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U.S. Transportation Secretary 
Anthony Foxx Arrives at Quonset
Steven J. King, Managing Director of the QDC, briefs Sec. Anthony Foxx and Sen. Jack Reed on recent improvements at the Port of Davisville

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and U.S. Senator Jack Reed toured some of Rhode Island's key port infrastructure and met with transportation officials and marine shipping leaders at Quonset Business Park on Monday to discuss the critical role ports play in Rhode Island and our nation's economy.

During the visit, Reed showed Secretary Foxx firsthand how several federal investments in the state's two major commercial ports - the Port of Davisville and the Port of Providence - are helping to create jobs and opportunities while boosting maritime commerce in the Ocean State.

"We are a maritime state, it's part of our history and heritage and key to our future. I am committed to modernizing our port infrastructure and creating good paying, sustainable jobs. And thanks to federal transportation funding, we have made major improvements at both the Port of Davisville and the Port of Providence. These federal funds have helped expand capacity and improved both dockside facilities and inland connections so our ports can increase the volume of business. We want to ensure Rhode Island's ports are well positioned to compete, both now and in the future," said Senator Reed.

"Investing in our ports helps create jobs, and it can also help reduce both highway congestion and energy consumption.Rhode Island's ports have a strategic location and room for growth. We want to ensure their infrastructure is ship shape, efficient, and inter-connected so they're ready to compete for more business when the Panama Canal expansion comes on line next year," he added.

The Port of Davisville, which is operated by Quonset Development Corporation, is the state's largest port and a major gateway to markets throughout Southern New England and beyond. ProvPort is one of the busiest deep water ports in the northeast. To learn more about the visit click here.

Tech Collective Honors Quonset Tenant, Material Science Associates 

John D. Jarrell (2nd from left) and other recipients of the 2014 Rhode Island Bioscience Award

As Quonset Business Park continues to grow and succeed, word is spreading about the more than 175 businesses and 9,500 workers within the park and their achievements. John D. Jarrell, President of Material Science Associates, was recently selected as a recipient of a 2014 Rhode Island Bioscience Award by the Tech Collective, Rhode Island's leading BioScience and IT industry association.

Created to honor those who have contributed significant accomplishments, innovations, and leadership across various sectors of Rhode Island's Bioscience and medical fields, Dr. Jarrell was recognized as an outstanding bioscience professional and entrepreneur. Jarrell and Material Science Associates are known for their development of antibacterial coatings that have the potential to prevent infections within or around surgical implants. They are currently looking to apply for FDA approval of these prototypes within the coming year. 

"From company growth and innovation to an increased number of services and supporting programs that foster this industry, Rhode Island's foothold in the biosciences is growing and strengthening," said Kathie Shields, Executive Director of Tech Collective. "This year's Award winners are some of our state's leading innovators, and we are so proud to honor their diligence, passion, and success." 

The awards were presented at the 2014 Rhode Island Bioscience Awards on Thursday, August 28, in Lincoln, RI. To learn more about Dr. Jarrell and his work, click here.
BankNewport to Host Data Protection Seminar at Quonset Gateway Branch

Add a description BankNewport will offer a free business seminar, titled "Small Business, Big Risk: Data Protection for Your Business", this Tuesday, September 9, from 5:30 to 7 pm at their North Kingstown location. The seminar will educate business owners on the steps they can take to reduce risk and protect their data in a world where information has become a criminal commodity.

The presenter will be Sean Daly, President and Chief Operating Officer of Identity Theft 911, a premier provider of identity management solutions, identity theft recovery services, and data risk management solutions for businesses. Daly's presentation will focus on common threats to data and how breaches most often occur. He will also focus on the consequences of breaches and poor data management, conducting security audits, and an overview of security awareness and education. 

This seminar is part of a series provided by Bank Newport that is designed to present valuable information from a range of industry experts as well as provide the opportunity for small businesses to learn and network with other local businesses. 

To learn more, click here.