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Dear CIHS Community Members,



I hope everyone is enjoying summer. In the July newsletter, we are highlighting one event, our annual conference. Dr. Hope Umansky reflects on CIHS' uniqueness and our upcoming annual Subtle Energy Science Conference, Uniting Science & Spirit: the Quest for a Sustainable Integrated Worldview July 19, 20, 21, on our beautiful Encinitas campus. The conference coalesces the integration of concepts that underscore CIHS' unique academic programs. It is the community at its liveliest and best. This is an invaluable occasion to learn and experience the science of healing and consciousness with the most recent research by preeminent speakers. For those people who are planning to attend the conference, please register as soon as possible (register online). Your mind and body will be fed the entire weekend with research, community, and catered food! It truly is a wonderful community event. Only a couple of rows remaining; the conference is filling fast. Please reserve your seat if you intend to come. Also, the abstracts of the conference speakers are posted on our Facebook page. Please check our page.



If you have any questions about the conference, our programs, or CIHS in general, please contact Dr. Umansky (


We hope to see you soon.







Hideki Baba, Ph.D.  


Message from the Dean:

Dear CIHS community,  


Happy July CIHS community! It is that time of year again: the CIHS annual conference is in three weeks. The year went by very fast as we were busy enrolling many new students and incorporating some innovative additions to our curriculum. We are confident our students will love them.


Recently, a prospective student asked me, where she could find the bridge between academia and spirituality? This is an interesting question, as to where is the bridge between spirituality and an academic pursuit for an advanced degree. It is remarkable that many prospective students come in search for that connection, which we are fortunate enough to sometimes take for granted at CIHS. Perhaps the conventional cultural tide has not shifted enough that there is no longer a need for a formal bridge. Or, is the bridge still the road to the alternative unconventional path? At CIHS, we like to think that our innovative curriculum and the academic freedom we exercise in the pursuit of the integration of science and spirituality creates a bridge that builds a pathway to the subtle energetic components of the healing arts, psychology, integral health, comparative religion and philosophy, and other related fields.  


During this time of year when we are celebrating the fourth, the concept of independence is also relevant to the pursuit of unconventional education. Because CIHS is an independent private school, the state, rather than a formal accreditation body, regulates our curriculum. CIHS is in our 21st year operating as a California state approved school, and this provides CIHS with certain freedoms to unconventionally explore spirituality and consciousness with innovations in comparative religion and philosophy, psychology (both clinical and integral), Life Physics, and Integral Health curriculums. It also means that our students have to be pioneers and confident in the idea that pursuing the truth of our higher selves will lead them to the right professional path in life. This is also where the paradox lies. The idea of an unconventional education that is grounded in academic rigor seems the antithesis to some. At CIHS, that is our mission. To bridge the gap between traditional research and academic communities with what we may know to be true on an intuitive or spiritual level. Grounding this knowledge with an advanced degree provides the ability to articulate the practical and theoretical application of this knowledge through academically grounded language, thought, and research. Thus, the students can serve as the bridge and have a foot in both worlds helping to usher in the new consciousness based paradigm into the professional arena and larger culture.  


The CIHS annual subtle energy conference, Uniting Science & Spirit: the Quest for a Sustainable Integrated Worldview July 19, 20, 21, on CIHS' beautiful Encinitas campus, is the perfect embodiment of being the conduit between the sometimes mysterious subtle energetic components of healing and consciousness, science, and research. It is about the integration of these two worlds, which is the concept that underscores the entire CIHS curriculum. All is meaningful and has its place. The conference begins Friday, July 19, at 3 p.m., with a subtle energy device and invention exhibit and meet-and-greet. Then more social and networking time before a catered dinner at 6 and a Welcome to the conference lecture. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided for on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday begins with breakfast at 8:30 and Dr. Bill Tiller and Dr. Nisha Manek launching the Saturday morning sessions. Sunday morning begins the same with breakfast at 8:30, and then pioneering researcher, Dr. Gary Schwartz, who researches the science of immortality and how consciousness survives death, launches the Sunday session. For more information on speakers and conference titles, please see flier below.  


If you have not experienced what it is like to be in a supportive environment of like-minds, either as a CIHS student or as a larger community member, we welcome you to attend. It is a wonderful way to experience the unique CIHS community of students, scholars, researchers, therapists, educators, and practitioners, just to name a few of the relevant niches that create our diverse community. Space is limited so reserve your spot today, and we will look forward to welcoming you into our warm and active learning community. Academic credit is available to CIHS enrolled students and a "Certificate of Completion in Advanced Graduate Studies" in the conference topic is available for those outside community members who are interested in having a Certificate. Please inquire upon registration.  


If you would like to meet with me before the conference to see how CIHS' unique programs can support your academic, professional, and personal pursuit toward higher consciousness, please email me. I am more than happy to set aside a time to meet with you either in the weeks before or after the conference. I look forward to seeing you on campus in a few weeks!


Happy 4th!




Hope Umansky, PhD  


Subtle Energy Conference
July19-21, 2013
CIHS' Annual Conference,
Uniting Science & Spirit: the Quest for a Sustainable Integrated Worldview of Consciousness and Matter


  2013 Subtle Energy Conference



CIHS is pleased to announce our annual Conference, Uniting Science & Spirit: the Quest for a Sustainable Integrated Worldview of Consciousness and Matter, July 19-21
, on CIHS' beautiful Encinitas campus. We will be welcoming back many, such as Drs. Bill Tiller, Claude Swanson, Beverly Rubik, and Shin Lin, as well as welcoming new speakers into our community such as Drs. Gary Schwartz, Thomas Brophy, Shamini Jain, Robert Alcorn, MD, and Kamyar Hedayat, MD, to name a few. In honor of Dr. Motoyama's life work dedicated to the integration of science and spirituality, we will be a decidedly maverick and academically rigorous group; we promise the conference will invigorate your thoughts, research, and practice, as CIHS continues to push the frontiers of science and spirituality. CIHS' annual conference is a wonderful way to experience the CIHS community - students, faculty, administration, staff, and people from the larger science, spirit and subtle energy communities -- at one of CIHS' most dynamic and lively events. In addition to the lectures and community fellowship, CIHS will be hosting a Welcome to the Conference Dinner, continental breakfast both days, and a catered lunch on Saturday. CIHS will also provide healthy snacks throughout the weekend. We hope you will join us for the lectures, food, fun, and subtle energy community fellowship.



Academic credit will be available to students for attending this conference (Please speak to Dr. Hope Umansky.)


Registration costs include all events, plus Friday evening dinner, continental breakfast Saturday and Sunday, Saturday Paella lunch, and healthy snacks.

* There will be a preconference Experiential Exhibit and Meet-and-Greet Friday afternoon, July 19.



If you are interested in participating in this as an exhibit, please contact Tamiko at

Displays can stay active throughout the weekend.



Registration costs include all events, plus Friday evening dinner, continental breakfast Saturday and Sunday, Saturday Paella lunch, and healthy snacks.


Pre-registration event $325 through 6/25/2013

Regular rate $365 after 6/25/2013

At-the-door without reservation, $395


Academic credit available to students. Please speak to Hope.

CIHS alumni and student discount available.





Friday, July 19

3-5:30 Registration, Meet-and-Greet, & Preconference Experiential Exhibit

6-7 Dinner hosted by CIHS

7:00-7:15 Hope Umansky, PhD, Welcome

7:15-8:15/30 Tiffany Barsotti, M.Th. Conference Launch, What exactly is the Subconscious Mind and Why do we need Self Integration before Group Integration?  


Saturday, July 20

8:30 continental breakfast hosted by CIHS


9am -12 pm Bill Tiller, PhD, introduced by Nisha Manek, MD

Global Intention Broadcasting, Information Medicine and the Maitreya Buddha Relics Experiments


12-1 Paella lunch hosted by CIHS


1:15-2:15 Paul Mills, PhD. Desperately seeking solutions: The promises and failures of biomedical research    


2:30-3:30 Shamini Jain, PhD., Biofield therapies in whole-person healing:surveying the sceintific landscape.  


3:45-4:45 Robert Alcorn, MD., Removing spirit attachment: a psychiatrist looks at hidden causes for mental health problems.   


5 pm- 6 pm Beverly Rubik, PhD

Toward an Integrative Science of Life. I would like to focus on elements of an extended life science that we are working toward, which would embrace more aspects of life and the full human potential for health, healing, and evolution, and also address the necessity of such a science as a foundation of integrative medicine.  


Sunday, July 21


9 am-10:30 am Gary Schwartz, PhD.,The Greatest Transformation: How the Science  of Immortality Changes Everything  


10:45-1145 Claude Swanson, PhD., Recent Advances in Torsion Science and Its Connection to Energy Medicine  


11:45-1:30 pm Lunch off campus


1:45-2:45 Shin Lin, PhD., Mechanism of the Benefits of Tai Chi/Qigong on Mind-Body Health and Relationship to the Actions of Traditional Chinese Medical Therapies 


3 pm - 4pm Kamyar Hedayat, MD., Endobiogeny: A new approach to biology, physiology and the human experience 


4:15-5:15 Thomas Brophy, PhD., Critical Realist Theory of Science


5:15-5:30 Goodbyes Hope Umansky, PhD., Goodbye 'til Next Year!