC along with a completed equipment return form. Turnaround time at our facility is typically two to three days following receipt of the instrument (assuming repairs are not necessary). We will provide a NIST-traceable calibration certificate which includes "as found" as well as "current condition" pressure data.  
  2. In lieu of sending your gauge into TEC once every two years for recalibration, customers may choose to perform a digital gauge field calibration check procedure which is available on our website. The Digital Gauge Field Calibration Check is a procedure to field check the calibration of a digital gauge against a recently calibrated DG-700 gauge that is being used as an in-house reference standard (it is acceptable to test your gauges against another DG-700 gauge that has just been returned from calibration at TEC). Gauges that fail the Digital Gauge Field Calibration Check will need to be sent to TEC for re-calibration.

[1] DG-700 accuracy specification is 1% of reading, or 0.15 Pa, whichever is greater.


[2] "Average Error" (used by some gauge manufacturers) is not an industry accepted method of reporting instrument calibration results.
The equipment return form has been updated for your convenience. You now have the choice of printing the form and filling it out by hand, or you can complete it on your computer. To complete the form on your computer simply click in the fields and start typing.

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Click here for the new equipment return form
Did you know the Minneapolis Blower Door™ was featured on an episode of Home Improvement's Tool Time? Tim and Al demonstrate what can happen if you don't properly prepare a home before starting a blower door test. Watch the video!
Thank you to everyone who purchased a WiFi Link recently. A discussion has been started about the different uses of the WiFi LInk on our LinkedIn Group. Please join the discussion by clicking here. This discussion includes information on how to use the WiFi Link with a PC laptop and MacBook.
Below is a list of conferences and trade shows that TEC will be attending.

11/13/13 - 11/13/13
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11/18/13 - 11/19/13
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11/20/13 - 11/22/13
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12/10/13 - 12/11/13
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