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Sen. Whitehouse Welcomes Solar Vessel to Quonset
New Ball Fields Headed to Quonset
PBN Highlights Quonset's Auto Import Business

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Sen. Whitehouse Welcomes World's First Solar-Power-Assisted Vessel
at Quonset 

Left to Right: NYK Line's Matthew Martyn,
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and the QDC's
Steven J. King, atop the Auriga Leader

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse returned to Quonset Business Park to welcome NYK Line's Auriga Leader back to the Port of Davisville on Monday, May 19th.  The Auriga Leader is known as the "World's First Solar-Power-Assisted Car Carrier."  

The Auriga Leader is similar in size to the many car carriers that visit Davisville on a regular basis.  It is close to 200 meters long, with a width of more than 30 meters, and the capacity to carry more than 6,000 automobiles.  What sets the Auriga Leader apart is its use of solar power for propulsion, which is seen as a major step towards a next-generation eco ship that can make greater use of a renewable energy source.

"Putting renewable energy technology to use can help create jobs here in Rhode Island and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels," said Sen. Whitehouse aboard the Auriga Leader. "I was glad to join the Quonset Development Corporation at the Port of Davisville today to see an innovative use of solar energy. This kind of investment is a win for our economy and a win for our environment."

As part of Senator Whitehouse's visit, Captain Dan Bodea of the Auriga Leader was presented with a commemorative plaque from the Quonset Development Corporation recognizing NYK for its "innovation and commitment to use renewable energy technology among its fleet."

The vessel delivered more than 700 Subarus on its stop at Davisville.
For more about the visit on WPRI Channel 12, click here.

New Ball Fields for North Kingstown Community Headed to Quonset

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) announced that the Town of North Kingstown's application for a Recreation Acquisition and Development grant to build a series of new practice fields within the Quonset Business Park was approved last week. The fields will have the flexibility to be used for a variety of sports depending on the demand.

To help support the effort, the QDC agreed to contribute $200,000 for the project as part of the Town's proposal.  The new practice fields will be located on land designated as open space within the Quonset Business Park east of Newcomb Road near Potter and Fletcher Roads. The total estimated cost of the project is about $800,000.  The state awarded North Kingstown a grant of $400,000 with the town providing a $200,000 match to augment the QDC's $200,000.

Katherine Trapani, planning manager at the QDC said the decision to support the project was an easy one. "Supporting our neighbors in the North Kingstown community has always been a top priority for us," Trapani added. "Recreational fields are a great use for this particular parcel of land and provide a nice transition between the neighborhood and the port and industrial areas of the Park. We know that the Town has a shortage of practice fields and if a grant is awarded by DEM, we see this as a win-win project."

Construction of the fields will begin later this summer.

Providence Business News Highlights Quonset's Record Breaking
Auto Import Business

The Providence Business News featured a front page story highlighting the growing auto import business at Quonset Business Park's Port of Davisville this week.   The piece, "Quonset steering to import records," takes an in-depth look at how the auto import business has flourished over the past two decades, making Davisville one of the largest auto importers on the continent.   The piece also explores how the addition of Honda and potentially other auto manufacturers coming to Davisville will mean even more growth.

The growing auto-import business at the Port of Davisville supports hundreds of jobs, including those at NORAD (North Atlantic Distribution, Inc.), the finisher, processor and distributor of new automobiles for the manufacturers.  The company, a Quonset tenant since 1986, is owned and led by Michael Miranda.

"I would attribute the success of our auto-import business, the record-breaking years, to NORAD," said Steven J. King, managing director of the Quonset Development Corporation. "They have a lot of good relationships and do a great job and have been growing their business, which, in turn, grows our business." 

Mark Murphy, managing editor of the Providence Business News appeared on NBC 10 with Frank Coletta for Monday's Business Lunch segment to discuss the story, that interview can be seen here.