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Dear CIHS Community Members,
CIHS' June newsletter has several articles. First, there is an announcement from our Dean, Dr. Hope Umansky, about the Summer course schedule. Registration week for Summer Quarter classes is June 20 to 24. Summer quarter begins Monday, July 4.

Second, there are three articles/announcements about the courses in the coming quarters. Those three courses are Faculty Research Symposium: Subtle Energy & the Integral Sciences (July 9 & 10), Subtle Energy Devices Course on campus only (July 22 through July 24 and September 23 through 25), and Hinduism with Dr. Ji Hyang Padma. Please see the articles below for more details.

Third, there are two more articles in this newsletter. There is now a series in the CIHS Newsletter, "CIHS Faculty Doing Really Cool Things" and "CIHS Students Doing Really Cool Things." In this "Cool Thing" series, we have Dr. Randy Fauver representing CIHS faculty and Dawn Marie representing CIHS students. Dr. Fauver speaks about his study of Psychic Phenomena and Dawn announces her radio show and having guests from CIHS.
If you are faculty or a student doing a really cool thing, please email me so we can include it in the newsletter.

I hope you enjoy our newsletter. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me。
Hideki Baba, Ph.D.
Message from the Dean 

Hello CIHS Community,

Happy June. It is summer and with summer is Summer quarter. Registration week is June 20-24 and the quarter begins July 4. Our summer subtle energy science event is the Faculty Research Symposium, July 9 and July 10, which students can take for credit (different levels of engagement) if you would like. This will be a fantastic community event, and I highly encourage your participation in your learning community, especially to see in what current active research your faculty participate. If you do not need the credits or do not want to take the conference for credit, just register as a regular CIHS community member. All like-minds are welcome at this event, so please share with your friends and communities. We are very proud to showcase our Faculties' research that keeps CIHS' curriculum innovative and cutting-edge.
Course Registration June 20-24; Summer quarter begins July 4
Your prompt registration not only saves you money on tuition, it helps administration and faculty prepare for courses. Please register during June 20-24 to facilitate ease in preparing for courses.
You can access the Summer schedule here 
You can access the Registration tab here:  
The Summer courses are the following:
TOS: Subtle Energy and Integral Sciences Conference: Faculty Research Symposium, Saturday, July 9, 830-530 and Sunday, July 10, 830-545. : Offered as two or four units. Elective open to all programs. Must be registered for during registration week if you would like academic credit for it, no exceptions. Students must attend the entire conference for credit and there will be research papers as determined by the number of units for which you register and per degree program. On Campus. Facilitated by Dr. Thomas Brophy.
Human Sexuality I: Clinical Considerations, Dr. Michelle Dexter. Clinical Psychology licensure requirement & Integral Psychology core requirement. Open to all other programs. ILM.
Biological Basis for Neuropsychology/Neuroscience and Spirituality, Dr. Sam Aganov. Clinical Psychology Licensure Recommended course. Open to all other programs as an elective. Online.
Human Development and Archetypes, Dr. Tamara Goldsby. Clinical & Integral Psychology Program Requirement, open to all other programs as an elective. ILM.
Ecopsychology, Dr. Sharon Mijares. Psychology elective, open to all other programs as an elective. Online.
Psychology of Shamanism, Dr. Roger Cavnaugh. Psychology elective, open to all other programs as an elective. ILM.
Study of East/West: Metaphysics and Healing, Dr. Mali Burgess. CRP core requirement, open to all other programs as an elective. Online.
Subtle Energy Devices and Research, Dr. Gaetan Chevalier. Fulfills the lab requirement for Integral Health biophysics concentration students. Open to all other programs as an electives. On Campus only. July 22 through July 24 AND September 23 through 25.
Biophysics: Basic Concepts and Quantum Entanglement, Dr. Nandini Katre. Open to all programs as en elective. On campus. Open to distance students through Skyping.
Hinduism, Dr. Ji Hyang Padma. CRP program, open to all programs as an elective, except clinical psychology. Online.
Research Methods for Religious Studies, Dr. Randy Fauver. CRP core requirement. Open to all other MA and PhD programs as an elective, except for psychology. Online.
If you seek advisement, you now have Dr. Brophy who is Program Director for Integral Health (acting for CRP) and myself for psychology, general purposes, or continuity of advisement (if I had been helping you with IH/CRP before). Although it is ultimately up to you to compare your transcript that Hideki sends at the end of every quarter with your program requirements, we are happy to help advise you as to what courses meet with your goals and program requirements. Registration week is a very busy week for us, and we take pride in being available for everyone. Please reach out to us to set up an appointment if you would like consultation.
If you are interested in seeing how CIHS innovative MA and PhD (BIS completion too) programs can help support you on your professional, personal, and spiritual journey, please do not hesitate to contact me. We are happy to send you an information packet and/or I am happy to make an appointment to meet with you at


Hope Umansky, PhD

Faculty Research Symposium:
Subtle Energy & the Integral Sciences

Please join the outstanding faculty of the California Institute for Human Science for a weekend research symposium that will feature the contributions of CIHS faculty to issues and research directed at the cutting edge of integral consciousness and subtle energy research.

In this symposium-course, CIHS faculty will present in dialectical seminar style, their research within the general theme of "applications and directions at the leading edge of consciousness and subtle energies research." This can be taken as either A: a 2 quarter unit course, consisting of full attendance plus a reflection paper, as per degree standards for your program; or B: a 4 unit course consisting of the requirements for (A) plus a substantive research paper including peer reviewed literature, further investigating at least three of the faculty presentations, in an integrated approach.

This Symposium is open to public

Please visit our website from here for more information.

New Course Announcemnet
 Subtle Energy Devices

Join us for this new on campus "Subtle Energy Devices" laboratory survey course, being held during two intensive weekends to accommodate out of town visiting participants!
This laboratory survey course overviews the following electrophysiological "subtle energy" related devices. The AMI, Apparatus for Meridian Identification, invented by Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama the founder of CIHS; The GDV/EPI, Gas Discharge Visualization/Electro Photonic Imaging, device invented by Konstantine Korotkoff; The EIS, Electrode Interstitial Scanner, device invented by Albert Maarek; and a conventional Biofeedback systems. The devices will be demonstrated and studied as to how they operate electronically and physiologically. Students will complete an independent laboratory study and writeup.
It will be offered Intensive format, over two weekends, at the California Institute for Human Science:
Friday afternoon July 22 through Sunday July 24
Friday afternoon September 23 through Sunday September 25.
Open to CIHS students as a 4 credit unit course.
Open to community participants on a course audit basis.
A certificate of completion.
CEUs for registered nurses.

Summer Quarter: New Course Announcement

Ji Hyang Padma, Ph.D. 

Dear CIHS Community,
I am thrilled to be teaching Hinduism this Summer--
The inspiration for this course has been my engagement in interfaith and intercultural dialogue over twenty years.  Through sharing sacred space and ceremonies with a Hindu chaplain, together we developed an appreciation of the similarities and divergences within our wisdom traditions, which have been transformed by their intercultural dialogue over millennia.While rooted in Zen, my practice path has deeply benefitted from such experiential studies of the contemplative aspects of Hinduism. It is my pleasure to serve as a guide to CIHS students in their own process of discovery this term. Here is the course description:
This course is designed as an introduction to the diverse yet interrelated religious traditions described as"Hinduism." We will examine these traditions through a cultural immersion, achieved through
1)    Close reading of classic texts such as Patanjali's Yoga Sutras;
2)    Sensual immersion in, and study of, Hinduism's sacred images and sound;
3)    Study of the psychospiritual healing practices of yoga psychology and ayurvedic medicine, and
4)    Engagement in contemplative practices rooted in Hinduism.

Throughout the discussion aspect of this course, we will be engaging in, and developing skills in, intercultural dialogue, so that this encounter with an ancient wisdom tradition supports us in engaging with our diverse communities in the here-and-now of everyday life.
Join us for this exploration of the rich spiritual landscape of Hinduism!
CIHS faculty doing really cool things

Study of Psychic Phenomena
Looking for Research Assistants

CIHS Lead Faculty member, Randy Fauver, Ph.D., is running a research project examining the possible influence of environmental electromagnetic (EM) fields on psychic (psi) performance. He is looking for volunteers to assist with the study, and people with some degree of psychic ability to participate in the study.
The ACES study (Anomalous Cognition with Electromagnetic Shielding) brings together some of the leading researchers in the field of psychic research, including Dean Radin of the Institute of Noetic Science and Charles Tart of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. It received a grant from the Bial Foundation, which is the only organization in the world holding open competitions for research on psychic phenomena, with additional support provided by the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and Sofia University in Palo Alto.
While EM waves are no longer considered as possible carriers of psi information, correlations have been found between the brain's electrical activity and psi performance. Many studies show that exposure to man-made EM fields of varied strengths and frequencies produces disruptive changes in physical, electrical, and psychological functioning in humans. It is possible that exposure to environmental EM fields may interfere with processing of psi signals.
Charles Tart found preliminary evidence that reducing exposure to environmental EM fields increases psi performance. The ACES study builds on Tart's work with a more rigorous design and a larger sample. Identifying a consistent method for increasing psi effect size and reliability could profoundly influence the future of research into psi phenomena, and may lead to pragmatic tools for enhancing human functioning across a broad range of life activities.
As a volunteer researcher you would be involved in recruiting participants, administering tests of psychic ability, data management, and/or facilitating the clinical trials. You can learn more about the study on their website, at, or by contacting Dr. Fauver directly at

Cool things CIHS students are doing

Dawn Marie  
M.A. Integral Health Student

Dear CIHS Community, 

CIHS is partnering with a new radio show "Dawn Of Choice" hosted by Dawn Marie, and airing on

 "Positive Talk Radio".  CIHS faculty and community members will be featured regularly on Dawn's show as a win-win proposition increasing exposure for CIHS institutionally as CIHS grows into its new phase, and increasing listenership for the new program, all while serving sociocultural evolution through positive talk radio.  The first CIHS guest will be Dr. Thomas Brophy, CIHS Integral Health and Sciences Director and Executive Dean, Tuesday June 28 at 2PM PST.  Dawn's show emphasizes Yoga and other healing modalities and insightful info on how to use earth's gifts with higher consciousness. 
Tune in!



 Dr. Motoyama's New Publication 
 "The World of Religious Experiences"   


We are pleased to announce Dr. Motoyama's new publication.  


Dr. Motoyama had his eighty-eighth birthday celebration on December 2013 in Japan, and as one of the commemoration projects of his birthday, we published The World of Religious Experiences in English.  


The World of Religious Experiences is a collection of articles written by Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama from about 1955 until the beginning of 1960. The articles were first brought together for the purposes of his doctoral dissertation, and for which he received his Doctor of Literature degree (philosophy, electrophysiology) in March 1962. In 1963, the articles were published together as a book under the title, The World of Religious Experiences, which was Dr. Motoyama's first book length publication.



Through these articles, Dr. Motoyama has tried to research into the existence the characteristics of religious experiences with metaphysical-ontological elucidation and statistical analysis of electrophysiological experiments based upon his own religious experiences. This collection of research articles is the foundation of the "Motoyama Philosophy." The articles clarify that the world of religious experiences are a true world, which sincerely relates to the basis of human existence. This insight comes from the integration of his deepened religious practices and physiological-physical-experimental studies.


We believe that it is very meaningful to have this publication, the foundation of "Motoyama Philosophy," available to the world in time for his eighty-eighth birthday.


This book is now available in the CIHS online bookstore.