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Solar Panels, Bike Paths Make for Good Neighbors
Toray Plastics Awarded "Real Jobs Rhode Island" Grant
Help Quonset Keep its Roads and Beaches Clean
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Solar Panels, Bike Paths Make
for Good Neighbors

Quonset Bike Path

Quonset Business Park is a bustling place. With more than 10,000 jobs - nearly half in manufacturing - 200 companies and one of the top ten auto ports in North America there's a lot of activity here. To provide a buffer between that activity and the community we've placed several passive uses (no trucks, no lights, no noise, no emissions) in strategic spots in order to be a good neighbor.

One example of "buffering" is the Quonset Gateway District, which includes "light" uses like retail, a hotel, day care facility, office space and the Seabee Military Museum and Park. Another example is the 2.3 mile long Quonset Bike Path, which runs alongside a berm covering more than six acres on our Newcomb Road property line.

New solar energy projects, hundreds of tree and shrub plantings, and new recreational fields being built with the Town of North Kingstown and DEM also reflect the passive uses we've planned for the areas closest to Quonset's neighbors. Clearing for the new 22-acre ballfields will begin this month.
"The business park and its tenants are crucial to economic development and job growth in North Kingstown and Rhode Island," Steven King, Managing Director of the QDC recently said. "However, we go to great lengths to provide a buffer for our neighbors who live close by."

"These 'best practices' that are part of our master plan strike just the right balance between job growth and being a good neighbor," he added.

Quonset's Toray Plastics Awarded
"Real Jobs Rhode Island" Grant
Governor Gina Raimondo and the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training recently announced that it has awarded Quonset's longtime tenant, Toray Plastics (America), Inc., a "Real Jobs Rhode Island" grant to develop a leadership training program. The $25,000 grant application was written in partnership with Astro-Med, Inc., of West Warwick, the University of Rhode Island, and the Rhode Island Association of Manufacturers. The four organizations will work together to create the training program.
The state launched "Real Jobs Rhode Island" for the purpose of identifying workforce needs for high-demand occupations, creating comprehensive training programs, and developing strategies for recruitment. The grant program is funded with federal and state funds, including $1.3 million from the Governor's Workforce Board. 
"We are extremely honored to receive this important, generous training grant," said Mike Brandmeier, President and CEO, Toray Plastics (America). "The opportunity is a win for Toray and all grant recipients, jobseekers, and Rhode Island." Brandmeier also noted that the "Real Jobs Partnership" is another excellent example of the power of collaboration between business, government, and educational institutions to help Rhode Island remain competitive and grow its economy.
To learn more about the "Real Jobs Rhode Island" program, click here.

Adopt-A-Roadway Helps Keep Quonset Beaches, Roadways Looking Great
Quonset Business Park is continuing to accept applications for its Adopt-a-Roadway Program that allows local community organizations and businesses to pitch-in a few hours each year to keep Quonset's roadways and beaches clean.
The Adopt-a-Roadway Program allows organizations and businesses to volunteer their time to help keep the roadways of the Quonset Business Park free of litter and to ensure that its public paths and three public beaches are kept clean for the community to enjoy.  A maximum of two miles of roadway can be adopted and participating businesses are required to volunteer at least three times per year.  The efforts of Galaxy Foods and Quonset Davisville Naval Yacht Club, two early partners in the program, have already had a positive impact on the Quonset community.
The QDC supplies 27x24-inch-signs with the sponsor's name that are placed on one of three public beaches or along the adopted roadway.  Partners just have to bring volunteers to clean up their adopted section of beach or road.  The QDC will also provide safety vests, work gloves, trash bags, and trash removal, in addition to signage noting ongoing cleanup.
To learn more about Quonset Business Park's Adopt-a-Roadway Program or to download an application, click here.