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New Economic Tools Can Add to Quonset's Success
After 35 Years, Bill Harritos Calls it a Career
FedEx Ground President Featured at URI's Supply Chain Management Forum
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Governor Raimondo: New Economic Tools Can Add to Quonset's Success
Gov. Gina Raimondo
Now it's even easier to bring new business to Quonset, and for our 200 tenants to expand and create new jobs. Thanks to a comprehensive set of new economic initiatives that were introduced by Governor Gina M. Raimondo earlier this year and passed by the General Assembly more economic growth in Rhode Island and at Quonset Business Park is on the way.

Governor Raimondo recently highlighted these new tools in the New England Real Estate Journal.

"One way to jumpstart our economy is to build on the successes at Quonset for continued growth," Governor Raimondo wrote in her piece. "Given the creation of a statewide economic development toolkit, Quonset will be able to build upon its existing incentives and provide even more help to companies looking to grow and expand. On the state level, these new tools include a jobs tax credit, a real estate tax credit for new and expanded development, and competitive programs designed to keep recent college graduates here."

The initiatives are part of Governor Raimondo's push to grow Rhode Island's economy and to make the state more business-friendly.

With more than 10,000 jobs, 200 companies, and one of the top auto importers on the continent at the Port of Davisville, Quonset Business Park is one of Rhode Island's key drivers of economic and job growth. Governor Raimondo's new economic tools build upon the payroll and lease incentives already available at Quonset, and will position us for even more growth in the years ahead.

"It is my hope that by taking advantage of these programs, you will reinvest the savings to grow even more. And for my part, I will continue to work every day to make Rhode Island a place where businesses want to be and where everyone has a chance to make it.
To learn more about the Administration's new tools you can visit the Commerce RI website, or read Governor Raimondo's piece in the New England Real Estate Journal by clicking here.

After 35 Years,
Bill Harritos
Calls it a Career
Bill Harritos, Outgoing
Facilities Engineer for QDC
The Quonset Business Park has evolved quite a bit over the past three decades, but one constant has been Vasilios "Bill" Harritos, who is retiring as the QDC's facilities engineer after 35 years.

Bill began at Quonset in 1981 after 14 years with the Maguire Group  (now CDR Maguire). Since then, he has had an up-close view of Quonset's transformation from an abandoned Navy base to one of the most successful business parks in the country.

"Oh, it's changed quite a bit," Bill said. "The number of companies that have moved in since my first day on the job has been phenomenal. I remember when we had just a handful of companies back in the early '80s. Now look at it."

Among his many roles over the years, Bill is most proud of helping with the re-development of the 60 acres now known as the Kiefer Park district.

"Before development, the property was old unit housing," Bill explained. "Now it's completely occupied with big companies like Fuji Film, Hexagon Metrology, Hayward Pools, and others."

As Bill's time at Quonset comes to an end, he looks forward to traveling and having time to relax, but he will miss the people he worked with every day.

"They're all so helpful and friendly," he said. "They are going to be what I miss most about this place."

"Bill will be greatly missed by his colleagues here at Quonset," said Steven King, P.E., managing director of the QDC.  "His institutional knowledge and commitment to our success have been an enormous asset over the years."

FedEx Ground President Featured at URI's Supply Chain Management Forum

URI College of
Business Administration
With more than 200 companies and 10,000 people working at Quonset and the Port of Davisville, supply chain management is crucial to the success of our tenant companies but is not without challenges.
In a forum titled, "Supply Chain Challenges: Present and Future", URI's College of Business and Administration is set to address supply chain management issues such as workforce challenges, infrastructure and Trucking Equipment Standards.

The conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick on Tuesday, October 27 and will feature the President of FedEx Ground, Henry Maier. As keynote speaker, Maier will discuss e-commerce issues and challenges facing the shipping and transportation industry.   
Tickets for URI's College of Business Administration's Supply Chain Management Forum are $75 and include dinner and dessert.  The event will begin with a reception at 5:15 p.m. and end with networking at 9 p.m.

To register for tickets and get more information, contact Michaela Mooney at  or visit