April 2015 - In This Issue:
Pearland Veteran Receives Home

Pictured from left to right: Sally Powell Schall, National Community Stabilization Trust; Robert Jones, Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation; Michaelle Wormly, WOMAN Inc.; Bobby Moore, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Seated: Specialist Joseph Cummings. 


On Friday, April 10, 2015, former Specialist Joseph Cummings, a disabled military veteran, received a mortgage-free home in Pearland, Texas. Mr. Cummings is a decorated veteran of the U.S. Army, where he served honorably from 1970 until 1976. This home will provide stability for Mr. Cummings and allow him to devote his time to what he cares about most - his faith, his family, and his well-being.  


Bank of America generously donated the home to TSAHC, in partnership with the National Community Stabilization Trust. TSAHC partnered with Houston area nonprofit WOMAN, Inc. to perform the necessary repairs on the home and connect Mr. Cummings to the program.   


Know any veterans in need of affordable housing? 


Mr. Cummings received his home through TSAHC's Affordable Communities of Texas-Veterans Housing Initiative (ACT-VET). TSAHC's ACT-VET program is part of a nationwide, multi-partner initiative whose purpose is to rehabilitate vacant homes to provide affordable homeownership opportunities to disabled veterans.  


TSAHC maintains a list of ACT-VET properties that are available at a discounted rate of 25% off the listing price to disabled and/or low-to-moderate income veterans. In certain circumstances, veterans who are low-to-moderate income and are fully disabled may be eligible to receive the home as a donation. TSAHC encourages local veterans services providers, Realtors®, and housing partners to advertise these properties to veterans who may qualify.   


Learn more about the ACT-VET program.
Have you heard?
June 29th is Mortgage-Free Monday

In honor of National Homeownership Month this June, TSAHC will be paying a month's mortgage for five new homeowners. TSAHC will conduct a drawing on Monday, June 29, 2015 to select the five winners. Each winner will receive one month's mortgage payment paid by TSAHC.
The raffle is open to all home buyers closing on a loan using TSAHC's down payment assistance and/or Mortgage Credit Certificate programs between April 1, 2015 and June 26, 2015.

Learn more about Mortgage-Free Monday. 

2015 Texas Foundations Fund Application Now Open

We are now accepting applications for the 2015 Texas Foundations Fund awards cycle. Through the Texas Foundations Fund, TSAHC partners with non-profit organizations and rural government entities to provide housing stability to very low-income households.

TSAHC selects partners through a competitive application process and provides awards from $15,000 to $50,000 to support partners' supportive housing services and critical home repair programs. Since 2008, TSAHC has awarded nearly $1.9 million through the Texas Foundations Fund.

Guidelines and Application

Organizations interested in submitting an application should complete the following steps:

1. Read the 2015 Texas Foundations Fund Guidelines, which include a detailed description of eligibility requirements.

2. Complete the eligibility quiz.
3. If you pass the eligibility quiz, click here to access the online application.

Application Deadline

Applications must be submitted online no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 5, 2015


Please reference the Texas Foundations Fund FAQs. You can also contact Katie Claflin at 512.334.2152 or kclaflin@tsahc.org.  

Learn more about the Texas Foundations Fund.

Recent Grants to Support Our Programs

TSAHC would like to recognize the following for their generous donations to support the programs we deliver to provide safe, decent, affordable housing for all Texans.


Insperity, Inc.  

$2,500 grant for the Texas Financial Toolbox




Frost Bank
$2,500 grant for the June 2015 Texas Statewide Homebuyer Education Program

Thank you to these organizations for their continued support of our programs and mission.

Registration is Open for the June 2015 Texas Statewide Homebuyer Education Program Training

Register here for the June 2015 Texas Statewide Homebuyer Education Program training. You can apply for a scholarship for the training by clicking here. One hundred percent of the counselors who have gone through this training recommend it to others.

June 1st-3rd in San Antonio

HO370: Advanced Financial Coaching-Taking Your Practice to the Next Level - 3 days  


Funded in part by Frost Bank




TSAHC has partnered with NeighborWorks America to provide these courses. For more information about the courses offered and the different certifications provided by NeighborWorks, including requirements to obtain or maintain a certification and the application form for each, click here.  




Feel free to contact Sarah Ellinor at sellinor@tsahc.org or 512.220.1171.  

Learn more about the Texas Statewide Homebuyer Education Program.  


The below piece is an excerpt from On The House, a weekly blog TSAHC launched in 2014 on affordable housing topics. We invite you to drop by On The House every Friday as we share information on important housing issues, provide an inside look into our programs, and share other valuable resources. Click here to sign up to receive the blog every Friday.  

Property Tax Exemptions Available for Homeowners  


Texas has the second highest property taxes in the nation, according to a recent report issued by the real estate firm Realty Trac.  The states with the highest effective property tax rates are:  New York (3.01 percent), Texas (2.18 percent), Illinois (2.15 percent), Connecticut (2.11 percent) and New Jersey (2.01 percent). 


Texas Property Tax Exemptions


Texas law does provide some relief by allowing a variety of partial or total property tax exemptions.  A partial exemption removes a portion of a property's value from taxation, while a total exemption excludes the entire property from taxation. 


If you purchased a home in 2014, the deadline to file your exemption application is April 30th. Click here to learn more and obtain a copy of the exemption applications.


Below is a summary of the three property tax exemption types for homeowners.


1. Residence Homestead:  a partial exemption available on the property claimed as a homeowner's primary residence.


2. Age 65 or Older or Disabled Persons: a partial exemption available to homeowners age 65 or older OR homeowners who meet definition of disabled for the purpose of receiving disability insurance benefits under the Federal Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance Act.  This exemption is only available on the property claimed as the homeowner's primary residence.


3. Disabled Veterans: a partial exemption available on any property owned by disabled veterans and surviving spouses and children of deceased disabled veterans.  Veterans who are deemed 100% disabled due to a service-related disability are eligible for a total exemption on their primary residence.


The Texas Legislature is also considering several tax reform bills that could increase the property tax exemptions available to Texas homeowners. To learn more, check out the Texas Tribune, a nonpartisan media outlet that covers the Texas Legislative Session.