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141st Annual Convention
of the Diocese of Southern Ohio

Nov. 13-14, 2015
Dayton Convention Center 

Registration is now open!
Pre-convention hearing live stream

Tonight, 7 p.m.

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November 3, 2015
What's new this week
Neighborhood economics

Neighborhood Economics Conference

We need an alternative story of what the economy is actually for.  While the conquests of Wall Street still dominate headlines there are incredible reasons for hope rising up from Main Streets all over North America. Multiple movements are converging that emphasize buying, eating, and investing in the local. It's here at the neighborhood level - the most local economy, where we can see the impact, hear the stories, and share best practices at a more relational level. Along with luminaries like Dr. Walter Brueggemann, Peter Block, Amy Cortese, Michael Schuman and many more, we invite you to join us this November 17-18th in Cincinnati. Together let's invest our time, resources, and imagination towards accelerating the flow of capital into our neighborhoods, let's live into an alternative story.

The Neighborhood Economics Conference will be coming to Cincinnati November 17-18 at Xavier University's campus. This conference will bring local and national leaders together in an effort to continue the conversation about the value of neighborhood economics, and to fund capacity building for local change agents.

We know that our small towns and cities become more resilient when we who live in them get to see where resources are flowing, decide together the changes we want to make happen, and strategically blend giving and investing to reach those goals. Join activists and decision makers, faith leaders and entrepreneurs in considering how we can invest our time, resources, and imagination towards accelerating the flow of capital into our neighborhoods.

Speakers include nationally recognized speakers, Walter Brueggeman, Peter Block, Amy Cortese, Tim Soerens and many others.  Please consider attending this conference that the Diocese of Southern Ohio has helped sponsor.  More information and registration: 

If you need scholarship assistance, please contact Anne Reed, Canon for Mission at or Jane Gerdsen, Missioner for Fresh Expressions at

Upcoming events
Nov 20-21: School for Ministry (Procter)
Nov 21: Worship Leader training
(Part 2)
SRC logo
Presiding Bishop Michael Curry: This is the Jesus Movement, and we are The Episcopal Church, the Episcopal branch of Jesus' movement in this world

Screenshot Curry video "This is the Jesus Movement, and we are The Episcopal Church, the Episcopal branch of Jesus' movement in this world," Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry says in his first address as Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Episcopal Church.

Filmed at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York City, Presiding Bishop Curry continues, "Now is our time to go.  To go into the world, let the world know that there is a God who loves us, a God who will not let us go, and that that love can set us all free."

Episcopal Relief & Development Matching Gift Challenge celebrates 75th anniversary

ERD Matching Gift Challenge Episcopal Relief & Development supporters have the opportunity to double their impact and unlock $750,000 in matching funds to help the organization reach its 75th Anniversary fundraising goal and expand its programs worldwide.

With matching funds generously provided by a group of dedicated Episcopal Relief & Development donors, any contribution made during the 2015 Matching Gift Challenge will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to a total match amount of $750,000. This includes contributions through Gifts for Life, Episcopal Relief & Development's alternative giving catalog, and monthly donations scheduled during the Challenge period.

During the 2015 Matching Gift Challenge, matching is automatically activated when a contribution is made - online, via mail or by phone - to one of the organization's listed funds. The matching amount for all donations goes to the 75th Anniversary Fund, enabling Episcopal Relief & Development to respond to needs where they are greatest.
To have a gift matched, simply make a donation between now and December 31. Click here to donate online, or call 1.855.312.HEAL (4325). Gifts can also be mailed to Episcopal Relief & Development, PO Box 7058, Merrifield, VA 22116-7058.
Connecting with ... Events around the diocese
Child in Bloom
Parenting workshop

Come join Anne Jaroszewicz, Parent Coach with Child in Bloom, LLC.,
Parent and Education Coaching, on the most rewarding (but sometimes the toughest!) job of our lives.

November 8 - Following the 10 am Service
St. Barnabas, Montgomery
Child care will be provided. Everyone welcome!  

Child in Bloom offers a fresh approach to dealing with those behaviors from
our children that we are having a tough time making go away. This program at St. Barnabas will cover three topics:

1) The pros and cons of current parenting styles and an overview of the Child in Bloom method.
2) The Child in Bloom "tool box", tried and true parenting tools THAT WORK!
3) The Child in Bloom Wrap-Up Workshop - Putting Child in Bloom to work on your real-life parenting issues.

The program is open to current parents, grandparents and even soon to be parents!  Come armed with your toughest parenting questions, and Child in Bloom will help you break it down and solve it. St. Barnabas is located at 10345 Montgomery Rd. in Montgomery. Call 513.984.8401 for more information.

Fundraiser concert

The Church of the Epiphany, Nelsonville, is holding a fundraiser concert for the local Food Cupboard on Sunday, Nov. 15 at 4 p.m. at the church. The concert will be followed by a reception.

Tree-Lined Roads String Ensemble will play Broadway tunes, Disney movie songs and Appalachian tunes, with vocalist Celeste Parsons at the mike. Bruce Ergood, clarinetist, will play some Latin tunes as well, accompanied by pianist Sue Bilski. "Marlene Dietrich" will come and sing a song, also.

The Rev. Bill McCleery is vicar, and Rev. Bill Bailes, deacon.  The concert is free, and will include a free-will offering. Church of the Epiphany is located at 193 Jefferson Street in Nelsonville.

Connecting with ... Procter Center
First Night ad
Connecting with ... Formation opportunities
School for Ministry November 2015 offerings
Theology of the Diaconate (Course 2015-06)
Friday, November 20, 9 to 11 a.m.
The Rev. Anne Reed
Using the lens of history and experience, we will discuss how the theology of 'diakonia' (service) is lived out in ministry today. We will pay particular attention to the ministry of ordination to the Diaconate.
Pastoral Care in Hospitals and Nursing Homes (Course 2015-07)
Friday, November 20, 1 to 3.30 p.m.
The Rev. Hanci Newberry
Explore the basics of pastoral care in hospital and nursing home settings including what it means to be a pastoral presence and some principles of effective communication and prayer with patients and family members.
Using the Five Senses as Entry to Prayer (Course 2015-10)
Friday, November 20, 7 to 8.30 p.m.
The Rev. Douglas Argue
How do we use our natural senses as an entry point to prayer?  This experience will all participants to experiment and practice with all five of the body's senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.  Through the use of prayer stations participants will get the opportunity to experience music, icons, incense, tangible prayer objects, and a few other practices as a way to enter prayer and be in communion with the Holy.
Moral Decision-Making  (Course 2016-07)
Saturday, Nov. 21  10 to 11:50 a.m.
Dr. Don Reed, Ph.D.
We will consider three models of how we make moral decisions. Is only one of them correct? Are they correct for different types of decisions? On one model, we reason by applying rules to cases such as medically assisted death, and lying and deceit by public officials. On another, we reason from intuitions about cases on which there is little or no disagreement to principles we can employ in thinking about cases on which we are unsure or disagree. And on a third, moral decision-making is not primarily a matter of reasoning at all; it is based on flashes of feeling of six different types; moral reasoning is only an afterthought and is mostly rationalization. 
Pastoral Care: Addiction and Mental Health (Course 2015-09)
Saturday, November 21 1 to 3.30 p.m.
Karen Kaufman, MA, LPCC, LICDC
What does it really mean to be addicted or to struggle with a mental health disorder?  Is it a matter of choice, a disease, a moral failing, lack of faith, or lack of willpower? This class will address the common stereotypes associated with addiction and mental health disorders, provide a critical response to these common opinions, and lay a pathway of how to look at an individual struggling with addiction and/or mental health disorders from a helper's perspective. With a foundation in understanding, strategies will then be explored to offer assistance with a person asks for help.
Worship Leader Training (Second of two required sessions - Course 2015-WL)
Saturday, Nov. 21 9 a.m.
The Rev. Marjorie Menaul

All sessions are held at Procter Center. Cost is $30 per course. Register at
Explorers' Retreat for those discerning a call to ordained ministry

The annual Explorer's Retreat will be held the evening of Feb. 6 through the early afternoon of Feb. 7 at the Procter Center. The registration deadline is Jan. 23.

The Explorer's Retreat provides an overview of the discernment and ordination processes as well as plenty of time for conversation about the diaconate and the priesthood. Anyone who desires to begin a formal exploration of a possible call to ordained ministry is required to attend this informational and fun weekend.

Considerations prior to attending the Explorer's Retreat:
  • Explorers should have been in serious and regular conversation with their clergy person about their call for an extended period of time (in the neighborhood of a year). Both the clergy person and the explorer should have done some deep thinking about the explorer's vocation prior to Explorers' Day as this day assumes that intentional vocational discernment has already begun.
  • Only those who have been confirmed or received in the Episcopal Church and have been active members of the Episcopal Church for at least two years should attend the Explorers' Retreat.

Connecting with ... Our cathedral

Cathedral logo Taft flyer
Panel discussion on Preschool Promise

The Taft Lecture Committee of Christ Church Cathedral will partner with The AMOS Project to present a panel discussion and conversation on Monday, November 9, on the Cincinnati Preschool Promise.

Panelists will include: Mary Ronin, Superintendent/ Cincinnati Public Schools, Gwen Robinson, CEO/ Community Action Agency, Stephanie Byrd, United Way Success by 6, and David Mann, Vice Mayor/ City of Cincinnati. This conversation will be moderated by Courtis Fuller.

Join us as we have a conversation about the Cincinnati Preschool Promise initiative. We will ask the questions: Why is the initiative in place? How will it be funded? How will success be determined?

Parents, educators, community leaders, and academics will come together from 6 to 8 p.m. on Monday, November 9. Reception to follow. All are welcome!

Download full-size flyer here

The Sycamore Fall Issue of The Sycamore now available!

Click in at, or request a print edition by writing to The fall issue focuses on prayer and all the forms that it takes. Contents include articles, reflections and stories, interviews, the theological question and answer column, book reviews and poetry. Contributors include Trevor R. Babb, Elizabeth Brown, Adam Clark, Dianne Ebbs, Kimberley A. Fonner, Gail Greenwell, Abie Ingber, Kevin Jones, Joyce Keeshin, Barbara Lyghtel Rohrer, Alexander Martin, Rob Rhodes, Kim Taylor, Brenda Westfall, and Mathew Zacharia. Poetry is by David A. Petreman and Lisa Prantl.

Lift your spirits at the 76th annual Boar's Head and Yule Log Festival: Free group tickets available
Boar's head Christ Church Cathedral invites congregations to join our greater community to end the Christmas season with reflection and inspiration for Epiphany and the New Year. We offer FREE tickets for the Dress Rehearsal for up to 15 members.
Immerse yourselves for ~1 hours in the glorious orchestral music, colorful pageantry and moving carols to inspire hope for the year to come. At this full Dress Rehearsal, you may experience the drama of the two crowd scenes twice.

The Dress Rehearsal will be held on Saturday, January 2, 2016 at 2 p.m. Click here to order group tickets. Requests for group tickets must be received no later than Dec. 10.

For more information and to see a schedule for all Boar's Head and Yule Log Festival performances, visit (search for Boar's Head Festival) or check out the Boar's Head blog at

Connecting with ... Public Policy
public policy logo

Love Heals   (Columbus, 6-8 November) Love Heals

Current headlines/ topics for conversation:

Associated Press  Ohio's youth prison reform is national model   
Columbus Dispatch  Sex-crimes bill would require DNA from johns
Akron Beacon Journal   Ohio public colleges and universities develop ways to cut student costs  
Public News Service  Fewer uninsured children in Ohio, but work remains  
Columbus Dispatch  New system to make it easier to stop opiate addiction;   Health insurance marketplace enrollment starts today;   Elderly at risk when antipsychotic drugs used to treat dementia           
"60 minutes"  "60 Minutes" looks at heroin epidemic in Ohio   
Human Trafficking Task Force  Overview of current news and updates on Ohio's human trafficking movement
Associated Press   Ryan: no comprehensive immigration overhaul with Obama   
Public News Service  Winter Crisis Program: Warm boost for vulnerable Ohioans       
Columbus Dispatch   Ohio wants easing of federal welfare-to-work rules  

If you have any questions/comments about the subjects presented, please contact the Rev. Deniray Mueller, Social Justice & Public Policy Convener, at or 614.668.6036.
Submit Congregational Leadership Lists
Notice to clergy Licensed to Officiate
The diocese is currently undergoing a complete upgrade/conversion of our database system. It is vital that we make sure that our data is as up to date as possible while we make the conversion.

The only way that we currently collect the information about the leadership in our congregations is via the Congregational Leadership List. If your congregation has not filled out the list for 2015 (and most have not), please fill out an updated form as soon as possible. 

A link to the form can be found at the forms and policies link of the diocesan website, or by clicking here

If you are unsure if your congregation has complied with submitting the list, please contact Julie Murray at
The time has come to renew your License to Officiate in the Diocese of Southern Ohio.  In an effort to standardize the process, we require clergy who are not canonically resident in the Diocese of Southern Ohio to renew their license every year before diocesan convention. All current licenses are set to expire on November 13, 2015.

You may fill out and submit your application online using this form:  Renewal of License to Officiate.  

The application deadline is Nov. 6, 2015.  Once your application is received and approved, a letter confirming your license will be sent to you. If we do not hear from you by Nov. 6, we will assume that you do not wish to renew your license.

Please call or email Geri McDaniel 513.421.0311 if you have any questions or need assistance filling out your form. 

Open Enrollment webinars

The Church Pension Group (CPG) Medical Trust Open Enrollment (OE) for the 2016 plan year is upon us. OE is the once-a-year opportunity for eligible employees to change their medical and/or dental plan elections and to add or remove eligible dependents. It's also a time when you may have questions about plan changes or about benefits. 

CPG will offer nine one-hour webinar sessions during various times and days over the next several weeks. Two of these sessions will focus only on the High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Each session will include opportunities to learn more about:
  • The OE process
  • Medical and dental benefits
  • Additional benefits such as the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), vision, global travel assistance, and much more
  • A time for your questions and comments
  • A review for you to test your knowledge
  • An opportunity to provide feedback  through a brief survey (one participant in each session who completes the survey will win a prize from CPG)
We are using the GoToWebinar online platform so you can participate from anywhere with Internet access.  Please note that we ask for session registration to ensure we have sufficient space in the webinar. If space permits, registration will remain open up to 15 minutes before the webinar is scheduled to begin.

Webinar dates:
  • October 27, 7 PM EDT - HDHP/HSA webinar
  • October 28, 4 PM EDT - HDHP/HSA webinar
  • October 29, 4 PM EDT - General webinar
  • November 2, 10 AM EDT - General webinar
  • November 5, 9 PM EDT - General webinar
  • November 10, 10 AM EDT - General webinar
  • November 13, 4 PM EDT - General webinar
  • November 16, 10 AM EDT - General webinar
  • November 18, 4 PM EDT - General webinar
To register for a webinar session:
When you arrive at the webinar registration screen, use the pull-down menu to select your day and time.
For the two HDHP/HSA webinars, please click here
For the seven general education webinars, click here

As a reminder, open enrollment for 2016 medical benefits for active employees will take place from Oct. 21 to Nov. 6, 2015. Members will receive information from the Medical Trust with instructions on how to access their information online and make plan selections. Plan information can be found hereEmployees who are not currently active members can enroll in the plan by contacting Angela Byrd in the Finance Office at or 800.582.1712 ext. 113. 

Open enrollment for retirees will be held Oct. 13 through Dec. 7.
Repeat announcements 
St Tim fall series
Christ in Our Hearts, Christ in the Heart of the World

Wednesdays, 7-9 p.m.
A Fall Series at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church
8101 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati

For more information, contact Patricia Mahaffey at 513.474.4445 or

This series offers an infusion of energy, inspiration, and fresh perspectives as we look at the intersection of our inner journey and our service. We long for the fire that God lights in our hearts and through our work and this series offers an opportunity to strengthen our invitation to that fire. We'll have some great speakers from around the city, inspiring videos, fun and fellowship, and prayer.

Nov. 4: Discerning God's Call: The Grace of Being Sent
Nov. 11: God's Love Taking Root: Systemic Change

Click here for a full-size flyer

Make a bid and you can own a Mariann Price original quilt!

quilt Trinity, Newark, will host an Evening of Elegance on Friday, Nov. 6. All funds raised at the event will support the project to repair damage to our historic sanctuary. Mariann Price has designed and donated a beautiful queen-size quilt to be auctioned off at the event.

Bids in advance of the evening (by midnight, Nov. 5) can be sent to Final bids will be taken the night of the event and the winning bidder, if not present, will be notified at the end of the evening. The minimum bid is $260.

Music/worship at St. Thomas, Terrace Park
Taize poster
Bach Vespers

Holiday Art and Craft Bazaar

St. Paul's, Chillicothe, will hold a Holiday Art & Craft Bazaar on Saturday, November 7 from 9 am to 3 p.m. in the Great Hall. 

We will have tables filled with arts and crafts and wonderful, handmade items.  Please come and bring a friend.  We will also be selling breakfast and lunch items. 

St. Paul's is located at 33 E. Main Street in Chillicothe. Please contact the church at 740.772.4105 or with any questions.

Becca Stevens event flyer
Love Heals

A weekend of presentations featuring the Rev. Becca Stevens, Episcopal chaplain at Vanderbilt University and founder of the Magdalene House and Thistle Farms in Nashville, TN. 

Nov. 6-8, 2015
Trinity on Capitol Square, Columbus 

The Magdalene Houses are a 2-year residence program that provides recovery services for victims of human trafficking and abuse. Thistle Farms is a social enterprise run by the residents of the Magdalene Houses, providing education, training and work experience while supporting the Magdalene Houses. The Magdalene House program has an 82% success rate in bringing broken and injured lives into wholeness and successful re-incorporation into society, and is being replicated in many other U.S. cities. 

The Friday afternoon presentation, entitled 'Standing on Holy Ground', is primarily aimed at medical caregivers, social workers, counselors, and those who work with victims of addiction, trafficking and sexual abuse. 

The Friday evening session, 'Healing as an Art in Truth Telling', is aimed at the general population and seeks to inspire and inform all of us as to how we may make a difference in the lives of these victims. 

The Sunday morning service will be a festival worship, at which Rev. Becca Stevens will preach. 

All sessions are free and open to the public. 

Offering Support to a Grieving Person

What do you say to comfort a person who is grieving the loss of a loved one or a close friend?

The education ministry of St. Barnabas, Montgomery, is hosting a special presentation to help you learn how to do better when the time comes to support someone who is grieving. The public is invited to hear Dr. Robert Wubbolding, a psychologist who is director of the Center for Reality Therapy in Cincinnati, offer some tips at an event titled "What to Say When You Don't Know What to Say." It is scheduled at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 11, at St. Barnabas, 10345 Montgomery Rd. in Montgomery, Ohio.

Wubbolding will provide practical suggestions for how to respond to any kind of loss in a family. He will also discuss what might help or hurt a person in mourning. He is an internationally known speaker and author. He has spoken at Compassionate Friends, an organization that supports bereaved families after loss of a child.

The presentation is free and open to the public. For more information, contact Martha Seagram at or 513.793.6477, or call the St. Barnabas church office at 513.984.8401.

Re-engaging the Biblical Imagination

The Rev. Dr. Roger Ferlo, president of Bexley Seabury Seminary Federation, will preach at St. Stephen's, Columbus, on Sun., Nov. 15 at both 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. services, followed by a lecture and discussion at Noon entitled Adventures in Mamre: Re-engaging the Biblical Imagination.

Says Ferlo: " Take your cue from Rublev, Dickenson, Rembrandt, and Chagall. Enjoy exploring the rich possibilities of engaging Scripture with a multimedia presentation of sound, sense and sight. All are welcome ! To ponder ahead of time, look at Genesis 18 (with a troubled glance at Genesis 22).

St. Stephen's is located at 30 W. Woodruff Ave. in Columbus. Call 614.294.3749 for more information.

Help Syrian refugees to be resettled in Cincinnati

Nov. 18 briefing for interested congregations

Catholic Social Services of Southwest Ohio will (CSSSWO) hold a briefing Nov. 18 for congregations of any faith interested in helping Syrian refugees to be assigned to this area by the U.S. Government. The meeting is from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on the first floor of the Mayerson Building of Hebrew Union College, 3101 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati. 

Catholic Social Services is the State Department designated resettlement agency for Southwest Ohio, as Bishop Breidenthal mentioned in his video posting on the refugee crisis a few weeks ago. Up to 300 refugees will be coming to Cincinnati in the next few weeks, so many congregations are needed!  Refugees come with a 90-day stipend from the U.S. Government to help with their initial costs as they look for housing and jobs. CSSSWO has many years of experience in equipping refugees to land on their feet and will work closely with sponsoring congregations.

The meeting is being organized in partnership with the Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati (MARCC), of which the diocese is a vital member. Light refreshments will be served. For more information, call MARCC at 513.721.4843.
Peoples Platform for Preschool Promise

The AMOS Project is a federation of congregations in Greater Cincinnati dedicated to promoting justice and improving the quality of life for all residents. AMOS develops the leadership skills of low-income and working people to be active in public life and is committed to work tirelessly to put our faith into action to turn around our disgraceful childhood poverty rates.

Troubled by a devastating report by the Urban League that demonstrates the vast racial disparities that plague our region, AMOS is currently preparing for a ballot initiative in 2016 and mobilizing faith and families to develop a Peoples Platform for Preschool Promise that is committed to three key tenets:
  1. Access to High Quality Preschool for Every Three and Four Year Old in Hamilton County
  2. Racial Equity 
  3. Economic Fairness 
We are excited to announce that we will have a public meeting focused on our Preschool Peoples Platform on Thursday Evening, November 19 at 6:30 p.m. at Tryed Stone New Beginning Church, 5550 Reading Road. You can register to attend at Preschool Peoples Platform or
Also please spread the word by sharing our event page on Facebook at Preschool Peoples Platform or

Celebrating Our Heritage: 120 years of ministry at St. Andrew's

Come celebrate 120 years of ministry with St. Andrew's, Evanston, as the parish kicks off the beginning of its "Celebrating Our Heritage" event.
A luncheon, featuring The Rev. Canon Anne Reed as Keynote Speaker will be held on November 22 at 3 p.m. at Xavier University's Cintas Center. Performances by St. Andrew's combined Gospel and Chancel Choirs as well as St. Andrew's Youth (SAY) will provide enjoyable entertainment and spiritual refreshment for attendees.
Several local business and educational organizations will be recognized by St. Andrew's for their commitment to community involvement and service to the Greater Cincinnati Area, particularly in the Evanston neighborhood.
Please join St. Andrew's for what is certain to be a wonderful reflection of its rich, diverse and spiritually blessed heritage. Admission to the luncheon is $45 and must be purchased in advance by contacting the Parish Office at 513.531.4337 or

Re-imagining Incarnation
Soul Collage

A SoulCollage Quiet Day

Saturday, Dec. 5
St. Barnabas, Montgomery

One way to avoid feeling deflated on Dec, 25 is to spend time in early Advent reflecting on what you would like to see happen during this liturgical season. Setting intentions to accomplish your desires is the first step toward a more meaningful Advent.

Christians have traditionally used the four Sundays and weeks of Advent to prepare for Christmas. We will honor this tradition by reflecting on traditional incarnational theology as well as exploring more contemporary insights into the Incarnation.

We will then utilize images from magazines and other publications to collage new understandings of the Incarnation for ourselves. No artistic talent or training is needed!

This Quiet Day is for participants 18 and older.

Click here for a full-sized flyer

Advent resources
Soul Proclamations: Singing the Magnificat with Mary

What will your soul proclaim this Advent?

Soul Proclamations Join Mary's proclamation as you let your soul sing the Magnificat with her. Walk with Mary this Advent as your prepare your heart and mind and ready yourself to respond to Jesus with the same humble, gracious yes, "Here am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word."

These daily meditations carry you from the first day of Advent through Epiphany and feature the writings of well-known faith and thought leaders in The Episcopal Church.

Authors include Ray Suarez, a nationally known broadcast journalist; Christopher Wells, editor of The Living Church; Kate Moorehead, dean of St. John's Episcopal Cathedral; Thomas E. Breidenthal, bishop of the Diocese of Southern Ohio; and Christine McSpadden, a member of the clergy team of St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

Click here to read a sample selection from each author. FM logo

Buy It Now:
#2382 | $5 | Read With Your Church! $4 each for 10+
Job opportunities
Interim Camp Director
The Diocese of Louisiana seeks an interim director for the Hardtner Camp and Conference Center in the Diocese of Western Louisiana.  There are things that need to be organized administratively, as well as organizing program and hospitality. A director is needed as soon as possible who can see the big picture and get on board with helping move the Camp and Conference Center forward. The board is in transition and coming along well.  Some small fund-raising campaigns are in place to upgrade facilities. The current part-time interim is working on administrative changes and organization. The Summer Camping Committee is now in place and will be getting organized for summer 2016.  The camping program is the largest part of the ministry; the conference center will need some attention as well.  This is a bishop's appointment.  Compensation: $50,000, plus a furnished house and utilities. For more information, interested persons, lay or ordained, should contact the Very Rev. Ronald H. Clingenpeel, transitions consultant at

Missioner for Transition Ministry
Applications are now being accepted for the position of Missioner for the Office of Transition Ministry for the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society (DFMS).

The Missioner for the Office of Transition Ministry is a regular full-time position and will be located remotely. The Missioner is a member of the Mission Department of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society.

Information on this position as well as application instructions are available here.
Information on all available positions as well as application instructions are available here.
For more information contact a member of the Episcopal Church Human Resources Team at

Chief of Finance and Operations
The Episcopal Diocese of New York ( seeks a new Chief of Finance and Operations. Working very closely with Bishop Dietsche, this individual will oversee the financial and operational affairs of the diocese, with a staff of 15, and will serve on several diocesan committees. She/he will also spend considerable time working with local parishes. 

The successful candidate must fully embrace the mission of the diocese and enthusiastically work in harmony with multiple stakeholders within the distinctive culture of the church. In addition to strong general management and technical financial skills, she/he must be a collaborative leader with a compassionate, empathetic and patient nature.

Please contact the search committee at if you would like more information, to submit suggestions of people who could fill the role, or to apply yourself.
Chief Financial Officer
The Episcopal Diocese of Texas (EDOT) is actively seeking to recruit its next Chief Financial Officer. The position will report directly to the bishop of the Diocese of Texas and will provide executive oversight and stewardship of the financial resources of the diocese. 

Responsibilities include accounting, treasury and oversight for the investment portfolio. In addition, the CFO will serve as an integral member of the Episcopal Health Foundation executive team. The CFO will be a person of unquestioned integrity and will demonstrate the ability to understand and lead an interwoven, complex diocesan financial system. S/he must be a visionary and strategic thought partner who can help develop synchronicity and creativity in the use of diocesan resources to drive the mission of evangelism and service. This position requires personal interaction skills to facilitate work with people, churches, and other non-profit institutions. The willingness to maintain a heavy and irregular schedule of meetings and travel is required.  Interested parties should contact Doug Orr at

Marketing Assistant
Forward Movement is seeking a part-time Marketing Assistant to support our efforts to share our work and our products with the church and with the world. The Marketing Assistant will assist in marketing operations by compiling information, researching, reporting, and communicating with our constituency about our work and mission. The ideal candidate will have some combination of skill and experience with promotional writing, website updates, social media platforms, compiling reports, and other administrative tasks. Print, online, and multi-media channels will be used. We seek a detail-oriented, team-spirited individual with experience in communications and/or marketing. See more 

Youth Director
The Indian Hill Episcopal Presbyterian Church is seeking a Youth Director to continue and grow our existing youth program. We are seeking someone who is passionate about youth and the issues that they face, being able to relate to them whether in the classroom, on a mission trip, in times of struggle as well as celebration.  We are seeking someone who can engage them, who can encourage them to participate in the life of the church, and who can walk with them in their journey of faith. This is a part-time job which pays competitively.
A full job description can be found on the Indian Hill Church web site at
Interested candidates can submit any questions or their resume to
Or via standard mail at:
Youth Director Search Committee
Indian Hill Church
6000 Drake Rd.
Cincinnati, OH. 45243

Director of Music/Organist
St. Andrew's, Cincinnati is hiring a part-time (10-15 hrs/wk) permanent or interim Director of Music/Organist. Responsibilities include directing and rehearsing the Chancel Choir, meeting with the rector to select music for Sunday services, playing organ for Sunday services (1 weekly) and other special services as needed (Christmas Eve, etc.)
To apply or for more information, please contact Fr. John Agbaje at 513.531.4337 or via email at

Youth Minister
Part-time Youth Minister opening at St Mary's Episcopal Church in Hillsboro OH. Prefer someone who is familiar with the Episcopal Church and loves kids! Training for Youth activities available. Apartment available as part of the package. Contact the Rev. Judi Wiley at or 937.205.4292.

Connections Deadlines
Didn't see any news about your congregation here? Submit your news! The deadline for each weekly e-Connections is every Tuesday morning at 10 a.m.

The deadline for Connections, the bi-monthy publication of the diocese, is every other month on the last day of the month:   
Jan 31 (Feb/Mar issue)
Mar 31 (Apr/May)
May 31 (Jun/Jul)
July 31 (Aug/Sep)
Sept 30* (Oct/Nov)
Nov 30 (Dec/Jan) 
Please send items to

*convention issue. Deadline may be changed in order to have all convention materials available for pre-convention meetings.
Diocese of Southern Ohio | 800.582.1712 |
412 Sycamore St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202