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Sunday January 11, 2015

Music: A Language of Inspiration...

Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty

Do you have a musical score that fills your life with tempo and tone? Music can help one in numerous ways to pep up or calm down, heal or feel connected to the transcendent. Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty and Debra Morris-Bennett, the Director of Music at First Parish will share their thoughts about the place that music holds in our lives and community. Arrive a bit early at 9:45 and participate in a hymn sing where the gathered will learn a bit about musical notation and the story of inspiration behind the tunes.


Sunday Worship begins at 10:00 AM and will be followed by a fellowship hour in the parish hall. Religious education and Childcare are available. First Parish of Sudbury is a Unitarian Universalist welcoming congregation, encouraging and celebrating the participation of all people regardless of theological belief, sexual orientation, or gender identity. If you are a seeker of scientific, technological, or spiritual meaning in life you will be warmly welcomed.


The First Parish of Sudbury Meeting House is located at 327 Concord Road, across from Town Hall. For more information about upcoming events, visit fpsudbury.org or call 978-443-2043.

 A New Year's Message from Rev. Marjorie

In thinking about my New Year's resolution, "build core strength and maintain balance in mind, body and spirit" I turned to an article in Lifehack, an online news source that offered three steps to help one develop a strategy to follow through on one's resolution. The first step begins with making attainable and specific goals, maybe even break each goal up into stages for easier completion. Secondly, share the resolution and goals with others which may be a bit more motivational knowing that a friend or loved one is watching and helping us toward success. And my favorite step, reward one's self when she or he reach a specific stage en route to the goal. Well, I got the "sharing my resolution" part done. Is it time for a reward yet?


I have several goals with regard to First Parish. One is two-fold: First, engage members in sharing their "spiritual" journeys with one another. The word "spiritual" is in quotes because not everyone might consider their life journey to necessarily be "spiritual." Second, engage in some interesting conversations around various topics. With these goals in mind I have begun to plan some programs for adults and youth focused on the following topics:


Journey of Discovery Sessions

Feb 15 - Is God Really Dead?

March 15 - Why Soul? (discussion of spiritual versus religious and if there is such a thing as soul)

March 29 - Holy Week A Guide to Contemporary Life

April 26 - Civility: A Spiritual Practice

May 31 - Sowing the Seeds of Transformation


Each session will have a selected member sharing their beliefs and life interests, a multi-media presentation about the selected topic, and conversation starter questions. More information will be coming soon, including times and locations. I hope you will add these dates to your calendar and plan to participate.


Beginning a new year can be both an exciting and a daunting proposition with all the opportunities and possibilities for the year still "on the table." I believe that the one thing that can stall or stop me from attaining my goals is myself. In last Sunday's sermon I offered the following mantra, "Change your self-talk and change your life" I truly believe that our self-talk can make us or break us so I invite us to be mindful of what we are saying to ourselves and what we are saying to one another. I invite us to begin this New Year in Love with the goal of finding ways to support one another rather than trying to find ways to feel supported - it is a subtle yet important shift that can transform one's life. Now is the time to step forward to support the community that has supported and cared about it members for centuries. This year I invite us all to get more involved, because we need each and every one of us on this journey of discovery. We need your help to imagine and develop our goals for First Parish, we need you to attend and participate in the adult/youth experiences (such as described above), and try something new at First Parish such as the Seekers Potlucks (held the first Saturday of each month), meditation on Thursdays, or yoga on Tuesday mornings. This New Year is in your hands... what might you decide to do with it and how can I help you?


Peace and Happy New Year!

Rev. Marjorie


January 11 - Share the Plate 
Friends Ugandan Underground Railroad

On January 11, 2015 we are sharing our collection plate with the Friends New Underground Railroad, a project of Olympia Quaker Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.


The Olympia Friends Meeting started an 'underground railroad' in Uganda as a response to the February 2014 law that criminalizes homosexuality, imposing sentences up to and including life imprisonment. The 'underground railroad' provides avenues by which those at risk can escape to freedom.  


Since the new law took effect, there have been many arrests, with few emerging from the jails. Lawyers are afraid to take their cases, LGBT people are being evicted summarily from their homes, University students are being expelled, and people fired from their jobs. LGBT people are denied treatment in hospitals and clinics, and treatment for those with HIV has been discontinued. Church leaders are calling on parents to turn their own children in to the police, and radio stations have been reading the names of 'known or suspected' homosexuals, and calling for their castration or sterilization in prison.


It is also illegal for any non-governmental organization (such as Amnesty International) to offer aid to LGBT individuals.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, have gone into hiding as best they can, or are trying to escape the country. As of 12/11/2014, the underground railroad has supported Ugandan conductors to help 708 individuals to escape from Uganda.  


Please consider these LGBT persons at risk of their lives when making a donation on January 11.

The Board of Trustees first meeting with Committee Chairs and Church Leaders will be Wednesday, January 7 at 7:00 PM in the Commons. We will spend a brief amount of time discussing the calendar for the second half of the church year, but the main focus will be discussing budget priorities for next year. All are welcome.


Free Furniture! 

Rob Kinslow is selling his former home in Sudbury and there are a number of items in good condition that will be thrown away unless someone wants them: a small couch, a small computer desk, two twin mattresses, a sectional, a workbench, a file cabinet and a computer desk/hutch. These items (and more) are free to whomever can cart them off within the next two weeks. Call Rob at 978.618.6609 or e-mail him at rkmagic@rcn.com to inquire.



The Parish Office is staffed week days 
 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.   

If you need to contact the office outside of regular office hours, please send an e-mail to
 or leave a voice mail at 978-443-2043. E-mail and voice mail will be checked regularly on week days.  

Jan. 7:  Bd. of Tr. (7 - 9 pm)
Jan. 8:  Insight Meditation (1 - 2:30 pm)
Jan. 8:  Choir Rehearsal (7:30 - 9 pm) 
Jan.11: Worship - Music: A Language....
Jan.11: Esc.Inequality (11:30am - 1:30 pm)
Jan.11: Hop Brook (11:45 am - 1 pm) 
Jan.11: COA Workshop (3 - 4:30 pm 
Jan.12: Finance Comm. (7 - 9 pm)  

Jan.13: Jan.13: Yoga (7:45 - 8:45 am)
Jan.13: Quilters (7- 9 pm)
Jan.14: Sustain. Sudb. (7:30- 9:30 pm)
Jan.14: Insight Meditation (1 - 2:30 pm)
Jan.14: Choir Rehearsal (7:30 - 9 pm)   

Jan.15: 350MA (6:30-9:30 pm)
Jan.18: Worship - "For I Don't Want to Run This Race in Vain" - Sam Teitel (see below)
Jan.18: Esc. Inequality (11:30am - 1:30 pm)
Jan.18: Hop Brook (11:45 am - 1:00 pm)
Jan.18: Women's All. PLuck (5:30-8:30 pm)
Jan.18: Salon (7:00 - 8:30 pm)

Jan. 24, 25, & 31:  In-Home Dinners

To view the full Meeting House Calendar Click here.

Worship on January 18
First Parish is pleased to welcome
Sam Teitel to the pulpit.
"For I Don't Want to Run This Race"

Sam is a Unitarian Universalist poet, educator, and punk rocker pursuing a Master of Divinity at Andover Newton Theological School. After his projected graduation date of May 2016, he plans to pursue ordination as a Unitarian Universalist minister. He is currently serving as the ministerial intern at First Church in Boston. He believes in creating a worship environment that is lively, joyful, and thought-provoking.

"As we approach Martin Luther King Day this year, it is clear that there is still a long way to go in the fight against systemic injustice. In this service we will be talking about building relationships across religious and social boundaries for the purpose of doing this work, how we can form these relationships, and why they are important."  (Sam Teitel)


Religious Education

Religious Education (RE) is in need of guides and story tellers - people willing to tell a story for all ages during the service for those who don't want to miss the Sunday worship, and RE guides for children who will be leaving the service for religious education. Please contact Leslie Lowe or Rev. Marjorie for more information and/or to volunteer.
In-Home Dinners

Have you been thinking about attending an In-Home Dinner but not yet chosen a date?  Please send an email to Sheila Davison (sedavison@aol.com) to let her know what date you would like to attend.  If possible, indicate a first and second choice.  Saturday, January 24; Sunday, January 25 at 5 p.m.; Saturday, January 31.  Please be sure to indicate if you have any pet and/or food allergies or accessibility concerns.

An In-Home Dinner is a small gathering of 6-8 people in someone's home.  It is Pot Luck - everyone brings something - arranged by your host/hostess.  It is a wonderful, friendly way to meet new people, see old acquaintances, renew friendships ... and have a great meal!  Plan to participate!  Deadline for signing up to attend is January 15.  You will be contacted by your hostess shortly after January 15 to discuss your contribution to the meal, time of the event and directions to the home.
Gathering of Men

Gather with the men of First Parish on Saturday, January 31 from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm in the Library. Coffee and donuts will be provided. Please don't miss this meeting as we will be hosting RevMatty and deciding the topic of a sermon that she will give later this spring. Everyone welcome

Thanks for buying the delicious holiday treats and gingerbread houses made by our youth last year and this year and for buying CDs and DVDs this year! Through these two sales, we raised enough money to donate wells to provide clean, sanitary water in 3 villages in Cambodia. Go to: http://www.angkorwellproject.org to learn more about the project.

Over the holidays and at other times during the year we have "slow news days" without any new posts which means our website starts to look stale. It would be great if you had a very short story about what brought you First Parish or why you are UU. We could keep that in reserve for when we needed a bit of fresh content. If you have an idea, please contact Jan Hardenbergh - jch@jch.com      
Sunday Helpers for January, 2015

January 11: 
Ushers:  Nancy Moore and Helga Andrews 
Greeters: Peg Espinola and Kristy Gish 
Hospitality: Annmarie Lanza and Bruce Porter 
Flowers: Marion Tratnyek

January 18: 
Ushers:  Sara Hartman and Craig Parkhill 
Greeters: Carolyn L. and Betty Wright 
Flowers: Rebecca Parkhill and Robert Willett

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