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March 24, 2015
What's new this week:
Campus Ministry grants available

Parishes, campus ministries, and extra-parish communities are invited to apply for campus ministry grants.  Grant requests are due on June 15, and grants for the 2015-2016 school year will be rewarded by August 1.  

Please follow this link to apply for a grant using our online form: 

Scholarships available for women of the diocese

Since the late 1920s, The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) Book of Remembrance Memorial Scholarship Fund of the Diocese of Southern Ohio has been providing scholarships for women of the diocese to do graduate study in areas related to church work, special ministries, and helping professions. Funds are also available for short-term non-degree training in workshops, special seminars, and skills training, in church related or social service fields.  

Read more about the scholarship and how to apply at The application deadline is April 13, 2015. 

Free items available from Forward Movement


Forward Movement is offering many products for free pickup from their warehouse! In preparation for a warehouse relocation, many books, pamphlets and tract racks are available for free to anyone interested in picking them up. Anyone interested can come take a look at available inventory and lay claim to free goodies! Details below:


Wednesday, March 25 (12 to 2 p.m.)
Franciscan Media Warehouse
28 Liberty St. Cincinnati, OH


*You must enter through the dock door on Republic St. to view and pickup the items.

Advancing to General Convention 2015: Registration open for children's program; applications available for counselors

Registration is now open for the Children's Program for General Convention 2015.

The Episcopal Church's 78th General Convention, June 25 - July 3, will be held at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, UT (Diocese of Utah).

The Children's Program will operate Thursday, June 25 to Friday, July 3, opening at 7:15 am through the close of business sessions. An open house is slated for Wednesday, June 24.

Children of deputies, alternates, bishops, and others attending General Convention are eligible for the children's program; ages newborns through completed fifth grade.  Cost is $70 per day and includes lunch, snacks and activities, such as participation in the daily liturgy.

"The General Convention Children's Program is so much more than just a place for children to be while their parents do church work," commented the Rev. Shannon Kelly, Acting Missioner for Campus and Young Adult Ministries for the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society. "Children are a part of The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion and it is essential that they are present."

The Children's Program was set at the 75th General Convention in 2006 in Columbus OH through Resolution D059.

Counselors and junior counselors
Applications are now accepted for youth to serve as counselors and junior counselors in the General Convention Children's Program.

To be eligible, applicants must be in grades six through 12, and have a parent(s) already registered for General Convention as a bishop, deputy, exhibitor or volunteer.
Applications are accepted through April 20. Adult recommendations required.  There will be a day-long training on Tuesday, June 23.

For more information, eligibility, and application contact Kelly at

The Episcopal Church's General Convention is held every three years, and is the bicameral governing body of the Church. It comprises the House of Bishops, with upwards of 200 active and retired bishops, and the House of Deputies, with clergy and lay deputies elected from the 109 dioceses and three regional areas of the Church, at more than 800 members.

Upcoming events
Mar 31: Renewal of Vows and Blessing of Oils
Apr 10-12: Spring Procter Retreat (youth)
Apr 11: Anti-Racism training
Apr 17-18: PLAY! Finding God in Celebration
Apr 18: Last Things: Preparing for Death and Burial
Apr 18: Safe Church training (Bexley)
Apr 18: Dayton Area Confirmation (Christ Church)
Apr 25: East Area Confirmation (Athens)
Apr 29: Society of St. Simeon and St. Anna annual meeting and luncheon
Apr 30: Planning for Tomorrow Conference (Lay)
May 1: Planning for Tomorrow Conference (Clergy)
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Letters from Liberia
Kathryn Challoner is a physician and expert in tropical diseases at UCLA, and a Third-Order Franciscan. She is in Liberia treating Ebola patients. She sends weekly letters to Bishop Breidenthal and others to raise awareness of the ongoing work fighting Ebola in West Africa.

Dear everyone;
I visited the Malnutrition center at Phebe hospital. It was a huge bright sunny room. Moms slept in beds with mosquito nets beside their babies.

On entry the babies and children are weighed in a suspended bucket, measured on the long board and the mean arm circumference is taken with the WHO colored arm band. Now however they measure whole body edema - not just pre-tibial edema. They are then plotted on individual graphs and placed into Phase 1. Mothers spend hours spooning UNICEF F 100 protein milk into their babies six times a day -the moms almost have a coffee klatch going during the long hours of coaxing and spooning milk. After about 5 days the babies stop losing weight as the body edema disappears and they begin to reach for the spoon... success ! They are switched to F 75 milk. The ingredients of both include concentrated milk powder, food oil and dextrin vitamin complexes. Plumpy'nut is added immediately and this stage  is now called Transition. Warren - a terrific gentle Liberian RN who runs this unit explained to me that there was so much zinc, iron, vitamin B and A in all this stuff, that other supplementation was not considered necessary. Meanwhile the children are treated for malaria, thrush and infection.
Then the miracle begins to occur.

From hollow eyed listless bloated skeletons with match stick arms you begin to see children again -children whose eyes are beginning to sparkle, and who have an appetite and who are starting to smile.
Some wonderful soul  has built a miniature children's play area  in an enclosed grassy courtyard  just outside and the toddlers and children begin to take uncertain steps - to feel the grass beneath their feet and to clamber up onto the slide and swing and to be all playful and giggly about it (as my beautiful daughter who is a pushover for animals who are abandoned  or sick once put it - although a slightly different context- be all beaglely about it".)

Unexpectedly, I had stumbled onto a "thin place". I don't know how many of you have heard of "thin places" but I know certainly a few have. These are places mentioned often in Celtic Spirituality where the distance between heaven and earth somehow collapses and we're able to catch glimpses of something else, a transcendence. We lose our bearings for a moment and find new ones; we are jolted out of old ways of seeing the world and see a different reality. It really is impossible to describe unless it has happened to you. Real starvation had been here and now this ward was a light filled place. I wish you could see it.


Yesterday I had to drive to Monrovia again and after 8 hours on that road, this morning my whole body feels like I had done 10 rounds of a wrestling match. But everywhere signs of recovery are beginning. We are still stopped at road blocks for temperature checks. We still wash our hands in chlorine and more temperature checks if we enter any place. Ebola is still with us. But streets are now crowded with vendors, road construction has begun again, schools are beginning to re-open and Cuttington University is registering new students. As we bumped along the new roads literally carved from the jungle you can see small thatched huts with children playing alongside and freshly washed clothes spread out on the thatched roofs. Driving back in the gathering night you see small bonfires flickering everywhere where families and communities are now again gathering. Lights are growing all over Liberia.

"I could tell where the lamplighters had the trail they had left behind them"

Remember the people of West Africa in your prayers

We pray for the people of West Africa, especially in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, in the midst of the Ebola crisis.  We pray for those afflicted with the disease, their families, and the health workers fighting to stem the spread of the disease and care for those in need.

Public Policy Spotlight



If it's safe for the table, put it on the label?

Elder abuse definitions updated with House-approved proposal  

Be ready to cover pay for home-care workers, states told 


Governor Kasich's budget is unfair to most Ohio taxpayers!

HB 5 continues assault on local services, pushes total cut to communities to $495 million a year 

How the 2016-17 budget impacts schools, communities, and middle-class families 

Statehouse News - March 19, 2015 


LGBT women face higher risk of poverty

Federal budget slashes tax rates for the 1 Percent, safety net for everyone else 

Poor Ohioans aren't disposable - they need help, not neglect 



Ohio death-row inmates appeal lawsuit challenging new execution secrecy law 

Kasich rarely uses clemency to pardon, commute sentences 

Bill seeks more prison time for 'worst of worst' 



The US Congress is proposing a new budget that would attack the "least of these" by cutting food stamps. Congress needs to hear immediately that taking away food from hungry families is immoral and profoundly unchristian: Tell Congress: Cutting food stamps isn't Christian




The 13th amendment and mass incarceration 

Slavery by Another Name Marking the 150th anniversary of the 13th amendment which banned slavery, Cincinnati's Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition is facilitating a discussion April 8 of the amendment, the almost century-long persistence of involuntary servitude afterwards and its implications for public policy today in the light of mass incarceration. All are welcome.  
Please view the PBS documentary "Slavery by Another Name" before the workshop in preparation for small group discussion following a short introduction on the 13th Amendment by David Beran, former Hamilton County Administrator for Corrections (1979-1993) and Board Chair of Lane Seminary. Participants, aided by trained MARCC facilitators, will discuss the documentary and make recommendations to be forwarded to policy makers. 

The April 8 meeting will be at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral, 325 W. 8th St, Cincinnati,  in the Synod Room.  There is ample parking on 9th Street and Central Avenue with meters that accept credit cards. MARCC is Cincinnati's interfaith social justice coalition.  This summit addresses interfaith dialogue/human rights, one of MARCC's two 2015 priorities.

*To view the documentary, go to In the search box on the upper right, type in "Slavery by Another Name." Scroll down to "Slavery Full Program" and click on title.  You will get a screen with "Slavery by Another Name" and a play arrow pointing to the right.

Repeats, reminders, etc.

Call for Nominations to the Society of St. Simeon & St. Anna - Class of 2015


Simeon and AnnaThe Affirmative Aging Commission, which coordinates the annual meeting of the Simeon & Anna Society here in the diocese of Southern Ohio is seeking nominations for the Class of 2015. We are seeking 12 nominees from around the diocese. Any congregation in the diocese is encouraged to nominate one individual or couple, but congregations who have presented nominees in the past two years should not forward any nominees this year in order to assure that nominees cover a diverse geographic area. 


Nominees will be inducted into the Simeon & Anna Society on Wednesday, April 29 at the Procter Center. That day begins with the Holy Eucharist in Christ Chapel at 11 a.m. with Bishop Breidenthal presiding and preaching. The induction ceremony takes place immediately after the service in the Chapel and is followed by a gala lunch in the Procter dining room, with the bishop and diocesan staff serving the tables.


Nominations (and supporting documents) should be mailed or (preferably) emailed to the Rev. Bruce Smith, Chair of the Affirmative Aging Commission no later than March 31. Nominees will be notified in writing by the Commission of their admission into the society sometime during the second week of April. The newly inducted members of the Simeon & Anna society and their immediate family members will be the guests of the Affirmative Aging Commission at the luncheon. For all other folks attending such as friends and fellow parishioners, there will be a modest $10 fee for lunch.


Needless to say, we hope that all new members of the Class of 2015 will attend the event, but will understand if that is not possible. We do expect the clergy of the congregation and/or at least one person (hopefully more) to attend the event in support of the new member of the Society from their congregation.


The link below gives you more information about the Simeon & Anna Society and criteria for nomination, as well as links to the nomination forms and a list of current members of the Society.


Nominations should be sent to:


The Rev. Bruce Smith

Chair, Affirmative Aging Commission

627 Yaronia Dr. N

Columbus, OH 43214



Were You There

Spring youth retreat

PLAY Conference: Finding God in Celebration

April 17-18
St. Stephen's, Columbus

Play opens us up to joy, new possibilities, and creativity. What might happen if the church took up PLAY as a spiritual practice? What if we played together and imagined a new church into being? 

PLAY is a gathering of people interested in in celebrating creative ways to engage God's mission in our communities. PLAY will offer ideas for fostering imagination and creativity, planning non-traditional worship, missional church planting, and how to gather community in new ways through radical hospitality, storytelling and inspiring music. The Rev. Ben Norton, a pioneer minister in the Church of England, will share his experiences creating three different fresh expressions of church in the last 10 years in the UK. Ben invites us on a journey to meet people and connect the Christian story to the story of people outside of the church and to gently grow spiritual communities in the process. Ana Hernandez, musician, conversation host and mischief maker, will lead us in music that makes community. PLAY explores how we give each other permission to imagine a new way forward together and an opportunity to reinvigorate your soul and your church.

If you are interested in learning more about fresh expressions, being part of some inspiring worship, or just want to have fun, you won't want to miss this gathering. PLAY is for everyone, young and old, musicians and artists, lay and ordained, people who love the church and those who don't. We invite you and members of your community to join us for this experience! Don't miss this opportunity to PLAY! 

More info:

Last Things: Program explores death and burial planning


Procter Conference Center

Saturday, April 18

10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Woody Allen once quipped, "It's not that I'm afraid to die. I just don't want to be there when it happens."


Many of us feel the same way. Even so, the Church encourages us to grapple with the reality of our "last things." There's good reason for this: the time of death is always a crisis. For each one of us who lives on, the death of those we care for is (to one degree or another) a painful and traumatic experience. It's an event that changes the landscape of our lives, for the rest of our lives.


And yet, despite its inevitability, we tend to come to death not only suffering from natural grief, but unprepared. The crisis, then, deepens and becomes even more painful as we are forced to do what we don't want to do, and to make decisions for which we have not planned. The spiritual, emotional and financial repercussions can be immense.


The time to think and talk with one another about death is now - instead of waiting for the moment of crisis. Such preplanning is a prudent and loving act that yields a multitude of blessings - now, and

The Rev. Charlie Brumbaugh

in the hour of our death.


The Affirmative Aging Commission invites you - whether you are nineteen or ninety-nine - to join the Rev. Charlie Brumbaugh at the Procter Center for Last Things, an exploration of these issues on Saturday, April 18, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The cost of $15 per person covers the whole program and lunch. Please register by April 4 at


There will be much to learn and many stories to tell as we consider Christian perspectives on death, grief, burial practices, rites of burial and stewardship in death. It's our hope that by the time you drive home, you'll be well on your way to making wise and loving decisions about what is to happen upon your death. We are confident that you'll find this seminar not only informative and useful, but also thought-provoking and, yes, even fun!


Planning for Tomorrow Conference


Lay Employees: Thursday, April 30, 2015

Clergy: Friday, May 1, 2015


The Planning for Tomorrow conference sponsored by the Church Pension Group (CPG) is a great opportunity for both clergy and lay to learn and plan for their financial future. Spouses and partners are also encouraged to attend. CPG subsidizes the cost of the conference - and also subsidizes child care and elder care costs.


We strongly encourage lay employees to attend this conference and we strongly encourage that they be granted paid time off to attend.


No matter your stage of life, it's a unique chance for you and your spouse or partner to understand your current and future benefits, manage your finances, plan for your future, and improve your overall financial wellness.


To register:


Lay employees register here


Clergy register here 


Academic grants for minority women


The Lawrence Home Association, founded in 1896 under the will of philanthropist Eleanor Earnshaw, was started to "provide a Christian home for self-supporting, young women on limited means, the most important aim being to help them elevate their standard of life." To this day, the Lawrence Home Association provides opportunities for young women.

There is a eight-member board of women who are appointed by the the bishop. The board meets once a year to vote on recommendations for academic grants for minority women, scholarships for clergy daughters and funding for social service agencies who mission is to serve women of limited means and help them move out of conditions relating to poverty, abuse etc.


The purpose of the Academic Grant for Minority Women program is to help finance the postsecondary education of minority women regardless of age who are affiliated with an Episcopal church within the Diocese of Southern Ohio.


We have moved the application process online this year to make it easier to apply and to provide an opportunity for all minority women within the diocese to seek grant for the upcoming academic year. 


See more information


The deadline for applications is April 15, 2015. All applicants will be notified by May 30, 2015 of the status of their application.


Job opportunities
Communications Coordinator
St. Thomas, Terrace Park seeks a part-time communications coordinator. The Communications Coordinator has two main responsibilities: 1.) communication within the parish, and 2.) public relations to the larger community; both being formed by our core purpose: To make God's love known by who we are, what we practice and how we serve others in Christ's Name. As a member of the program staff team, the incumbent collaborates with the clergy, staff and volunteers in developing, administering and evaluating the different means of communications and designs the various publications as specified and planned. The incumbent must have experience / background in various verbal, written and graphic communication skills, such as creative writing, public speaking, editing, desktop publishing, production coordination, and digital design, including photography and video. See more

Choral Scholar

St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Terrace Park, Ohio is seeking a professional singer to supplement the Parish Choir and act as alto soloist when called upon. Typical time commitment involves being present at Wednesday Evening rehearsals (7-9pm) and Sunday morning services (10:45am with preceding rehearsal). Position commences immediately and lasts for the duration of this program year (May 2015). See more



Digital Communications Specialist

The Diocese of Southern Ohio is seeking an individual who is creative, computer savvy, fluent in social media and enjoys challenges to serve as a Digital Communications Specialist. This full-time position requires skills in working with databases, websites and a multitude of other digital environments. The ability to write computer code is desirable but not necessary. If you're looking for a position that will help the diocese and the Church move confidently into the ever-changing future of digital communications, then we'd love to talk to you. Click here to fill out an online application and to submit your resume. Deadline March 31. See full job description



Procter Farm (Two positions) 

Procter Farm is hiring for two exciting positions for the 2015 growing season! We are hiring one Farm Assistant and one Farm Apprentice. 


The Farm Assistant should have two full seasons of experience on organic farms. This position will report to the Farm Coordinator and be responsible for helping to maintain our seeding, planting and harvesting schedules. Qualified individuals should be able to work independently and make informed decisions about farm operations in collaboration with the farm manager (e.g. greenhouse/hoophouse management, watering, weed/pest management and general plant care).  The Farm Assistant will have the opportunity to run some CSA pickups, farmer's markets, and be involved in some planning decisions. The Farm Assistant position is geared for people looking to make a career out of sustainable agriculture.

The Farm Apprentice position doesn't require any previous experience, though it is helpful.  A commitment to sustainable agricultural and an enthusiasm for hard outdoor work irequired.  Qualified applicants will be able to lift 50 lbs., have a valid driver's license, and be flexible and teachable.  They will have the opportunity to participate in every job an organic farm requires from soil prep and seeding to harvesting and marketing.

Both positions come with room, board and a monthly stipend commensurate with experience. Both jobs are seasonal and run from April through October. To apply contact Farm Manager Conor Gilliland at



Director of Christian Education

Christ Episcopal Church, Springfield, seeks a person to serve in a half-time position as Director of Christian Education and Coordinator of Outreach Ministries. See more


Administrative Assistant

St. Alban's, Bexley, is currently seeking a full-time administrative assistant at 40 hours per week to work with us in our ministry. Helpful traits are a gracious ability to interact with visitors and guests, a love of service, and a friendly, warm demeanor. Candidates must have a working knowledge of basic Office computer software including Outlook, Word, and Excel. We also use Publisher, Constant Contact, Google Drive, and a Web site application. See more


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