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Gov. Chafee Celebrates
Grand Opening of
Gateway Offices
Job Growth at Quonset
The Port of Davisville Highlighted in Today's Providence Journal

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Governor Chafee Celebrates Grand
Opening of the Gateway Offices at
Quonset Business Park  

Gov. Lincoln Chafee, Steven J. King, QDC Chairman Marcel Valois and members of the QDC Board of Directors open the new Gateway Offices

Governor Lincoln D. Chafee cut the ribbon today to celebrate the grand opening of the Gateway Offices at Quonset Business Park. The Gateway Offices are a new initiative launched by the Quonset Development Corporation (QDC) to provide modern, state-of-the-art office space for start-up businesses or other small businesses.

The addition of the new offices reinforces Quonset Business Park's position as a key driver of job creation and economic growth in Rhode Island. It is now home to more than 175 companies, with 9,500 full-time and part-time jobs. Its Port of Davisville is one of the Top Ten auto-importers in North America.

"These new offices are another great example of how Quonset Business Park continues to evolve as one of the premiere business parks in New England," Governor Chafee said at the ribbon cutting ceremony. "As one of our state's key assets, the QDC continues to find new ways for both large and small companies to succeed at Quonset, which is helping to grow more jobs for Rhode Island."

To learn more about the new Gateway Offices at Quonset Business Park click here. To see more photos of the new building, visit the Quonset Facebook Page


'State of the State' Features Job Growth at Quonset as a Rhode Island Success Story 


Earlier this month, State of the State, a public affairs program airing on public access channels throughout Rhode Island, aired its second program in a new series looking at Rhode Island's economic development challenges and its business climate. During the program host Donna Perry observed that the discussion should not only be about challenges facing Rhode Island, but should highlight some of the economic success stories in the state, as well.   

To do that State of the State invited Steven King, Managing Director of the QDC and Edward Mazze, Professor of Business Education at the University of Rhode Island to sit down and discuss some of the factors that have positioned the Quonset Business Park as a key driver of economic growth and job creation in our state. With more than 9,500 jobs on site, 175 companies, and one of the Top Ten auto importing sites in North America, it was a very informative discussion. To see the program in its entirety, click here.  

The Port of Davisville Highlighted in

Today's Providence Journal  

The recent success at the Port of Davisville and its positive impact on the Rhode Island economy was the topic of an opinion piece by QDC vice chairman John Laramee in today's Providence Journal.  
"The Port of Davisville is by any measure a continuing success story, something that all Rhode Islanders should be proud of," Laramee said.
John Laramee
"The historic conversation about a container port is just that - history," he added. "That conversation is unrelated to current policy or what's been done here to create a bustling, successful port."
"Rhode Island's success at Davisville has been a real team effort," Laramee said. "Everyone has played a role - Governor Chafee and his predecessors, the Congressional delegation, the General Assembly, the host community and the private companies at the Port, most prominently NORAD."
Click here to read the piece online.