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Cape Wind Enlists Quonset to Support Wind Farm Staging
Casey McCullough and Jim Walsh Bid Adieu
Making Quonset
Safer Every Day

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Cape Wind Enlists Quonset to
Support Wind Farm Staging
The Quonset Development Corporation's (QDC) Board of Directors approved an agreement with Cape Wind Associates, LLC at its July 15 board meeting. The agreement provides the company with a twelve month option-to-lease nearly 14 acres at Quonset for one year, with the ability to extend for two additional one-year terms.

Under the terms of the proposed agreement, the QDC will make 11.6 acres of land available within Parcel 17 of the Business Park and 2.2 acres of Terminal 4 at the Port of Davisville to Cape Wind. Both areas would be used for staging and assembly area for offshore wind construction.

"As Cape Wind continues to ramp up for the construction of their wind farm off the coast of Cape Cod, we are positioned to support their project," said Steven J. King, Managing Director of the QDC. "A project of this magnitude will require the key assets of both Rhode Island and Massachusetts to be available. The federal and state investments made to modernize Quonset's infrastructure can be a vital asset to Cape Wind, and we are ready to help them achieve their goals and create more jobs for the entire region in the years ahead."

Quonset Business Park is now home to more than 175 companies, employing approximately 9,500 people in full-time and part-time jobs across several industries. The Port of Davisville at Quonset is also one of the top ten auto-importers in North America.

To learn more about the announcement, click here.
After a Quarter Century at Quonset,
McCullough and Walsh Bid Adieu
Over the past 25 years Quonset Business Park has seen miles of new roadways built; the growth of a bustling Port business; the demolition of more than 2 million square feet of derelict Navy buildings; and, the private investment of almost to $2 billion from Quonset tenants.   

Jim Walsh and Casey McCullough have been here to witness all the changes. Two of the longest serving employees at the Business Park, Walsh and McCullough retired this July after serving more than 25 years at Quonset. During that time, Walsh worked in the Maintenance and Purchasing departments, managed the Welcome Center, and was most recently the Assistant Pier Master at the Port of Davisville.

Casey, who had been at Quonset for 26 years, worked in the Maintenance department, the Water department, and was the first Pier Master when the new Port Department was established. In that role, Casey acted as the department superintendent, managing the day to day operations and ship scheduling for many years.

"On behalf of the entire Quonset Development Corporation and our Board of Directors, we thank them for their service and wish them all the best," said Steven J. King, Managing Director of the QDC. "Casey and Jim's hard work and service to Rhode Island were a true asset to us, and we will always be grateful for their contributions."
 Making Quonset Safer Every Day  
The Rhode Island Department of Transportation and QDC recently finished another important improvement project within the Quonset Business Park. The effort will now make another one of Rhode Island's railroad crossings safer for both vehicular and train traffic.

New warning signals and signage has been installed at the Thompson Road Crossing within the Davisville Waterfront District of the Park. The warning signals were put into operation in early June and the circuit was tested by Engine #5 of the Seaview Railroad.

The new signals provide a better visual warning for drivers who use the busy crossing, which sits just beside a busy 4-way intersection. The crossing improvements also include pertinent safety information listed, which you would also see on larger Class 1 railroads. To see additional pictures of the new crossing improvements and learn more about the Seaview Railroad, click here.