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Dear CIHS Community Members,


I hope everyone is enjoying summer. We are excited to include two articles in the August newsletter. First, Dr. Hope Umansky will be reviewing our successful CIHS Annual Conference, Science, Spirituality, & the Healing Arts: View from the Edge of a New Frontier that was held July 18, 19, & 20.  


Second, Dr. Stanislav O'Jack wrote a short article for our newsletter. He first met Dr. Motoyama in 1991 in Japan and came to attend our conference this year. Dr. O'Jack who is a licensed psychologist reflects on CIHS and his relationship with the school.  



The CIHS graduation ceremony is on Saturday, September, 13th. Community members are welcome to attend. Also, please remember that the registration week for Fall quarter is 15th through 19th, and the quarter starts 29th. Some of the courses are open to public and can be audited, so please contact our program director, Dr. Hope Umansky, if you have any questions or are interested in our courses and programs at CIHS (


Please enjoy your summer!





Hideki Baba, Ph.D.  


Message from the Dean:


Dear CIHS Community,


Happy August! This year CIHS had record success with its annual subtle energy science conference. We had 120 people here on campus and had a wait list of people who wanted to attend but could not. I want to thank all of the speakers, community members, students, CIHS facuty and administration, who lent their energy and passion to this lively community event. The interconnectedness of the community clearly emerged this year. It was rewarding to see the community in action: Students working with researchers, presenters recruiting students for research, students pitching research to be done in the future or here at CIHS. There are many exciting events unfolding at CIHS. I hope you will be a part of our exciting future.


Every year, a theme always emerges, separate and apart from the conference's topic. This year, the theme was one of creative exploration. CIHS is really a community of fearless intellectual and spiritual explorers. Innovation takes the willingness to fail and creatively explore the unknown. This is something CIHS students and the larger CIHS community excels at doing. For example, Dr. William Tiller's autism project represents the true integration of the community. Dr. Tiller has created a breathtaking study working with autistic children, intention, and consciousness. One of our doctoral students in Clinical Psychology has been working with Dr. Tiller and is finishing his dissertation as part of this project. This type of fearless exploration into the field of psychology, integral health, consciousness studies, and comparative religion and philosophy is how CIHS is on the new frontier of the healing arts.


Fall quarter is around the corner. Registration for Fall quarter courses is September 15-19, and the quarter officially begins September 29 and runs through December 5, 2014. The official course schedule will be released at the end of August. The initial fall quarter schedule will be as follows:


Introduction to Integral Studies, Dr. Thomas Brophy, BIS program requirement, unless you have had Foundations of Integral Studies.


Foundations of Integral Studies, Dr. Roger Cavnaugh, CIHS core class all MA/PhD programs.


Advanced Qualitative Research Methods, Dr. Sharon Mijares, PhD requirement all programs. CRP students may take this course or Research Methods for Religious Study.


Substance Abuse: Assessment, Intervention, and Treatment, Dr. Sam Aganov, PhD Clinical Psychology licensure track core requirement.


Psychology of Personality, Dr. Tamara Goldsby, Clinical Psychology core class, both clinical licensure track and Integral focus.


Transpersonal Psychology, Dr. Michelle Dexter, elective all programs.



Paradigms of Health and Disease, Dr. Mali Burgess. PhD Integral Health core class, elective other programs. *With the Program Director's approval, clinical psychology licensure track students can take this course to fulfill the spiritual education requirement.


Topic of Special Interest: Forefront Issues with the Mind/Body Problem, Dr. Thomas Brophy. Elective all programs.


Hinduism, Dr. Randy Fauver, CRP Elective. Open to all programs as an elective.

*Dr. Fauver is new to CIHS. He holds faculty positions at Sofia University and John F. Kennedy University. Dr. Fauver also holds a position as Research Coordinator of the Family Medicine department at Stanford University. He holds a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Welcome Dr. Fauver!** See below for Dr. Fauver's background information. 


Pranic Healing, Dr. Mary Clark, fulfills spiritual education requirement all programs. 2 weekends on campus, September 20-21 AND November 7 through the 9th.


If you are interested in seeing how CIHS' innovative MA and PhD programs (as well as our Bachelor completion program) can help support you in your fearless intellectual, academic, and spiritual expiation of subtle energy studies and consciousness in the various disciplines that we offer, please feel free to email me. I am happy to set up a time to meet with you on campus or a phone appointment. I can be reached at 


I look forward to hearing from you.




Hope Umansky, PhD



** Randy Fauver earned a double major B.S. from Bastyr University in Health Psychology and Spirituality and a Ph.D. from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Psychology with specializations in education and research, and additional training in clinical psychology. He has a certification in Mind Body Medicine from Harvard University and additional coursework in statistics and integrative medicine from Stanford University. He spent several years living in Native American communities in Colorado training under their spiritual leaders and also spent several years training for the priesthood in a mystical Christian order. After early work as a paramedic, he began working with alternative healing modalities, becoming a massage therapist, energy healer, and spiritual healer. He opened an alternative healing center, which grew to have offices in three towns, each associated with a conventional medical center. He teaches psychology, consciousness studies, and research methods at Sofia University and John F. Kennedy University, has taught and done NIH-funded research in Stanford University's School of Medicine, developed an Integral Health research and education program at Stanford University and is founding director of Sofia University's Embodied Consciousness Research Group.


Welcome Dr. Fauver!!




From Dr. Stanislav O'Jack
Dr. O'Jack reflects on his long-term relationship with Dr. Motoyama and what it means to him:

In 1991 following the death of my late wife, Jamal, who had died in my arms from the onslaught of lung cancer, I was awarded, somehow, a scholarship to study the AMI assessment-healing process with its designer-inventor and applicator, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, a colleague of Material Science Physicist Dr. William Tiller of Stanford University, and did so at the original Japan-located CIHS facility.


Although I am a USA Veteran of WWII and had been in all three War Zones, when I arrived in Tokyo, Japan, I had the sense that I had spiritually just "returned home" after years of an unwanted physical-based separation.  The sense of love and acceptance permeated my body and soul.


Clearly, the loving acceptance of my USA-oriented personality and non Asian visual characteristics was astoundingly positively experienced as being non prejudicial in contrast to the past-promoted years-ago enemy paradigm.


Moreover, Dr. Motoyama's shrine was permeated with a sense of Godly presence, and thus, the ambiance was highly conducive to advancing oneself - as coupled to a patience guidance as did happen - intellectually, spiritually, and experientially. The stay was much too short. I had to return to the USA to assist my late wife Jamal's two daughters -  blind from birth: the older one, Suzanne, now a Professor of Russian Studies and the younger one, Kristina, now an Attorney for the USA Government.


Shortly after Dr. Motoyama et al had employed their AMI assessment process as related to me, and while conversing with one another and occasionally glancing at me, Dr. Motoyama kindly enquired if I would accept the position of being the first Director of CIHS that was soon was to be opened in the San Diego, California area. I had to refuse as based upon the immediate needs regarding my obligations to my two stepdaughters.


It is with great enjoyment that I look forward to being at CIHS for the first time in my life, and therein to enjoy its positive energy........Peace.......Dr. Stanislav Gergre O'Jack